Minecraft 1.5 out of date

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by basjuhh, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. o noes ! its out of date...
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    Hmm. with my server i only get a *timed out* or *end Of Stream*
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    is 1.5 out of date already?, it's just released!
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    Sweet. Now there is 500 billion broken addons to contend with. HOPEFULLY 1.6 will F*** off for about 2 months. SO that MAYBE we can get some time to relax and settle in to a new version and actually digest. Since every update breaks the hell out of everything. It's great. Seriously. Weather? Lol. Whatever man. If I want weather, I'll go outside.
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    @Gixbit yeah that's true :D
    Hope bukkit people will fix quick :D
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    lol to that my friend, I don't want to live in this website...
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    Yeah, tried to connect to my server, and MC randomly updated... No online work for me today T_T

    Edit: When notch said 'performance improvements' he meant it. It now runs just fine on my crappy laptop.
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    I guess we'll just have to play........single player.
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    Bukkit Team: Keep up the good work :D
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    Well, He says theres performance improvements! Does anyone know how there are performance improvements on a game that is made in java? Besides using cheap immitation wrapping.
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    List of things for admins to do:
    • wait for Jenkins to update to 1.5
    • wait for every single plugin we are using to be updated
    • Make sure we aren't missing any chunks
    • Then we can watch the nice weather in minecraft change -_-

    All we can do is hope for the best

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    Need the plugins for bukkit be updated too? :p
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    Well this is kind of a blessing for me, I needed something that could finally drag me away from Minecraft to actually get some stuff done.
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    That *Performance Improvement* Gave My Pc another 40 FPS. im running at 60fps FULL TIME. instead of my normal 20 fps
  15. Poor bukkit team... kikoolols will be there forevers...

    Good work ;) Some of your supporters are patient ;)
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    Are the performance improvements client side only or are there some server side as well?
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    That's what I've been looking forward to. I can run fancy graphics now :)

    What is the Advanced OpenGL?
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    I just hope Jenkins gets right to this
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    Yeah, be patient. :)
  20. hope they fix it soon :|
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    Us too, but it's totally useless to say it cause that don't make the Bukkit's team work faster.
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    It's been an hour, guys. I'm sure at least four more will pass before a 1.5-compatible build is released.

    What those of you who run servers need to do, is tell your users of upcoming updates, and tel them that until you give them the green flag, to abstain from updating to the newest Minecraft version. I don't bring my server up to date until all plugins are functioning correctly, and my users have no problem holding out on an update if it means being able to play on our server.

    If you want to get real fun with things, tell them to back up their Minecraft.jar file before they update. That way, they can play 1.5 (or whichever new version) on Single Player, and if they want to play online, for the time being, they just revert to the backed up file.
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    Requesting plugin to turn off weather.... assuming notch didn't give us the option in server properties.

    All performance enhancements in this patch are purely client side according to notch. He tweeted about a known memory leak on the server but nothing about when it will be fixed.
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    We will have to wait all this time to see some lovely weather. Lol.
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    opengl i think is some type of lighting.

    but when u run it off you get this


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    Jenkins isn't making those non-recommended builds every hour now so I'm guessing they are implementing the new update into the next build. Which if you remember is the same thing they did when 1.4 came out, If I remember (correct me if I'm wrong) was last month is when 1.4 unleashed and it took a good 5, 6 hours for Jenkins to change from 1.3 to 1.4 just give it time these things aren't easy. We should be thankful in websites like Bukkit and Jenkins for making our jobs and life's easier.
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    That doesn't happen to me when I turn it off..
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    Nathan C

    You probably have to update OpenGL, on your system.

    The new lighting works fine for me...although I don't see much of a difference.
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    Wait.... do I have to update EVERY SINGLE PLUGIN??!?!?!!?!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?
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    Maybe yes.
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