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    i've been running my own rp server some time and i got a realy good idea to add
    some more rp content
    what i want is to be able to control mobs actions.
    as an example lets say we have 50 players holding a fortress. then sudden there spawn like 400 mobs all around the fortress and they all start attacking the castle in groups.
    creepers explode when comming to a wall. spiders climbing, endermans teleport up to players on sight. and so.
    is there any there could make a plugin like this?
    i would be villing to pay a very experinced java coder for this.
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    good idea :) do u think that my idea ist pretty cool ? or do we talk about the same mod in future ? :D
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    we are talking about 2 diffrent things.
    i want mobs to be able to charge places when in big groups.
    do all they can to kill players and give them a hard time.

    imagin the possibility's if mobs could charge a defined place,
    after they had garthered in groups.
    first charging group maby 200 creepers running towards the wall to blow it up.
    mean while 50 endermans was tping to the wall tp attacking the archers making way for the creepers,
    afterward it would poor in with an endless horde of zombies only to be follow by loads of skeletons behind them.
    i would realy pay good money to see this happen :D

    but i like your idea too :D.
    i got the idea after wathing lord of the rings.

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