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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by MrRump, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Give bookshelves a life.​
    If you login on a new server a first time, you will see one thing surely: A forest of signs with rules, command lists, tutorials etc. What's wrong about signs? Well, they need a lot of space and it's very creepy to be forced to rewrite the complete text of a sign if you only want to move it. (; With iBooks, you aren't forced to anymore. iBooks give you all you need: Flexibility, speed and a lot less space. :)
    • Use bookshelves as books, if you right-click on them, you see the book's content.
    • Very easy to define bookshelves as book, you only have to type '/ibooks create' and right-click on it, and your book is created.
    • Use colors and line breaks in your texts.
    • The player defining the book is automatically declared as "owner", which means only he (and the admins) can edit it. (make sure other players cannot destroy bookshelves placed by other players)
    • Because chat entries in Minecraft cannot have infinite length, you can put a book into your 'working slot' and simply fill and expand your book via '/ibooks add [text]'.
    • Copy, cut & paste (to move or duplicate books)
    • Control the behavior of deleted bookshelves (either their position remains in the database if you put a bookshelf on the same position later or the books are completely deleted or they are saved to be imported later)
    • Export and import books (very good if you want to write your books in a text-editor in simply import them)
    • Permissions support
    How to use? (an example)
    1. Craft a bookshelf
    2. Place it somewhere in the world
    3. Type '/ibooks create'.
    4. Right-click on the bookshelf.
    5. The book was created and automatically put in your working slot.
    6. Type '/ibooks add' and type the first lines (for example 'Welcome on our server<br>')
    7. Type '/ibooks add' again if you want to make your book longer as a chat message in Minecraft can be (for example 'Read our rules!')
    8. To make sure you don't edit the book later because you forget ejecting it out of the working slot type 'ibooks finish' (not required, but recommended).
    9. Finished :) => It looks a little complicated, but be sure, it isn't, it's that simple! :)
    • /ibooks - a list of all commands available
    • /ibooks create - switch to create mode (right-click on a bookshelf after typing to create a book, book will automatically be put into your working slot)
    • /ibooks add - add text to the book into your working slot
    • /ibooks remove - remove your book (please check your settings to the deleted-book-behavior)
    • /ibooks finish - eject the book out of your working slot
    • /ibooks set - switch to select mode (right-click on a bookshelf after typing to put it into your working slot)
    • /ibooks copy - copy your book's content into the clipboard
    • /ibooks cut - cut your book's content into your clipboard
    • /ibooks paste - paste your book's content from your clipboard
    • /ibooks clear - clear your book's content (warning! this will delete the book's content!)
    • /ibooks import - import a text into the clipboard
    • /ibooks export - export a text from the clipboard
    • /ibooks recreate database - create an empty, new database (warning! this will delete all books)
    • ibooks.use - use (read) books
    • ibooks.create - create and delete your own books
    • ibooks.clipboard - use the copy, paste and cut
    • ibooks.importexport - use import and export
    • ibooks.admin - be able to edit other players' books
    Color- & Line break syntax
    • <color #> - the following lines will have the text color '#' (for example <color blue>)
    • <br> - do a line break
    Download? I haven't a stable version yet, some functions doesn't work yet. :) I will create a topic in the plugin submissions forum if a stable version is available. :)

    Edit: Download will come Monday 06-20-2011, 20:00 Middle European Time. ;)

    Do you want any other features or do have questions? Please, ask! :)
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    Very Nice :D
    I will Test it Tomorrow ;)
    Can i have the Link pls
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    Thanks for your interest :)
    Well, I'm afraid to say, there's no stable download yet. :) I will upload one tomorrow evening. :)
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    Can you add a Feature for all or per permissisons to List all Books ?
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    Looks good mate.
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    That's an idea, but this time the books haven't a title. They are only saved by their position and an unique ID. A list of all books has the problem, at the moment, I would have to load every book's content only to take the first 20 letters, if you have a big server, it will take a lot CPU power. I'll have to add a feature to name books for that. ;) I will think about it.

    Thanks :)
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    Have you forgotten to Upload it or is it not ready yet? :)
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    Hey. :) Sorry, I have 2 problem with iBooks which aren't solved yet, and I don't want you to have to use an uncompleted version. Colors don't work and a few commands give internal errors - even if they are defined and filled with code.

    I'm working as hard as possible to solve it, but I'm writing a few class tests the next weeks, so I haven't so much time. :)

    I'm hurrying :)
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