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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Desert Survival (4-6 players)

    What I want:
    I was thinking on a nice minigame when this came to my mind.

    You spawn in a desert(pre-built) then you recieve one empty bucket. The objective is to search for water and after filling the bucket with water you can right click to drink.

    Your EXP bar is your THRIST which goes down. When you drink water your EXP bar increases (decreases THRIST) and sometimes you find random chests which have some stuff and sometimes you find the rare item.

    The FISHING ROD which is really nice! With it you can fish not only fishes but armor, swords, etc. In the first 5 minutes PVP is off, after the 5 minutes mark it turn on and you should Survive(like the name says)

    Ideas for signs: (i will write some java stuff i understand a bit but i dont understand the arena things...)

    Line1(0 in java) ChatColor.YELLOW + "[DesertSurvival]" or "[DS]"
    Line2(1 in java) ChatColor.BLACK + ARENA NAME
    Line3(2 in java) ChatColor.BlACK + MINPLAYERS / MAXPLAYERS
    Line4(3 in java i think) ChatColor.RED + "In game" or ChatColor.GREEN + "Waiting"

    Ideas for commands:
    /ds - Main command
    /ds help - Displays help page
    /ds create <arena> - Creates an arena with the choosen name
    /ds deletes <arena> - Deletes an arena with the choosen name
    /ds setspawn <arena> - Sets the spawn where players will be teleported when the game begins
    /ds setmainlobby - Sets the point where players will be teleported if they leave/die
    /ds setlobby <arena> - Sets the lobby of the choosen arena
    /ds join <arena> - Join an arena
    /ds leave - Leaves your current arena
    /ds start <arena> - Starts the choosen arena
    /ds stop <arena> - Stops the choosen arena

    Ideas for permissions:
    desertsurvival.player - Access to Join and leave commands
    desertsurvival.admin - Access to all commands

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible

    PS: Sorry for bad english and I hope you understand everything :) I think i didnt forget anything, otherwise i'll add when i remember :p

    EDIT1: I knew it :p Arena protection and deny non DS commands
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    How long should it take until the Thirst Bar is empty?
    You only win when you survive this?
    If I find time for this I will do this... Btw which version of Java are u using on your server?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Most developers use java 7 these days, so do most servers
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    Thanks :)

    Full XP bar is 50 thrist and you loose 10 thirst per 90 second ( i think its pretty decent, maybe a little bit high)
    Its like a LastManStanding where you should survive to the Thirst and to the enemies
    Java 7
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    im going to try to make the code for the xp bar decreasing and maybe when it hits zero to slowly kill the player, how fast should the player die when he/she doesnt have water. I was thinking like as fast as a wither effect, i also, might add when the player is >0 for water blind and nausea them. how does that sound?
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    it sounds awesome. as fast as wither effect sounds good and the effects would fit perfectly :)
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    ok how does this sound very very slowly your bar decreases so it looks like you are loosing thirst in a slow drop not a random notch off your xp bar every 90 secs?

    hey im gonna pm you a jar file and you test it out /ds is to start the loop but i havent been able to stop the loop but this is just a alpha type build
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    ok add me on skype so we can talk more easily: pikopastor

    Looks awesome! I cant wait to see more, i can help you with somethings on java, I understand bukkit but i cant make a minigame by myself, only simple plugins, but i think i can help you with some things :)
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    did you test her out yet man. even when using a water bucket and btw i sped up the thirst for sake of demonstration
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    Hey, see if this works to remove the loop after the player dies:

    public void onPlayerDeath(PlayerDeathEvent event) {
    Player player = (Player) event.getEntity();
    for (PotionEffect pe : player.getActivePotionEffects()) {

    yea, i think you dont need to slow the thrist so much, just a bit xD does the bucket works? gonna see now
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    yeah its quite cool man
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    So, i noticed some things: When you place water in the floor it doesnt cancel the event. And you could add something like when you refill the bucket it would say: IN YELLOW: "Your bucket has been refilled"

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