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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Celeixen, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Celeixen - Mod launcher

    Announcements (open)
    Announcements (open)

    Next Release v2.0 - Fully automatic setup, just install and you can select your mods :)
    Might add themes or different styles :p
    Plus Mod Store upgrade!

    Mod Launcher Manages all of your modded jar files and allows simple and quick switching between each of them.It also contains a mod store that will be regularly updated, and more mods will be added.

    · Allows Simple Disable/Enable of Mods
    · Multiple Mods now supported(Up to 15)
    · Stylish design (Well i like it)
    · Simple to setup (kinda?!)
    · Mod Store
    · Spout Support!


    Download: Source Forge (v1.3) Spout Support (Beta not fully tested)
    Installation (open)
    Installation (open)

    When you first run the application you will need to adjust the settings by Double-clicking on the C in Celeixen.You will then be selected with this screen:

    The settings should be as followed:

    Modded Jar:
    The jar file that you have already modded with the mods you want.This can be in any directory and under any filename.

    Normal Jar:
    Must be the default unmodified Jar.

    The default launcher file that you use to start Minecraft. This can be in any directory but the settings will need to be updated if this is changed.

    How to use (open)
    How to use (open)

    Use Changes depending on which mode is selected:

    Simple allows the use of 1 modded client file(The modded jar file in settings menu), and the switching between a normal jar(Default client).It is simply changed by switching the mod switch on or off. Once that is done click in the center of the application( Creeper face, it should be lit up if your on the correct spot)

    If the advanced mode is activated you have access to multiple mods which can be added from your PC or you can download mods from the Mod Store. The Mod store features only a few mods right now but will expand after the next update.

    step 1. Open settings (Double click C in Celeixen) then select the advanced box

    step 2. Click the edit button, In the advanced window you can add mods using the add button or you can goto the Mod Store by clicking the Mod Store icon.

    step 3. While in the Mod Store click "update list" then choose the mod you want and select "add to mod list", this may take a while once it is done the status should say "Added" then close the mod store and click save at the advanced menu.

    step 4. Make sure your settings are correct e.g. you have selected your normal jar (Normally in %appdata%\.minecraft\bin, but you might have moved it), also make sure you have selected the minecraft launcher (normally in program files or wherever you put it [​IMG])

    step 5. click save, then select the mod you want from the dropdown list, then click on the creeper face (Should be lit up, when in right spot)

    Version log:
    V1.0 - First release
    V1.1 - Major Update (Added advanced menu)
    v1.2 - Bug fixes (Not complete more of a quick fix)
    v1.3 - Fixes & Spout support

    Advanced (open)
    Advanced (open)

    New to V1.1
    • Allows upto 15 different modded files(Your custom mods)
    • Download mods from the ModStore
    The advanced menu:

    Click "Add new" and enter the mod name then select the jar file. It will then be added to the mod list and the file will be backed up.

    The Mod Store:
    Right now it only contains Alias and Team Revisions client mod but it will be expanded in the next few days to alot more. Also the Mod list is fetched from my server, so mods can be easily added without the requirement of an update. If you would like to suggest a mod to be added comment below or email me.

    Known Bugs (open)
    Known Bugs (open)

    No Know Bugs at the moment but if you find one please post it.

    Path incorrect - (Fixed in 1.1) - Sometimes if the application is started wrong or left for a long period of time is give an execption but this is handled as "Path incorrect".

    Application exception - (Fixed in 1.1) - happens when the settings are changed but the application does not have access to write to the program-files directory.To fix this run as administrator when you are changing the settings or it is the first run.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, also i would happily take suggestions if you want something added.
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    V1.1 will be released soon, allows changing of multiple modded jars. Also there is a mod store( just a few common mods that can be downloaded and added to the list.free of couse)

    Also a few bug fixes:
    -No longer requires admin privileges to edit settings
    -Checks that all paths are correct( stops crashing)
    -Other minor code fixes
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    Bugs Found :( Just two lines of slightly incorrect code can allow you to mess up the mod store settings, I will edit this post when i upload the new version. It should be up in a few hours.

    v1.2 Uploaded
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    Could you possibly make this an MSI? Or just an EXE that doesn't require Admin Priveleges.
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    Yes, i was thinking of doing that. My next release will not require admin permission. :)
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    Well, I think if you made it an MSI (Microsoft Installer File thing), I can change it to where it doesn't need Admin Rights.
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    Ok, i did make an msi installer instead that doesn't require admin privileges but it wont take effect until my next release. Also can i ask why you wanted it to not require admin privileges? because i am just wondering if there might be a better way to implement my application.
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    Because Admin Rights = Not Allowed for Kids like me.
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    MAC support?
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    no sorry, you could try getting it to run with wine?
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    Sorry? link?
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    http://www.winehq.org/ i don't think it would work because my program is based on the windows filesystem :p But you could try it

    Sorry found that it didn't install properly without admin rights, but now its a MSI. Hopefully uniextract works for you or would you prefer if i just uploaded a zip file of it.

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    1.8 (Pre-Release) Added to the store
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