[MECH] SignSaver 1.1 - Save/load sign text [1000]

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    SignSaver - Save and reload sign text
    Version: 1.1
    SignSaver allows you to look at a sign and save the text. You can also look at a sign and load text that you saved earlier. It stores signs per-player, so as of now you can't load a different player's saved signs. I only made this because I kept writing the same sign for my slot machine plugin, and realized that it wouldn't be very hard to load the text.​
    • SuperPerms - signsaver.use gives access to all commands
    • Save a sign's text
    • Load text over a sign
    • Keywords must NOT contain a space!
    • /ss list - Lists all available signs that you can load
    • /ss save <keyword> - Saves the sign that you are looking at
    • /ss load <keyword> - Changes the sign's text that you are looking at to the sign that was saved
    • /ss info <keyword> - Shows you the lines of the saved sign
    Planned Changes:
    Allow access to different player's signs.

    Version 1.1 -
    • Fixed sign saving, I forgot config.load() before I saved it, so it overwrote previously saved signs.
    Version 1.0 -
    • Release
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    Nice job !
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    It won't work for me...
    I am trying to save a sign but all it does is say that I don't have the permission to do that, which is strange since I am Op and also have the permission * (Permissions 3.1.6)...
    Am I doing something wrong or is it simply that I don't have the right permissions system installed?
    Oh, and I am using craftBukkit build 1000
    Thanks in advance for any help
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    Its Super Permissions, which means bukkit's default permissions. If you get bPermissions it will work with this and plugins that need 3.x
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    Ah, okay. Thanks for the hint

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