Minecraft Updated! Bukkit out of date.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DannyCare, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Sorry ill trust norton ... and stick to downgrading to 1.3 myself.
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    Shay Williams

    EDIT: Ok, next time read the detection though.
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    same is there a solution ?
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    No and there never will be. /s
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    You do have a point, however
    from a personal experience, i have a younger brother who is only 14 and about 8-10 of his friends all bought the game, so they can play online.

    I think the "new user" base is rapidlly changing.... but thats just my opinoin.

    Also this whole beta thing is ridiculous... how often do u see a game be in beta for 2 years?
    I doubt the final product will be MUCH different then what it is now... the whole "beta" thing is just ....yeah..
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    I think he needs to keep his "natives" folder on the Mac for it to work, meaning don't replace it!
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    Go go interweb warrior.

    Can we use this thread to filter out idiots? would be a good way of catching them all

    Its Bukkits fault RAAWWWWWWWW
    its notches fault RAAAWWSSHAAAAA

    Its beta game with alpha hooking system have a word with yourselfs.
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    8-10 people is nothing. Everybody I know with the game (40+ people) bought it for the single player, and even that is a drop in the bucket compared to the total sale count (1.7m as of March).
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    how about we be productive!, instead of complaining lets think of even better plugins for the new bukkit, call it a fresh start for fresh ideas!
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    Nothing wrong with good old vanilla. I run my server with griefers allowed, so running without Bukkit isn't going to deter me from starting and updating my server. Bukkit is simply a 'convience' for me, not a must have.
    And does anyone know if wolves can be seen and trained in SMP?
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    Can be upset their server isn't nearly as good as this one, and that there was a communications breakdown on the big meeting Bukkit had with them :)

    I didn't mean "upset" like "GET YOUR TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS, WE'RE GUNNA HANG THEM FROM A 1 METER CUBED POLE IN A DESERT," more like "if you're upset that it's taking time to update it, redirect that hate to someone who could help make it smoother." :)

    I still love Mojang and still hope they kick Bioware's ass in the tournament thing The Escapist is running, but this one particular lack of communication is annoying. It'd be one thing if Bukkit was a virus or something -bad- but it's something particularly awesome instead.
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    Exact thoughts again.

    And while the same base of MC will be the same when it is done, I hope you eat your words when the game has over 100 new features.
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    I like ure thinking ;D thats a good idea however i would still like to see some of the prestige plugins make it through to the new one things like = Magiccarpet and Permissions and stuff xD
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    Seemed to work but after choosing "Not Now" it gets stuck at a blackscreen, forcing us to kill the app. Any ideas?

    So far you've been awesome at helping guys, thanks!

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    At the risk of sounding like I'm arguing on the internet (I feel like we're having a peaceful discussion, let me know if you feel differently) - really only 10% you think?

    Why would most people register on these forums if they didn't run a server? Or develop for one.
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    Me too, I hope precious stones makes it through, amongst Iconomy and realshops.....(I don't use permission I am too simple minded lol)

    but be nice to see some new flashy ones, I personally requested a pick pocket plugin for my RPG server :D
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    I agree, i think atleast 50% of the people register are running a server.
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    Did you read my reply to NOT replace his "natives" folder ?? Remember that from when this happened to my buddy on an older version. Hope you made a backup of his minecraft system folder beforehand...
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    Come on guys, let's be happy :D

    Bukkit! *clap clap clap* Bukkit! *clap clap clap*

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    Netto Hikari

    It tries to use native libraries compiled for Windows which are usually stored in the "bin" folder of minecraft. You need OS X native libriaries. I have them here, I'll upload them for you. One second, wait for post edit.

    EDIT: Delete the content of "bin" and put these files in.
    EDIT2: I'm talking about "bin/natives". Me dumb.
    EDIT3: Here's the native libraries for OS X. >.< Too much hassle on my server right now, I'm getting confused. :D
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    I'd say more like 80%. Why join the forum if you don't run a server?
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    haha i like that idea of a plugin aswell mate XD Pickpocket my players would love tht on my Medieval RP server xD
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    I'm talking people running 10+ player servers, a lot of people here seem to be running servers for their kids/wife/husband. If I averaged it out with all people running servers the playercount on servers would go from the approx 30 down to about 15.
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    I'm with Norton. Theres nothing regarding MineCraft in this reply, but I highly recommend Kaspersky or Nod32. Either ways Norton is still great. ^^
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    Ok i have to admit the launcher was a 1D-I0-T PEBKAC error. I had to redownload the mac launcher. I thought I read somewhere that it was autoupdated along the way. Everything works as mentioned. Guess that's why I shouldn't stay up to midnight playing MC. :D
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    It might be the update or wtf, i can't kill any chickens anymore xD (in singleplayer) btw I didn't see any wolves since im playing
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    I logged on, went for a walk. A long walk. But found wolves and have them tamed. Seems the cap is 3 wolves per person I think.

    P.s. Everyone stop bickering, and let's wait for bukkit to update.
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    Norton is a giant resource monster, taking up a big fat chunk of RAM and Hard Disk space. AVG is becoming quite bloated too but I still use it :)
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    Netto Hikari

    NOD32, low on resources and very good. :)
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    I'd expect it to be tomorrow (judging from the posts by the team)

    And I haven't found any wolves either
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