Solved Minecraft Server Lag Issues (PLEASE HELP!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rempssss, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Hello !

    I am hosting a 54 slots Bukkit server with 23 Plugins, when i hit about 20 players the server begins to lag (19.3 - 18.7 ticks) and when i hit the 50 players the server gets almost unplayable and the server is only using 30 - 35 % of ram. when the lag happens everyone stops and after a few seconds (depends how long on the amount of players) everyone moves on rely fast and goes on normal again and after a minutes or ten it happens again and so on.
    So my question is , what is cousing this ? i have been struggling on it for a months with out any success.

    To help you guys help me out im also posting the Speedtest results, plugins and server stats.

    Speedtest results:
    4 ms ping
    Download speed : 125.74 Mbps
    Upload speed : 8.25 Mbps

    Plugin list :
    CaptureThePoints, CasinoSlots, ChatManager, ChestShop, Citizens, CombatTag, DisguiseCraft, DungeonBuilder, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, factions, Izone, LagMeter,McMMO, Moneydrop, NoCheatPlus, PermissionsEx, SpamGuard, Vault, Worldedit, Worldguard

    System Stats :

    System runes on Linux Fedora
    Intel(R) Xeon(R)
    10 Gb Ram
    4 Cores 3.10 Ghz
    Processor number : E3-1220
    Cores : 4
    Clock speed : 3.10 GHz
    64 Bit
    (Should be enough information)

    There you go , i need some help and i need it fast. have tried to figure i out for so long but no results.
    So please help me out here :) !!!!!!
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    Thank you for formatting your Thread and including your results. Should help other Bukkit helpers help you.

    Are you hosting it through you're computer or a Server provider?
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    I bought my own server and hosting the minecraft sever with it.
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    First of all, are you running this server from your own computer? Your computer may not be able to handle all of the people who are playing it. I highly recommend investing in a server host, Also are you using a massive amount of NPC's? This can also cause lag. Also if Casinoslots are under heavy use, they might also bug/glitch out.

    Hope I could be of assistance,
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    I use only one NPC in my server witch is the blacksmith and no people use casino rearly. And i bought my own server and also postet the stats above , ain't they enough. Also when i have a full server i use 70 % of the total CPU and 4 GB of ram.

    Can anyone help ? :(

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    Nathan C

    Which Xeon model processor is that?

    There are tons of Xeon models, each with based off different architectures, so clockspeed is near irrelevant.
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    My best guess is you have a runaway plugin that's hogging all the CPU. I would recommend trying the NoLagg examine plugin to see what plugin is doing it.

    Also, perhaps try CraftBukkit++?
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    WorldEdit and NoCheat would be the greatest cpu hogs, but worldedit isnt used that often to be an issue.
    Try adding plugins to your server one by one to see when the problem starts.
    Also, delete and regenerate your server.log file. You may find that after a few days with a lot of people, it gets huge. On my modest server, (10 players), After a week the file size is about 7MB
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    might be a stupid question ... but what is that ?

    back on topic :p

    in worldguards config set
    to false
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    So , im back here to tell everyone what have i found out.
    I found out that when the lag occurs , the network usage (or sending speed) goes down from 6 Mbps to 0.1 Mbps to almost no network sending speed at all , but it doesn't Disconnect the players , it just stops them for like 1 - 2 secs and then everyone jumps on like 10 - 20 blocks BIG LAGG. Also at that moment the CPU usage drops to almost 1-5 % , to me it seems like ethernet lag ... but im not sure , could this be coused by any plugin that , i dunno , stops the server ? or makes it lag severely witch almost stops or crashes the server ? At the moment of lag i don't see anything unusual in the console , just players talking or pvping , after the lag i do see the error ''can't keep up! Did the system time change or is the server overloaded'' . I personally don't think that the network speed is the issue here or the server stats. I am also now trying the removal of plugins , to see if anything works. But still , nothing mutch has changed since the beginning of the post. Does anyone know any plugins that might couse that lag (plugin list above)

    Hoping for a fix ! :/
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    I know a good plugin that would lower the lag in your server. Ptweaks is very good at reducing lag.
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    i dunno about this, but maybe you should try contacting your ISP. they may be capping you for extended usage at high speeds, as per their probable fair use policy. Or, you may be having a connection reset at some point. Just give them a call or email to see whether that's a cause.
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    Hello again !
    Still lagging , but i also found out that when people buy things from shop (using chestshop plugin) it laggs horribly . could the lagg be coused by chestshop ?
  14. Is the lag happening when people area entering exactly same world? I had a world, so bad chunked that only solution was to exchange for a new world. Bad chunks.

    Possible bad addons atm can be stoptalking, and foundbox with mysql. Sorry to the author but this is fact.

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    Lag fixed ! I removed WorldEdit and WorldGuard and made a new wold and no more lag
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  17. Oki :)

    You should look in the console during startup, or type save-all and look into the server.log file to see why we and wg possibly could cause something.

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    I heard that the plugin McMMO causes a lot of server lag. Also, it takes usually 1 MB of upload speed for 3 people to connect from outside your lan. So, its about 24 for you.
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    Nice job dude!

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    Thanks ,i remove mcmmo and cleared much lag behind it
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