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    getID - "get item id by name and vice versa"
    Version: 0.4

    "getID" is my first plugin for bukkit. If you input an item name, it outputs the corresponding item ID. I wrote this plugin mostly to get into bukkit development and to improve my java programming-skill. And yet, it's helpful for me and maybe for you sometimes. I remember many times i thought "damn what was the id for this item again.."..so you maybe give it a try.

    Put "getID.jar" in your server's /plugin/ directory.

    To get an item ID: /getid <item name>
    Example: /getid stone, /getid pink dye, ...

    To get an item name: /getname <id>
    Example: /getname 20, /getname 328,..

    To add an alias: /getidadd <alias> <id>
    Example: /getidadd diapick 278, /getidadd cart 328,..

    To remove an alias: /getidrem <alias>
    Example: /getidrem diapick, /getidrem cart

    Editing the item configuration file (getid.ini):
    If you want to add an alias without using in-game commands, or if you want to edit the itemlist, you can do this in the "getid.ini"-file located in "plugins/getID/getid.ini". The items are sorted by the ID. There shouldn't be any itemname or alias twice, otherwise the plugin might not work properly.
    You can find the place to add aliases at the bottom, under "###ALIAS###.

    If you did anything wrong, just delete the "get.ini"-file and restart the server, or reload the plugin. It will create a fresh "get.ini"-file for you.

    If you want to use permissions, use this node:
    getid.id - for /getid command
    getid.name - for /getname command
    getid.add - for /getidadd command
    getid.rem - for /getidrem command

    Version: 0.4 - https://github.com/SoTD/getID/raw/master/getID.jar

    • Clean up source code
    • Upload latest source to github
    • Improve read/write performance
    • None known yet

    Version: v0.4
    • Rewritten plugin
    • added /getidadd <alias> <id> command + permissions node
    • added /getidrem <alias> command + permissions node
    • added local item configuration file "plugins/getID/getid.ini"
    • using own itemdatabase
    • Fourth release - 25.05.2011
    Version: v0.3
    • Rewritten plugin
    • added /getname <id> command
    • deleted automated itemList update function
    • deleted local config
    • using bukkit items enum
    • Third release - 19.05.2011
    Version: v0.2
    • Sourcecode clean up
    • Added automated itemList update
    • Second release - 18.05.2011
    Version: v0.1
    • Initial release - 17.05.2011
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    I tested. worked.(766)
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    It would be nice if you could make it also with /getname

    /getname 45
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    this is good even for a first time, its simple but is very useful, well done :)
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    thanks for your feedback, chijinsan, textMARCer and millsy27. I will add "/getname"-command later this day or tomorrow.

    With getID v0.2 you get a dynamically itemList. On server start getID will check if there are any new Item ID's for Minecraft available - if so, it will update the current item ID file to the latest available. You can check the status in the console.

    Update from v0.1 to v0.2 should be no problem. Just replace the old "getID.jar" with the new one. You can find the new update in OP post or here:

    Version: 0.2 - https://github.com/SoTD/getID/raw/master/getID.jar
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    Ahh, beat me to it :(
    Nice job though, guess Ill just bin my code
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    Hey guys,

    v0.3 is out. I rewrote the plugin. It uses now bukkit's item list. So the plugin should be faster and more stable. Also, i added /getname <id> command. If you input an ID, it outputs the corresponding item name. You can delete your "getID"-folder in the bukkit plugin's folder now, it's not needed anymore!

    Version: 0.3 - https://github.com/SoTD/getID/raw/master/getID.jar
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    Can you make it so the IDs /names are set in a configurable file? for example, two files for the one way mappings. First file: getname (well this one is pretty straightforward "ID:name") and the second, for getid : "name:ID" however you can have several names for the same ID (ex: diamond pick, diapick, diamondpickaxe).
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    Hey Nitnelave,

    I will add those configuration files, worked on it already. There will be two files "getname" and "getid". Since there is no need to add aliases to id's, i will add aliases to "getid <name>". You should be able to add and remove those aliases with in-game commands, so you don't have to edit the config files.

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    Hey guys,

    v0.4 is out now. I totally rewrote the plugin and i still have much to do.

    Features with v0.4:
    - add command "/getidadd <aliasname> <itemid>" : e.g "/getidadd diapick 278"
    You can now add aliases to the itemlist with in game commands, or with editing the "getid.ini".
    - add command "/getidrem <aliasname>" : e.g "/getidrem diapick"
    You can also delete those aliases with in game commands, or editing the "getid.ini"
    - improved itemdatabase, now supports ALL items, including all types of wool, slabs, dye's (e.g pink dye)
    - added permissions nodes for "/getidadd" and "/getidrem" - "getid.add", "getid.rem"

    Those should be the biggest changes. As i said above, i still have much to do, cleaning up the source for e.g, some performance improvements..and so on

    Installation: Just put the "getID.jar" in your plugin folder. At first start, it should create the "getid.ini" configuration file.

    Version: 0.4 - https://github.com/SoTD/getID/raw/master/getID.jar
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    not working on my say so I do not have permissions to add that I've permissions plugin
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    Would you please describe your problem a bit more specific? I don't get your problem.
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    sry man
    I do not speak English
    but so
    I put everything right
    so that when I enter the game and put the commands that I said I do not have permission
    but I've put the permissions in his folder
    and the error continue
    if you could do a tutorial on how to set permissions
    I thank you very
    even more
    I hope that helps
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    You need to add the permission nodes given in the plugin description to your permission configuration file. You can find further help how to add permission nodes and manage the configuration file for permission here: http://ess.earth2me.com/index.php/Group_Manager
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    or pass your plugin permission pliss
    your folder permissions configured

    I configured everything right that have not only the
    please help

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    You may upload your configuration files from GroupManager (groups.yml and users.yml), and give me the link, so i can take a look at it.
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    Very convenient! Could you add a command like "/getidhand" to get the id of the item in the user's hand? That would make this even better! Also, I'd recommend adding "INFO" to the tags at the beginning of the thread title to help people find this plugin.
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    So simple, yet so useful. Great job.
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    That's what I'm gonna suggest. :)
    Is it compatible with 953?
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    Not sure if you've tried it yet, but just incase you're wondering, it works with 1000 without problem. It's a simpler chat based plugin so I think it will work with most updates.
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    LOL I already use 1000 but hey, thx BTW :D
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    What I'd really like to see is either the source code or some augmentation so that it can be used as an API from another plugin. I currently have a plugin I'm looking to develop that needs to use this sort of information, so I figured I might as well see how to interface with an already existing plugin rather than reinvent.

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