Minecraft Server Crashing - Read Time out - HELP

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Ben1002, May 21, 2011.

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    My server is also suddenly plagued with this issue. Most likely cause seems to be chunk corruption caused by crashing. Mine started after my server ran out of memory one day because I exceeded my allotted RAMdisk. Can everyone who is having this problem please tell me a few things:

    How much virtual memory are you allotting to your -jar script?

    Are you running your world(s) on a ram disk?

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    Yea my world is running on ram disk and I have 2gb of ram and if i go over it i get another 1gb so 3gb in total.
    also did you buy your server? and who with?
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    @SplenectomY I have 2gb for bukkit, and not using ram disk
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    I don't have iConomy, and when I first had the crash I didn't have WorldEdit, or WorldGuard.. This suggests (if we cross reference plugins), that Permissions is the culprit. :(

    edit: Trouble is.. come guys were playing around with a large number of pig spawners, and it was definitely causing more crashes.. so it seems to suggest it might be a load issue, not a specific plugin issue.
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    I resolve the issue on my server by disabling Transporter.
    I think this can be an network related issue. So if you have plugin who use the network, wich mean that they go on internet, try to disable them.
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    It's not network related =) began far before i got my dynmap, but i've increased my max load... and so far it havent been read timed out on 2 days, i'll let you know if i get it, but that's a tip =p. Also, see how much gb your allowing it to use. and make it run on all cores. =) that's what i do, and so far no read timed out

    Ok, i started getting read timed out again :S

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    i jus switched to a vps, much better
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    Whats vps?
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    virtual private server
    its so you dont have to run it off your computer, but you have to pay for it. i use redstonehost.com
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    Oh, i should mention, not far after i said Whats vps, i fixed Read timed out, no Read timed out so far, what i did was disabling system backup, (of files) it somehow made the server get Read timed out, once i turned it off i havent got it on 11 days!!!!! (used to happen every day)
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    server ip?
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    davvem =)
    Still no read timed out =p and no errors have occured! =)
    30 players max =P
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    Disabling backups isn't an option for me, and I'm still getting this just about every other day. I'll be looking into it further with packet captures and anything else I can think of to try to figure out wtf it is.
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    I have a problem too it says Metrics timed out. idk what to do
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