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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Ah the Minecraft Complaining Hierarchy System (MCHS):
    Notch upgrades Minecraft -> Modders complain to Notch about upgrading -> Admins complain to modders for updates -> Users complain to Admins for getting the server running -> Repeat
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    kk ty, so its gonna be download, and im gonna replace my craftbukkit and bukkit?
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    Might I offer a suggestion and put that info in the news (front page)? It's funny, I've worked support for many years and somehow I still cling to hope that readily available information will reduce common call drivers.... I know...
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    Oh, nice. The day before an officially planned event at my college set to run on my minecraft server, Notch decides to screw everything up. I really REALLY don't want to run a vanilla server tomorrow night... dammit, Notch.
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    just craftbukkit, bukkit is for developers.
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    You forgot the very first step: Users Complaining to Notch for not Working on Minecraft.
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    Then run 1.2_01 server and 1.2_02 clients.
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    How can I prevent the client updates automatically
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    Downgrade your client, and you're set. I would say something along the lines of "here you go..." but that's one way to get in trouble.
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    New launcher (download from the homepage) can prevent from updating.
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    Disconnect for the internet and play offline. At the main menu, then reconnect your WAN and away you go?
    OR maybe keep a backup of your client. If you did, you can still connect to some servers (like mine) and play on!
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    K S

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    Or you can just use the new launcher and go the easy way ;)
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    Atm I'm letting anyone do anything... grief, kill, etc. I have declared a state of anarchy until the update comes out...

    (and then of course I'll back it up [​IMG])
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    I hope that was typo'd and you meant "backup first, THEN declare state of anarchy" :)

    Otherwise what's the point of backing it up if it's already been blown up :)
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    Gotta love free for all :p
    I just wish they added another feature into the launcher:
    Recall when the login server was messing up and you couldn't log in, but could go offline? Problem with going offline is, going into multiplayer and accessing a server that is in offline mode put you as "Player"
    Not a big problem going around as "Player" (At least not as bad a mingebag in Gary's Mod). You only have access to offline servers and you get kicked if another offline player attempts to join.

    This has been a problem for me and a few friends of mine that play on my private server. Client crashes and you try to log in, good luck getting on in online mode...
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    How can I use this Version (client) without "Downloading updates"?
    When I start the 1.2_02 client, it will update itself
    (sorry for my bad english, I'm german ^^')
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    Will we have to update any plugins?
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    Download the new launcher from minecraft.net. It asks if you want to update. (which is what I posted 4 posts back).
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    ah, okay :D thank you
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    Ok, so I update foolishly, how to I go about downgrading to an older verison and prevent updating? Download the latest minecraft exe and then downgrade?
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    Thanks for posting this! On my server we run the Spells plugin, so I just gave everyone permission to use disintegrate and it's working fine!

    Also, a guide for anyone else who wants to do this (BACK UP BEFORE DOING THIS):

    (you need to make sure you have maven installed, it's "apt-get install maven2" for you ubuntu users)
    git clone https://github.com/Bukkit/CraftBukkit.git
    cd CraftBukkit
    sed "s/!= 8/!=8\&\&1==0/" src/main/java/net/minecraft/server/NetLoginHandler.java > src/main/java/net/minecraft/server/NetLoginHandler.java
    mvn clean package
    The new craftbukkit server executable will be in target/craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    Using it with the disintegrate spell from NathanWolf's Spells and Wand has been working fine for me and my users.
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    google for the old 1.2_02 client "minecraft.jar"
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    Hrm... I know watcha mean :-/

    I can't get on atm, but oddly have other players on :eek:
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    The new launcher gives you the choice of updating or not.
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    Ok, question 1: How the hell is this post an "Infraction" for inappropriate conduct?

    To the people saying "i'm new to hosting..." or "how do i upgrade my bukkit?"... PLEASE, for the love of the community, reconsider running a server. You don't know what you're doing.

    To the impatient people... WAIT. Bukkit devs do a damn good job, and are the reason they're here. It takes time to do this sort of thing. Get over yourselves and just wait for an announcement or similar to come out.

    To the people posting up whatever versions of Minecraft you have... DON'T. It is breaching Notch's Copyright. How'd you like it if he ended up pulling the game entirely because too many people were breaching copyright?

    To the Bukkit devs... Keep up the great work. Looking forward to a 1.3 compatible version of CraftBukkit when you are ready to deliver it, and not before. Despite some of the whining little girls on here. :)
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    he sent me an IM saying that he clicked wrong and the infraction is for the post a few above...
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    Riiight. Well at least you got an explanation :)
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    Oh no

    Plague you have some tolerance for people...Ive been looking through other repeated threads of this and see you on everyone of them...I'd have just left everyone begging for the new bukkit to not get info...but thats because i know what it takes to run the servers and making the new craftbukkit.jar for everyone from notch's update is crazy hard to do. Bukkit dev's are just good thats why theyre going so fast through this.
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