MInecraft Bukkit Server Lag Problems, when we Run 32GB Ram?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by NickMP1010, Jun 25, 2012.

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    I am Nick, a server owner of Miners Paradise. We are currently updating all of our system. We bought a Dell XPS 8300 with 32GB ram and we think it is a nice piece of equipment. Sadly, we are still getting lag. CPU usage is always at 80-100% when the server is on and we usually have 30-40 players on at one time. We are running on Windows 7 Professional. We bought new internet speeds of 100 download and 5 upload, but are loosing hope in our most recent investment of the Dell. Any ideas on why we are still lagging, I mean I see another server using the same system with no problems which is what bugs me. Any help or thoughts on this situation is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
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    Obviously the CPU is what is bottlenecking the system.
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    It's an I7, so default 3.4GHz?
    They can easily be overclocked, mine is running at 4.5Ghz (20-30°C, 70°C under max load)
    Look at your internet speeds.
    5mpbs upload, with 40 players, is 125kbps for each player. That's less than the recommended speed (.25mbps/player)
    Why don't you just hire a server, or colocate it?
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    What is your upload speed ????
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    "5 upload" is the bottleneck.
    You want as much upload as you can get.
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    That's a bummer... Might have to upgrade your internet.
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    We have our internet upgraded to the Highest we can go with 100 download and 5 upload. The server is now often randomly crashing. 3.4 is the processor speed. I will try the lag examination plugin, thanks. Here is a description of the whole server.
    Dell XPS 8300 Intel 2nd Gen Core i7-2600 Quad Core Processor 3.40GHz (3.80GHz Turbo Boost) 32GB 1TB WIFI N DVD+/-RW ATI Radeon HD 6450 1GB Graphics Card HDMI Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Desktop PC

    we actually are running Windows 7 Pro now.
    Any more help on the problem will be greatly appreciated! I might have to pay for some information/help on a good setup.

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    Running windows 7 pro will not help your system, if anything it will hurt it. You want to have a minimalistic server, thats why so many people use linux. If you are using windows the best option is probably windows server.
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    Use a decent Linux system, run a ramdisk with that kind of ram, and all should be well. You could put arch Linux on there in under 10m with the needed software installed and another 5 to setup some other tidbits

    Edit: call your isp and tell then you want no more upstream. They likely have an unadvertised upstream available or can get you on a business plan with much lower dl but higher ul for the same money
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    Windows 7 is the bottleneck :D
    Seriously, it will eat most of your RAM and CPU even before you start the server.
    If you are used to Windows, then you better try Windows Server.
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    Option 1: download and install linux server, I reccomend centos. If you still want to use a gui like windows you can use gnome desktop. After you install centos you can pm me for help with installing the softwares and setting up minecraft. Also call your isp about getting more upload speed,download doesn't matter that much. Also make your server run on ramdisks for faster performance.
    Option 2: Colocate the server. That means you supply the equipment and they supply tthe network which is ussually fast.
    Option 3: Rent a server, I reccomend minecrafted.net they have dedicated servers for $59 and $79, you can get 16gb ram and intel xeon e3-1270 with a 1gbs connection.

    If you colocate or rent you could think about renting out some space on your server to reduce costs.
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    First your using a PC and not a server. Dell XPS was meant to run graphic processes versus Server processes. But that is so minor...

    I would probably start with your OS, Can you put a Windows Server OS on it?
    I would also focus on your java... updated to latests version 7?
    Whats your Windows virtual memory? It should be two times your physical memory.
    How much memory does the OS have? It should have 2GB and put about 28GB into Minecraft. That will give you 2GB for other programs during server maintenance.

    Then there is a your bandwidth... Is that capped? In other words, is it residential? Or is that your commitment? You should have a ISP that can bust you to 1Gbs. Be sure they mitigate DDoS or you could pay for bandwidth during a DDoS attack.

    Now... what is the other server using? whats their OS? What version? What is different about their stats?

    So focus on getting your server set up right... then if its still happening, find out what the other server is doing. Most server owners have no problem talking about server stats or bandwidth stats.
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