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    I use the plugin DynMap found here:

    Its a brilliant plugin however I wanted to use some of the images it created on my website and for a personal referance reference.

    With the images being all mixed up inside of the folders created and linking them one by one taking so long I decided to create this small program that links them for you

    <font color="#646464">DynMap Image Linker</font>

    <font color="#646464">What it does:</font>
    <font color="#646464">When you run DynMap and create a map you find that it creates 128x128 tiles in its directory that all have strange names. This small program takes the map image files and links them together for any given map that you have.</font>

    <font color="#646464">Functions:</font>
    <font color="#646464">Currently it only links the flat view of any world map into huge tiles in a few seconds.</font>

    <font color="#646464">ToDo:</font>
    <font color="#646464">Add the ability to choose the different types of maps (Eg flat, 3D etc)</font>

    <font color="#646464">Installing:</font>
    <font color="#646464">To get this to work is simple. </font><font color="#646464">Pop the small exe inside your plugin folder on your server so it can find the DynMap tiles and start it up.</font>

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Sample tile:
    Intro Screen:
    Map Select Screen:

    Any questions just ask.

    Change Log:
    Added in ability to enter your own directory IF default directory fails to find tiles.
    Fixes...[quote uid=90659096 name="jacky4566" post=1042486]My tiles are offsite so your program can not find them[/quote]

    Added ability to choose the map type to render.
    1)Flat 2)3D 3)Tunnels

    Created basic linking of flat map folders for a world or your choice.

    New update to V0.2

    Added feature: Ability to choose type of map.. Flat, 3D or Tunnels

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    I would like to help you develop this. My main issue with your program is that you can not specify where the tiles are. My tiles are offsite so your program can not find them
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    Saw your PM and replied.. sorry it took so long was busy building new PC rig for a server and didn't see your post.

    If you reply to the PM I can get a patch in no time =]

    EDIT: Updated to V0.3 with a patch.. not sure if its what you needed.. if not let me know and ill look into it.

    Currently learning to program windows for it so it has a better Gui rather than the CMD window
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    Hello there, I just got this and it keeps crashing after compiling the -4.-4 image. Do you have a more recent version or do I do something wrong?
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    Uhmmm.... Where does it save the output file to? I just ran a full 3d render that took 20 minutes and there are 0 .jpg files anywhere in my MC server folder.

    Edit: Nevermind found them in \plugins\Map folder, although they are not stitched together, just a whole bunch of 4096x4096 tiles that now have to be stitched together manually.
  6. Could this be open sourced and put on GitHub?

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