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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 123ang, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Hello Bukkit Developers, Please Take Note. Before I start please take note that I am NOT asking anyone to make this plugin as it is extremely complex, I would just like some guiders on code. Some Features.
    Feature 1) In the mineplex server HUB they have mobs with colored name tags...
    temp 1.PNG
    (This picture has the mobs with colored name tags)

    Feature 2) When you are in the Mineplex HUB there is a series of mobs in which you can interact with to go to your selected gamemode... temp 2.PNG

    (This picture has the menu where you can go to a gamemode)

    Feature 3) You can left click the emerald block to take you to that server. (no screenshot available)

    Feature 4) The scoreboard. On the Mineplex server they have a custom scoreboard. On the scoreboard it has how much (your server currency) that you have, your rank, if there is any online staff and finally your server website. When you join a minigame you get a different scoreboard. On that one you have the max players, the minimum players, the current players on that server, your kit and how much (your server currency) that you have... temp 3.PNG

    (This picture has the minigame scoreboard)

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    Some Commands
    Maybe like e.g /(plugin name) setup (mob type) (name tag above it's head prefix)

    Additional Features
    None at the moment, feel free to suggest down below!

    Thanks, 123ang

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    Most servers, just as mineplex. Pay pretty big to keep their plugins private, and not released to the public.
    Most people on the forums will not remake plugins from big servers like this. So, you may want to just take a good look on the plugins page here.
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    As you are asking for coding help, moved to plugin development.
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    You will most likely want to use a NPC plugin or library/api to create custom NPC that you can interact with.
    Some examples of these are:
    A great resource is this Icon Menu class made by nisovin: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/icon-menu.108342/ it will allow you to create inventories of specified size, fill them with custom item stacks (title/description/amount etc) and then handle what happens with each individual menu when items are clicked in it.

    I would recommend creating a scoreboard for each player, then sending values to each player individually according to their specific stats/earnings etc- this route will require you to either hook into existing plugins, or add it to the one that has such aspects (I'm referring to economy, game stats etc...
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