[MECH] WolvesOnMeds v1.4 - tamed wolves regain health! [1.1-R3]

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  1. WolvesOnMeds - tamed wolves regain health!
    current version: v1.4 [1.1-R3]
    Development has moved to dev.bukkit.org!

    What Is This?
    This plugin heals tamed wolves over time and restores their health after being wounded. (You can tell how much health a wolf has by looking at the angle of its tail. The higher the tail, the more healthy it is. The maximum health is shown as 100 degrees.)

    Download & Source
    Latest JAR: WolvesOnMeds-1.4.jar
    The source is available on GitHub.

    Bug Reports & Suggestions
    Please create a ticket at dev.bukkit.org.

    2011/09/22: 1.4 [1.1-R3] - updated for 1.1-R3, added permissions
    2011/09/22: 1.3 [1.0.1-R1] - updated for 1.0.1-R1, improved performance
    2011/09/22: 1.2 [1185] - updated for 1.8
    2011/08/21: 1.1 [1060] - delay, health constraints
    2011/07/29: 1.0 [1000] - initial release
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    Adding asap, Great concept, and with the fact that all my members like having wolves. It will fit in
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  4. Thanks! I will add the planned features as soon as i get back form my vacation.
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    can you support all Permissions? especially the Permissions 3.1.6
  6. @morizuki Yes, i will add permissions in the future.
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    nice plugin, needs MyWolf support too cause mywolf allows changing of the wolves hp. and the plugin keeps healing it past the ammount of hp the wolf has if its low enough max hp and prerhaps even prevents it from healing up to its max hp if its high enough.

    a timer to tell it when to start slowly healing after x ammount of time passed after the last injury would be nice as well. (out of combat type thing)

  9. Can you explain this a little more detailed? I am not very familiar with MyWolf. What is happening exactly and how should it behave instead?

    That is already on my planned features list :)
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    i hope to see this updated soon, as the wolves on my server are all derpy and suicidal : P
  11. Version 1.1 released!
  12. @ogichidude Is there any specific feature that you would like to see?
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    hmmm....... how about if you have pork in your inventory it helps to heal the wolf faster from a distance? like if your wolf is fighting a spider, and all you have in your inventory is porkchops, you can stay far from the battle, and the wolf will heal as it normally does (little heal slowly) but it also gets the porkchop to heal it as well? and have a toggle on it? i don't know, but i think that would be very good for keeping wolves alive a little better for longer amounts of time? maybe it perfect heals with the pork so if the wolf regens 1/2 a heart a second, and if porkchops regen 2 1/2 hearts, if the wolf is down 3 hearts it consumes a porkchop?
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    Does this plugin increase CPU usage?
  15. @PAL-18 Every plugin has an impact on CPU usage. So yes, it increases CPU usage, but only very little as it only does anything if it is needed ;)
  16. Version 1.2 released! CB builds for 1.8 seem to be working properly now.
  17. Confirmed to work with CB 1185!
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    This is a great plugin. Thanks! :)
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    Good to see there is a Mac user on these forums. Windows is a horrible server OS!
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  20. Version 1.3 for 1.0.1-R1 released!
  21. Version 1.4 for 1.1-R3 released!

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