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    Hi there,
    I was curious about Metrics, and I'd rather disable it. Since I do have a rather generous list of plugins, I'm curious.. is there one way to flat-out disable Metrics from working with every plugin? Or do I have to go through each config and hope they give me an option to disable it?

    Thanks for your time,
    - Lildirt
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    Doesn't metrics create a folder in your plugins folder, with a config in it? I think it used to do that. You could globally disable it there.
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    Hm, okay. Thanks, I never noticed the folder there. I remember someone saying that it's plugin-specific now, but it appears they were wrong.

    opt-out: true/false, yeah.. I'm blind. :p
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    Plugins can implement it in a different way though. The metrics class is open source and each developer can adapt it in his own way, for instance to ignore that PluginMetrics folder, though that would defeat the purpose of the centralized spot for a users choice.
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    If a developer wanted, they could probably integrate it into their plugin in a hard-to-notice kind of way, suppressing all console error messages, not creating any file, not having any obvious classes named metrics... ect.

    All plugins are owned by their developers, not the users on the user-end, if you want something perfect for your server, creating it is the best option.

    Thankfully though, Bukkit dev staff check plugin releases, so there is no real worry about a plugin purposefully doing harm to your computer/server.
    Though you can never know for sure. (Especially with releases off the internet!)
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