[MISC/MECH] ClassicCraft v1.1 - Classic features, in Beta [953]

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  1. ClassicCraftv1.1- Minecraft Classic Features

    ClassicBuild is a plugin that gives the features from Minecraft Classic, but in Beta.
    This is great for Creative servers.
    Just install and reload your server. Thats it, easy huh? ;)

    • Disables leaf decay
    • Disables ice melting
    • Physics are disabled
    • Instant break (Using woodenpick. Loggable!)
    • Classic-type inventory. Most Creative items.
    (Source Code included in the jar.)

    Version 1.1
    • Added Classic-type inventory.
    Version 1.0
    • Plugin release
    To Do:
    • Add config for inventory
    • Add a sourcecode.txt
    • Multiworld support
    • Permissions support
    • Pages (Sepret inventory item pages)
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  3. Correct. It displays it as "<Username> BROKE <BLOCK>"

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