[MISC] DeathChest v0.1 - Dont' lose your inventory! [1337]

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    DeathChest - Don't lose your inventory:
    Version: v0.1

    DeathChest is a simple plugin which saves your inventory by death into your registered chest.

    To register a chest, look at it and type: "/dc".
    If you want to reverse this, look at your registered chest and type: "/dc" again.
    You see, it is very simple ;)

    • /deathchest
      • alias: /dc
      • permission: deathchest.dc
    Supported Permissions plugins:
    This plugin supports Permissions (or other plugins which uses a "Brigde" like GroupManager or bPermissions) and PermissionsBukkit.

    Version 0.1
    • Release!
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    I have been monitoring the request thread for this, looks good and ill test soon.
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    Grammar nazi attack!
    loose = not tight
    lose = stop having something
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    Ok, what happens when the death chest is full and when u picked up some important items on the way back to the chest and u die?
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    I'd suggest you use a Large chest... If that happens with a large chest you have way too much stuff.
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    Don Redhorse

    nice... if you need any help codewise look into my plugin, for example for large chests...
    you can also contact me if you need help...
    also if you ever want to stop keeping it updated let me know I will than make this an option in my plugin.
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    Is it possible to make it configurable on if the person gets pvp'd or killed by a mob. Cause some of the point in a pvp server is to get the stuff your target has and if everything goes into a private'd chest that can't be broken into that could defeat the purpose.
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    Ok! thanks for all your suggestions. I'll try to realize the most of them in version 0.2
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    Or maybe an option for pvp.
    Like when a player kill you, only 30% of your items go in the chest, the other items drop on ground.
    Would be nice for a vip right or something like that.
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    @rakiru sry :D it was 1 am... in germany ;)
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    Haha, fair enough, I'm just picky. xP
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    Nick Foster

    when are updates coming? just curious i have to provide something like this to my users...
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    Nick Foster

    this plugin flat out sucks... 95% of my inventory id gone.... this doesn't help at all.... (removing)
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    Oh man! You beat me to it! I've been currently putting the finishing touches on my 1.1 version, but this works very nicely! If you don't mind, I'd like to be able to post my version through your page (since you were first to release). But I would like some credit for my version, of course!
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