Inactive [MISC] HeroSneak 1.2.4 - The Auto Sneak plugin to hide your name! [302~1337]

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    Wow really nice mod! That's almost what I'm looking for. Could it be possible to make it so when players step into a zone (let's say admin can mark a square zone), it hides their names? That would be totally awesome!!

    Otherwise if it's not possible, I'll just work something with permission groups.
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    That might be beyond the scope of this plugin somewhat, but I can certainly consider it for the future. Could you give me more detail about what exactly you're trying to accomplish? I might get a better idea about a feature to implement, or may have a suggestion to help you do it a little easier.
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    Sure. Our server is mainly PvE only (with pvp enabled). However, I'm currently building an arena with a sort of battleground with walls, maze, all that stuff. So I kinda wanted to have a limited zone (arena) with names disabled, so that it's more fun to search for each other in this PvP zone only. I hope you see what I mean. Thanks for you interest. :)

    If it's too much work for you I will understand and I will make an "Arena" subgroup in permissions. Perharps it's not really suited for your mod too, as I'm only looking for complete name removal in a limited zone.
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    doesn't work for me :S craftbukkit version 440.
    you are now sneaking
    after i type /sneak
    but people still see my name.
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    Well, to be explicit about it, it doesn't *remove* your name completely, it changes your nameplate transparent. This means that if any other object is in the foreground, your name won't show through it (as opposed to the default behavior, where you could look through a solid chunk and see a player's name on the other side).

    This is the same behavior exhibited by manually sneaking by holding shift, so in effect you could say that HeroSneak just keeps shift held down for you (without slowing your movement or preventing ledge dropoff).
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    Is everyone els supposed to look like they are "sneaking" ? Looked rly bad
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    That's basically what this is all about; it's so that you can appear to everyone else to be sneaking but without constantly holding shift or reducing your movement speed.
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    Ok thought it was more Rp oriented, since it's highly unlikly to have x-ray vision. Was hoping this would solve that, but when everyone is crouching well, it's even more disturbing then x-ray. Anyways great mod keep it going :)
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    I understand where you're coming from, and I totally agree, but there isn't a non-hackish way to do that for the time being. If and when such functionality is added to Bukkit, I'd love to explore using it (even if optionally), but I don't want to try to hack it out of notch's code directly. =)
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    I want all my users to have access to the /sneak command.
    On my Permissions config i given the default group the
    herosneak.sneak Permisson.
    But no one can use it, nothing appears on there screens saying "You Don't have access to this command" or "You are now sneaking.".

    In my Herosneak config it says

        sneakOn: '&4You are now sneaking.'
        sneakOff: '&5You are no longer sneaking.'
        autosneak: []
        sneak: []
        refreshInterval: 5
        permissions: config
        opsAutoSneak: false

    So do i have to put everyone (425 users) on my server to the "Permissions Sneak".
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    There are three ways you can accomplish that.
    1) Set "permissions:" to "none" - Everyone has /sneak
    2) Set "permissions:" to "Permissions" - Anyone who has the permission "herosneak.sneak" can sneak (if you give this permission to the default group, this will do it)
    3) Keep "permissions:" at "Config" as you have it now, and manually add every user you want to have it.

    So if you just want *everyone* to have /sneak, no qualifications, use "none" for permissions. =)
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    Nate Wiebe

    Is this updated for CB602?
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    Hello and thanks for the work so far, this mod is great for pvp environments where you don't want people to see eachother through ground/walls etc.

    i was just wondering if you could implement an autosneak upon death function,
    currently when you die, you are no longer sneaking, and people tend to forget to type /sneak after every respawn, which is about as bad as not autosneaking upon login.

    looking forward to more progress on this one!
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    I tried to write a response earlier, but, well, bukkit...

    It was actually an intentional decision to not auto re-sneak upon death, due to a limitation in the way Bukkit handles its respawn event. If it's been fixed in a recent build of CraftBukkit, or I can find a better way to handle it, I may re-add that as an option.
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    Perfect for a Theif Class for RPG!

    Cheers, I'll test it when I have time.
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    This mod sounds great! Perfect for my rogue class on pvp server! I was curious though, is their a way to add a cool down timer and a length of time timer? I.e. Can only use it for 30 seconds than cannot use it again for 2 minutes. If so this mod would be perfect! What about adding the ability to use a special item instead of commands?
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    I thought about your suggestions, and added cooldown/duration in version 1.1.0. It's been tested only in 670 so far, but should theoretically work all the way back to 561. To enable cooldown/duration, download the new JAR and reload the server to have it generate the new configuration nodes (your existing config will be saved), then edit "options.timers.duration" and "options.timers.cooldown" to some value in seconds that you want.

    If you want a user/group to be exempt from cooldowns and durations, grant them the "herosneak.exempt" permissions node.
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    You sir just made my day :D Great mod! This will be for sure one of the first mods to be updated patch times :)

    I thank you!
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    #670 and 1.1.0 i can't get "permissions: none" work. i see all names through walls. same when using GroupManager and Permissionsbridge.
        sneakOn: '&4You are now sneaking.'
        sneakOff: '&5You are no longer sneaking.'
        sneakCooldown: '&4You must wait <time> seconds before you may sneak again.'
        sneak: null
        autosneak: null
            duration: 0
            cooldown: 0
            refresh: 5
        permissions: permissions
        opsAutoSneak: false
        refreshInterval: 5
        default: true
        - creaturebox.dropspawner
        - creaturebox.placespawner
        - essentials.afk
        - essentials.compass
        - essentials.depth
        - essentials.getpos
        - essentials.helpop
        - essentials.home
        - essentials.list
        - essentials.mail
        - essentials.mail.send
        - essentials.msg
        - essentials.rules
        - essentials.tpaccept
        - essentials.tpdeny
        - essentials.whois
        - icedrop
        - mcbans.ban.view
        - mcdocs.*
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    It's the line "permissions: permissions" that has to read "permissions: none"; the actual in-config permissions section (that says null/null) is for the permissions: config option, and has nothing to do with the permission system HeroSneak will actually use.
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    Ok, I tested it out.

    Let me say, It's pretty awesome, good job!

    I tested this with Sprint Plugin, Although it seemed to gave me 4x speed.

    In anycase, may I request a favour, you could make it configurable + Permissions for reducing speed?
    --> I understand you want to maintain normal speed, but I think it would be nice for some users to reduce speed :)
    --> A Bit Faster than holding shift, + Pinky soreness.

    Not sure if it's out of your ball part, let me know via "@"

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    Is there any way to just shut off the player names all together. I tried this plugin but the sneaking thing was annoying to look at. I would rather just shut all player names off and let them figure out who is who in chat.

    Is that even possible?
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    i want that all players on my server will autosneak on login. but both doesn't work, "permissions: permissions" and "permissions: none". I'm admin with permission '*', so i should sneak anyway with "permissions: permissions", right?
    At server startup it loads plugin:
    2011-04-11 13:43:52 [INFO] [HeroSneak] enabled.
    what can i do to get it work?
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    @BioRage: Reducing speed is possible with setVelocity, but it's far from a slam dunk. The code is still in its infancy and tends to break a lot, so I'd rather keep that out of my plugin if at all possible. If you'd only use HeroSneak as a way to hold down shift, there are far easier alternatives out there (AutoHotKey, for one). I can look into it, but there's not really a lot of demand for it that I've seen.

    @Master: Unfortunately not, as the display of names is client-side. If the Bukkit team makes a way to change display of overhead names, I'll be all over it.

    @Kartus: Sorry, I misunderstood your request. If you want all players on your server to BOTH have access to /sneak AND to autosneak on login, set "permissions: none" and "opsAutoSneak: true"
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    Ok, it works now. what does opsAutoSneak: true ? all Server-OPs from root/ops.txt will autosneak ?
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    Well, that's the normal behavior, but when you set permissions: none, that option is used as a flag to determine whether EVERYONE should have autosneak or not, since you're no longer restricting permission to ops.
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    I don't know why, but it's working also with "permissions: permissions" now. Thank you for help and keep up the good work on plugins!
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    is there a way i can turn it on so everyone is auto sneaking? i dont want people to be able to see others names.
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    permissions: none
    opsAutoSneak: true

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