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    Get more info, download the plugin, and see the crafting recipes at the BukkitDev page

    If you like my plugins, be sure to check out my website and see what other projects I'm working on!

    Version: v0.3

    The recipes Notch left out.

    Features (As of v0.3):
    • Craft wool into string
    • Craft seeds and dirt into grass
    • Craft seeds and cobble into mossy cobble
    To do:
    • Port 0.2 to Bukkit Done!
    • Add more recipes (Vote for your favorite on the BukkitDev page linked to above)
    Version 0.3
    • Added crafting of mossy cobble from cobble and seeds
    Version 0.2
    • Added crafting of grass from dirt and seeds
    Version 0.1
    • First release
    • Added crafting of string from wool
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    Starting work on 0.4 tomorrow. Planning to add saddle and possibly a mystery item...
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    How about being able to dye colored wool just like plain wool? It gets annoying if you want to change the color of wool, but have already colored it.
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    Use white dye maybe? I'll think about it...
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    0.3 probably won't be out for a while now. I've got like 4 different Bukkit plugins I'm working on, and this isn't exactly the highest priority. I'll make sure it works with the first recommended build for 1.8 ASAP though.
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    School starts tomorrow, so no more working on minecraft stuff all day. I'll try to devote a bit more time to this though, and hopefully it'll get approved so it's listed on the main plugins page.
  7. Nice! What about crafting stuff backwards? Like making bricks out of brick blocks etc, seems obvious to me ^^
    A staff mate will digg this one, thank you.
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    I'll work on getting brick block to brick done, but you may have to wait a while. I probably won't start back in on development for about a week, depending on homwwork. The hectic school schedule has begun D:
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    Love the mossy cobble, but with stone bricks now out, could you also add the same thing for mossy stone bricks? Thanks for your contribution and hope to see an update soon!
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    Can you add permission nodes so I can make it a skill obtained for my Craftsman class in our MMORPG server?

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