Inactive [MISC] EasyWelcome v1 - Easily Welcome players! [1.3.2-R0.1]

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    • Welcome players with a simple command!
    • Welcome new players automatically!
    • Completely configure the messages to complete personalisation!
    This plugin is like no other, this will greet the player specifically though 5 customisable messages! You can insert %newplayer% or %lastplayer% into the config and it will automatically insert their name!
    This plugin makes life as an admin or owner super easy and it will make the new player feel instantly welcome when greeted personally! Simple config, you can allow the server to broadcast a new player to the server if you so wish (also customisable).
    If you want to see a feature added then please leave a message below and i'm sure ill add it

    - easywelcome.use - /w (1 - 5)
    - easywelcome.admin - /w reload
    • /w - Displays About
    • /w (1 - 5) - Usage
    • /w Reload - Reload config
    • /w Info - Displays the config info
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