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    TreeAssist - Auto Replants
    Version: v5.0

    This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. Also has a custom leaf decay planter and tree removal.

    Checkout the BukkitDev page!

    Most Recent Video

    Here is a video of the 3.0 Tree Removal Feature (slightly outdated):

    Here is a video of the normal functions

    • Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down.
    • Break a birch tree? Replants a birch sapling. Same for all type of trees
    • '/TreeAssist Toggle' - lets a player turn TreeAssist features on or off.
    • '/TreeAssist Global' - Toggles TreeAssist for everyone
    • '/TreeAssist Reload' - Reload the plugin's config file
    • treeassist.autoremove - Should the player be allowed to break the bottom block and the whole tree comes down?
    • treeassist.replant - When the player chops down a tree, should a sapling replant itself?
    • treeassist.toggle - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist Toggle' command to turn TreeAssist on or off
    • - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist global' command to turn TreeAssist on or off for everyone
    • treeassist.reload - access to '/treeassist reload'

    Source Code

    See the full change-log here!

    • Suggest things!
    • Custom Leaf Drops
    Like the plugin? Help me keep my programming hobby alive! Please consider donating!
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    Umm, I was trying to tell you that the game already has that info. At least I think it does. As I said, in order to stop Endermen destroying user-builds it logs which blocks are generated and which are placed by users so Endermen only move generated blocks.

    Sorry, I suck at making myself understood x_x
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    Ah, no worries, I understood. What i meant by 'To do that with a plugin...' is that while the method exists in Minecraft, Bukkit doesn't actually allow me to use that data yet. I can do block.setType() or block.getLocation(), but there is no block.checkIfUserPlaced() or anything.

    Yet, at least. Maybe that's something which we will see in a future bukkit update, in which case I will be sure to implement it.
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    Okay, ignore my stupidity, it seems Notch didn't implement this mechanic, just limited the blocks that Endermen can pick up. So yeah, there is no such data available.

    Sorry for the confusion I caused myself and you x_x
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    Haha, don't worry about it.

    Would anyone be interested in an addition that removes floating trees? That way if people don't use the auto-destroy feature, they could still have that to clean up ugly trees.

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    I love this plugin, but unfortunately I can't use it in my towns world because people go around destroying all the big trees in protected property.

    Is there a way to disable it in certain worlds? That would be awesome.
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    I will be adding ways to make sure protected area's are not destroyed - I think simply making my plugin's prority 'low' should help, since most protection plugins should have normal or high priority. What plugins are you using, since besides WorldGuard, I don't know what people use now-a-days. I haven't admined a server since H-mod :p
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    Wow great job! I've been looking and waiting for another version of this! One request though. Do you think you can make this something that you can change in the config where it lets you decide what you need in order for the whole tree to fall? Like for instance I wanted it only to let me chop the whole tree down with only a hatchet and if you used your hand you'd get on block of the tree. Other than that I love the plugin though! Thanks!
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    Well shouldn't cutting any wood block check for tree/leaves above it not being grounded by destroyed?
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    Hey, really love this type of plugins! I have a request for this plugin if you want ;)
    Can you make it possible to config what trees I can AutoTreeDestroy , also want to be able to config if I need a axe or just use my fist (hand). On my server player build in jungle trees and then someone come and chop the tree ;)
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    hello, how do i disable jungle tree ?
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    The ones we're using that use region protection are Towny, Factions and WorldGuard.

    I would recommend adding options to disable on a per-world basis and the option to disallow the cutting of large jungle trees, due to the sheer effect it has on the appearance of the world (jungle tree maintenance may be an issue).

    Thanks for your prompt response!
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    Global note: I have a new file/config file system I am going to switch over to, and since I have no experience with it, the process may take a few days, but it will greatly improve that aspect of the plugin, and make it super easy to add more config options.

    Both your requests are being added in next update, sometime after the 1.2 RB.
    There's no way to right now besides disabling the jungle tree, but if you see what I'm adding with the usage of axes and things. I also may be able to add a true or false for the types of trees.
    I'll make sure to test it with all of those, then. I also should be able to add a world check/config option thing I don't even know what to call it anymore my god I am adding so many config options I can't keep track of them all. heh :p
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    i downgraded the treeassist version, and now jungle trees is disabled :)
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    Oh, good idea, glad that works for you! I don't think there should be any issues with that version since I added the new events system earlier than most Devs :D
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    I really appreciate your work on this plugin, Taco! After choptree died I missed not having to struggle to chop down those big ugly trees!

    Was wondering, though, if at some point you could implement some of the finer details that choptree offered, such as treedestroy only triggering if the player is using an axe, giving a proportional amount of damage to the axe, and most importantly, not failing to remove the entire tree if a) the player cut a block or two above the base, and b) the block under the tree is not grass or dirt. (A tree for some reason spawned on top of clay in the worldgen, and treeassist wouldn't recognise it as a tree). I know that all you have to do is a) replace the block you cut and try again or b) remove the block under the tree and replace it with dirt, but sadly not everyone I play with can figure that out. ^^;
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    I just learned how to setup the config.yml stuff for plugins, so I should have that ready by TOMORROW! with all the config options such as needing stuff in hand.
    Also, I will add clay and stone to the checks, I've seen some of that in world-gen.
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    Fantasic! I look forward to it! ^^
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    Updated to version 3.5!

    I moved over to the config.yml system, and it is beautiful! Added some more options to that, and added World Guard protection checks. I wanted to add the protections for the 'Factions' plugin, but it doesn't seem to have an API. I need someone to link me to it :D

    Link to TreeAssist v3.5
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    How do i disable auto replant when I cut own any tree? I thought it was this line but I changed it to false and it still replants:

    Sapling Replant: trueAutomatic

    Also I noticed there is no space between true and Automatic. Is it suppose to be like that?
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    I'm running Bukkit 2037
    I keep getting this warning every now and again:

    [WARNING] Could not properly handle event BLOCK_PHYSICS:
    java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Synchronized code got accessed from another thread: java.util.TimerThread
        at org.bukkit.event.Listener.onBlockPhysics(Listener:0)
        at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor49.invoke(Unknown Source)
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.k(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.applyPhysics(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.update(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.setData(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.setData(
        at me.itsatacoshop247.TreeAssist.TreeAssistBlockListener$Reminder1$
        at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
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    Oops, I missed adding a check for autoreplant if the player isn't using Permissions, I'll fix that. Also, it's your word editor that it messing things up most likely. Try using Notepad++.

    Yeah, this is an issue with the Sapling Replant. It won't break anything now, but I will try and figure out how to fix it soon.
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      Automatic Tree Destruction: false
      Use Permissions: false
      Custom Leaf Decay: false
      Custom Leaf Decay Percent: 5
      Sapling Replant: true
    Automatic Tree Destruction:
      Tree Types:
        Birch: false
        Jungle: false
        Oak: false
        Spruce: false
      Require Tools: false
      - WOOD_AXE
      - GOLD_AXE
      - IRON_AXE
      - STONE_AXE
      - AIR
    Trees are simply not replanting. They replant when I break a sapling. But not when any type of tree is cut down. What is going on?
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    Umm, do you have WorldGuard permission? It shouldn't do anything when a sapling is broken, that's really odd. I'd like to see that, if you'd PM me your server IP.
    Otherwise, it may be an issue similar to Creadoris's posted above, I'll get a new version out in just a bit.
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    BigTristen Get online!
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    Ah thanks. I had forgotten about notepad++ it has been an age sincce I used it last. And I now have successfully disabled replant.
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    I just downloaded the latest version after switching from choptree... There is one problem... My config.yml file is completely blank, absolutley nothing in it. Please let me know if there is a way I can fix this.
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    My mistake, I'm new to this config.yml stuff too, bear with me on it everyone :D

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    with auto tree destruction on, require tools true, and removing - air from the tools list, hitting the bottom block of a tree with "air" will auto replant a sapling even though it doesn't destroy the block. It just turns it into a sapling.
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    Oh, the require tools only applied to the Tree Destruction, if you notice it is indented under the AutoMatic Tree Destruction line. I will switch it so that the there is an option for tools on the sapling replant as well.

    Edit: Fixed this in the new version! (3.7)

    Updated to TreeAssist 3.7 for 1.2.3-R0-1. See the changelog for full list.

    Get it here.

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