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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DarkByte7, Apr 16, 2012.

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    So I have read some parts of upcoming features for Minecraft and one of them was name change. Now my question is if that get's added to the game, how will permissions work then?
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    Or bans, for that matter? I think that checking people's past usernames will be integrated into the online-mode checks with Mojang servers whenever a player logs in.
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    I guess there will be a unique id for each user, like on steam where the id is STEAM_0:x:xxxxxxxxx
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    /ban MOJANG_9:1:143512352355623

    No thanks..
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    No, the name would be hooked with the ID, so you could do the name... well that's how I would make it.
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    Lol I know, I'm actually kind of excited about this.
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    Yep, although I don't need a name change, I'ld just like a custom cape... I will die if it's only for people who went to MineCon, as they did say they may add this cape feature. >.<
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    Having a name change would break the integrity of the game, even more so than it already is with griefing squads.
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    How so? I don't think people should be able to change names often, but many of us created accounts without knowing it would also be our in-game username. My username is just my initials and string of numbers because of that...
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    Maybe it's kinda the same like we have now, getName() and getDisplayName().
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    getUserID() or getIdentification()? :p
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    Player ID is very good idea but they should release it with MinecraftAPI so converting old stuff would fit into the transition from bukkit to mcAPI (we would need new plugins anyway, why not make them use ID's not names ;))
    But usually Mojang people love to mess up by letting devs make huge amount of plugins for mcAPI and then just randomly say: "Please remake all this, we are changing player identification system"
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    Source? I want to read some of this upcoming update too.

    A solution like Steam ID would make name spoofing a thing of the past.
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