Inactive [MISC] ChairCraft v1.2.7 - Seats in Minecraft [1.1-R4]

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    ChairCraft - Seats in Minecraft!
    Version: 1.2.7 - Download
    Source: Github

    ChairCraft makes it possible to make chairs in Minecraft!
    Permission-node: 'chaircraft.sit'
    You need to sneak and right click to sit!
    It is configureable to check for signs at the sides, and the max width of a chair (or sofa).
    A chair can be a stone or wood stair or a slab (any type):

    Heres a tutorial in German: (Thanks @TheGamePlaza !)
    Heres how it looks in-game: (Thanks @iffa !)


    • Version 1.2.7 - Download
      • Updated to 1.1-R4 (works with 1.1-R5).
    • Version 1.2.6 - Download
      • Added config to use permissions, default false.
    • Version 1.2.5 - Download
      • Updated to MC 1.8.
      • Removed heal when seated.
      • Added support for the new stair blocks (not slabs).
      • Removed the exclude list, the player must now sneak to sit.
      • Possibly fixed the memory leak bug.
      • Dropped support for Permissions, now works with superperms.
    • Version 1.2.4 - Download
      • Updated to CB 928.
    • Version 1.2.3 - Download
      • Fixed arrows floating over the chairs!
    • Version 1.2.2 - Download
      • Fixed several bugs.
      • Added heal when seated, with config.
      • Added check if the block below is air, which would cause a glitch sitting inside the chair.
      • Added 44 to the default exception list, so you can now make doubleslabs as normal!
    • Version 1.2.1 - Download
      • Fixed the broken sign-check.
      • Added support for slabs.
      • Added config for arrow respawn-time. (Good for laggy servers)
    • Version 1.2.0 - Download
      • Added check for signs at the sides, with config.
      • Added Permissions-support.
      • Fixed the bug when the arrow despawns.
      • Fixed the bug when changing seats.
      • Only one player can be seated at one block at a time.
    • Version 1.1.0 - Download
      • Fixed seating when holding a block.
      • Fixed player beeing stuck when the stair is removed.
      • Added support for stone stairs.
      • Removed the check for signs on the sides.
      • Added check for the block above, it must be air. (Will add transparent blocks as ok)
    • Version 1.0.0 - Download
      • Initial release.
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    The exclude option is here to exclude the use of the stair if the player handle an item/block. It's not designed to exclude chairs. ;)
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    Ill add checks for that. :)

    Do you have permissions to to so?
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    Awesome, thanks! :D
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    NOW this is a plugin!
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    Loving this plugin, great work indeed. Small feature request: add a config option to simply deny using a chair unless your hands are empty, or even just an option to have a reverse-exclude list, so an empty list means you can't have any items in your hand, and you can add certain items from there to allow (and ofc a config option to use the include list instead of the exclude)
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    Can we have some more information on Heal_amount and Heal_interval? What do the integers actually mean?
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    Nice idea! :D

    Heal amount is the amount of health you regen between every heal interval. xD
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    So I gave all my groups the correct permission to sit, but still only admins can use it. What the deuce? :(
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    Are you sure? Copy this:
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    oh, i need permissions. my bad lol
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    Its a VERY unstable plugin. If I load my server (BB, World EDIT\GUARD and others huge plugins) with no online, its "eat" only 600mb RAM. BUT, if I begin loading server with this plugin, he eat ALL ALLOCATED RAM (12gb!!!). And cause VERY LAGGY chunkload and other. After plugin eat all RAM, server got freez and need "hard reboot". Please, fix it.

    p.s. test on 733,740,766,793,792
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    What did you set the heal_interval to?
    Sounds like its 0. xD
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    Arrow_respawn_time: 600
    Max_width: 5
    Heal_when_seated: false
    Heal_amount: 0
    - 323
    - 44
    Heal_interval: 0
    Sign_check: true
    You code.. Like.. omg..

    And what i need change for not-heal and seat minimum 10 minutes?
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    Everyone has the appropriate permission, it just won't let them sit :( It only works for admins.
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    Set it to 999 if you dont want it. I start the heal thread even if its set to false, will get fixed in the next version. :)

    Im pretty sure theres something wrong with the permissions since admins can do it.
    All I can say is, check again. xD
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    Could you add a configuration file, where people could set up block IDs, that can be assigned as chairs, including up to 255 block IDs and according meta data values, because I am working on client/server plugin, that will use ItemCraft plugin in order to add the custom blocks to the bukkit server.

    Here is a raw image of my chair model in my upcomming plugin:

    Also it would be nice to configure the sitting offsets by ourselves through the configuration file based on 4 directions in the world - east, south, north west
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    Could you try to make it so that it works very well with MoveCraft? When ever the car/ship/airplane moves, the signs on break off.
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    Yeah, Ill add that to the config.
    Not sure about the config for directions, but probably! :D

    Not this plugin's fault, talk to the author of movecraft. :)
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    would be good to test the chair for signs before teleporting the player to it and before testing the item the player helds
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    Did you even try the plugin? xD
    There is a sign check, and there is a list with what items to exclude when right clicking a chair.
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    ... i didnt got the config changed, trying it again now xD
    edit: works fine :)
    even using an plugin manager and disableing the plugin will result in the same confing, only shutting down the server helps, ... same as defaultcommands, its not very helpfull :p
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    is this plugin working?
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    Working fine on my server with 60+ plugins (list in signature).
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    Uhh, I've just noticed (both on my server and in the video) - after going thirdperson and back, the fist's location in firstperson changes, it moves and tilts to the left a bit I think, I'm not sure if it was like that before or if it's the plugin to cause that?
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    Sounds like a client-side bug. Theres nothing I can do about it. :)
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    Well I haven't tried it with boats and minecarts (drivable things aswell), so maybe it is, thanks for clearing it up and sorry for taking a small bit of your time :>
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    for some reason The sit healing is Healing while not sitting (note the server has 740 build)
    trying to get the sysop to give the me the config options
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    i do think that heal while sitting in chairs would be cool
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    It's already integrated. Check main post and the config.
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    Not sure if this has been reported before but you are able to sit on staircases (no biggie, and expected), however the big thing is that you can carry around a wood stair, place it through a 1 block hole in a wall, then teleport through the hole to the stair. Maybe add a check that checks if you are physically able to get to the block

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