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  1. So I am looking for someone who can make a plugin that makes it so if a mob have been used a nametagg on they wont be able to take damage from other players in a server. But can still be killed with explosion, fire and other normal stuff just not dirrectly hurt by a player.

    Goal is to protect regular mobs with nametaggs from being killed that you keep like a pet, either if it is a zombie, slime or dog or something. And make sure that the nametagg wont affect withers and enderdragon, could be bad if noen could kill them.
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    What do you actually mean with nametags? Do you mean that players should be unable to kill mobs with a specific name on a nametag? Or, what do you mean?

    Explain a bit more to me please. I will try to create something for you.
    I am a beginner programmer though! Wish me luck!
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    1.You are not allowed to ask/give money for a plugin here(this is the section where people make plugins for others for free)
    2.Please follow the model posted in the first thread on the section

    Or here
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  4. Like just have the methode of when giving a mob a nametag, like use it on them, doesnt matter name but if a mob have been used a nametag on I talk about to have a way to protect them from other players or something
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    Ah, ok. I'll try to come up with something and will try to figure something out! I'll hit u up when I have an good solution for you! <3
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    Just listen to EntityDamageByEntityEvent,check if the the attacker its a player,check if the entity has a custom name and cancel the event,its that easy,you can also add a small check for the exceptions(wither/ender dragon)
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    NametagMobProtection [DOWNLOAD]

    Pretty much do the things you said. Let me know if you encounter some bugs.
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    Yeah as I mentioned, im pretty new to Spigot Java Coding :p

    EDIT: I know how to code other languages though. Like PhP, HTML, CSS, JS, LUA, MySQL! :)

    @NorthernDefender so does this mean that @Seyviyer gave u the thing u wanted? If so, i'm not going to make it anymore! Kinda waste of my time then xd

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