[MISC] Meals v2.0 - Region-Based Automatic Item Delivery (Like Food!) [803]

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    Feed your players automatically!
    Credit to chernobyl360 for the idea.
    Now With Regions and Persistence!

    Download: v2.0_03 (new!)
    Requirements: Permissions

    This plugin is perfect for survival servers! Just create a region, then add some items (They don't have to be food either!) Set your meal times with a few simple commands and then invite people. When it's meal time, everybody get's fed automatically! You can even make private regions and add only your friends to it. Plus, add your friends as co-owners so they can help you out. Once you've added some items, set the region to random and everybody get's a random meal consisting of the items you added. The possibilities and uses are endless!​
    Default Times:
    • Breakfast - 6 (am)
    • Lunch - 12 (pm)
    • Dinner - 18 (6 pm)
    • Supports full featured regions
    • Create/Delete regions
    • Add/Remove items to/from regions
    • Add/Remove players to/from regions (owners)
    • Individual meal times for each region (See defaults above)
    • Private, Random, and Server-wide regions
    • Full Permissions support
    • No more config!
    • Saves and loads regions after restarts/reloads!
    /meals region create - Create a region
    /meals region delete - Delete a region
    /meals region radius [#] - Sets the region's radius size
    /meals region breakfast|lunch|dinner [hour] - Sets the meal time
    /meals region add - Adds the item you're holding to the region
    /meals region remove - Removes the current item
    /meals region users add [username] (owner) - Adds the user (As owner if specified)
    /meals region users remove [username] - Removes the user
    /meals region random - Toggles random mode
    /meals region private - Toggles private mode
    /meals region serverwide - Toggles server-wide mode (Need special permission)
    Setup Simple Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for Entire Server (open)

    1. /meals region create
    2. Select a type of food you want to give out
    3. /meals region add
    4. Repeat steps 2-3 with every type of food you want
    5. /meals region serverwide
    6. /meals region random
    Now every morning, noon, and night, players will receive random meals consisting of whatever items you added.

    • meals.region.create - Create regions
    • meals.region.edit - Edit existing regions that belong to the user
    • meals.region.admin - Edit any region and create server-wide regions
    • meals.use - Receive food while in region
    Common Food Items:
    • Apple - 260
    • Mushroom Soup - 282
    • Raw Porkchop - 319
    • Cooked Porkchop - 320
    • Raw Fish - 349
    • Cooked Fish - 350
    • Cake - 354
    • Cookie - 357
    v2.0_01-03 (Current)

    • Fixed some bugs
    • Completely rewrote plugin for region-based functionality
    • Added "random" functionality.
    • Initial release
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    Yeah but that would be a hassle. Having to choose whether or not you want to buy a meal and whatnot. Maybe in the future as an optional feature.
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    Request: Global by group option (so a single group gets something globally)
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    Not sure what you mean. Like, specify which groups can receive the items in the region?
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    Group A gets Item X regardless of position.
    Group B gets Item Y regardless of position.
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    I get the Food is served message 10 times in a row within 10 seconds. I never did anything to config any suggestions?
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    If you want suggestions, I'd suggest for the message to be configurable. I kind of want to change the "Food is served. Enjoy!" into a more... uh... urgent, I guess, message. Example: "Rations have been provided. Use them sparingly."

    Thank you!
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    its WAY out of date. ill fork this and update it.
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  9. Please do that! :D
  10. Chernobyl, I'm guessing you're not thinking of updating the plugin anytime soon ehh? :/
    Since I see your profile is deleted on bukkit.org D:

    Anyone else able to update or remake a Meals? It would be great use to my restaurant building :D
    Please ._.
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    Make this plugin 1.8 compatable please! i need this plugin for 1.8 because players have to eat to stay alive in 1.8 and this plugin is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yes boby is right!!!! you have to keep this alive! and add my sugestions because i have a fighting spot where they give you armor and swords and stuff but i need intervals
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    Yes please update this plugin. :D
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    any news on anyone forking it or updating?

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