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how many waves should there be

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    This minecraft Tower Defense plugin I am suggesting is Probably extremely hard to code and may require tons of experience
    The plugin may seem simple enough but i insure its complicated
    First i would like there to be an entrance and an exit. Zombies/skeletons/spiders/cavespiders/zombiepigman/And armor and seperate speed/health
    In This plugin mobs will come in through (configurable amount) of doors and exit through 1 door. The zombies have no set path to follow so they will go strait to the exit in the shortest possible distance. You can buy towers with gold nuggets. You start with 2 1/2 stacks and the mobs (depending on how hard they are to kill) will drop either gold nuggets/Gold ingots/Gold blocks/ Or emeralds. The towers you buy have specific abilities and you buy the towers from villager shops. All the towers are dispensers with different names. When a dispenser is placed down it will turn into a dispenser on top of a specific block. These towers each will have their own characteristics. the towers you place down zombies cant walk through and will have to go around. (so in a way you shape the path yourself) But you can not block the path of the zombies/spiders. If the path is blocked then the tower wont form and will come back to the players inventory. I will next explain the towers
    Basic Tower: Shoots 2 arrows a second and cant aim any direction but the direction its facing
    Aiming Tower: Shoots 2 arrows a second and aims directly at the zombiesRotary Aiming Tower: Shoots 4 arrows a second and aims directly at the zombies
    SpeedShooter: Shoots 8 arrows a second and cant aim
    Glue Tower: Shoots 1 Slimeball every 2 seconds that gives slowness 2 for 10 seconds-cant aim
    Poison Tower: Shoots 1 (insert item here) every 2 seconds that gives poison 2 for 20 seconds
    Morter: Shoots 1 snowball every 2 seconds that explodes at the power of TNT
    CowCannon: Shoots 1 cow every 3 seconds that explodes at the power of 20 TNT
    SpreadShooter: shoots 8 arrows all at the same time every seconds in 8 directions
    Nuke Launcher: Shoots 1 sheep every 30 seconds that leaves all mobs at 1 hit 1 kill health

    Thats all the towers but the towers need upgrades.
    if a tower has a piece of sugar in it with efficiency 1-5 it will shoot faster (depending on the efficiency)
    If a tower has an arrow in it that has power 1-5 it will do much more damager (again depending on level)
    if a tower has a Spider eye in it with power 1-5 it will give poison damage (if poison tower then increases)
    if a tower has a slimeball in it the with power 1-5 it will slow down the mobs more
    if a tower has a gunpowder in it with power 1-4 it will do more explosive damage

    If you have any more questions leave a reply below
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