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    Version: 1.8.1 (Versioning = MC Version 1.8 Release 1) (Oct 26/11)

    • A command that allows you to set your speed (/setspeed).
    • 2 commands so you dont have to crouch (/speedon /speedoff)
    • Configurable item that will trigger /speedon /speedoff events.
    • Wearing items will make you faster
    • 4 Hardcoded Permission nodes.
    • 2 Custom Permission nodes.
    • Hard cap at 50.
    • Self-Updating Config File.
    Spout/SpoutCraft Only


    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D

    If you don't have permissions the "setspeed.admin" flag setting will default on the OP system (in theory). The "setspeed.mod" flag will default to all players so choose settings wisely. The "setspeed.#.#" flags will allow the player to use /setspeed #.# (Ie. "setspeed.4.0" will allow said player to use /setspeed 4 or /setspeed 4.0). "setspeed.setothers" will allow you to set others speed, "setspeed.setworlds" will allow you to set either all players in all worlds or all players in defined worlds speed.

    Allows players to set their speed using the /setspeed command. It is fully configurable. Uses permissions, if you dont have permissions it defaults to OP and non-OP (read above). To use set your speed using the command above, than hold shift while moving. Commands /speedon /speedoff allow non-crouched speed adjustments (need to use /setspeed first). Configurable item that will activate speed on left click (default torch). Worn items can now be used to activate speed value (Check config)....+More

    Commands: (open)

    /setspeed # -Sets your speed by multiple.
    /sespeed # PLAYERNAME - Sets players speed by that multiple
    /setspeed # -world WORLDNAME -Sets all players in that world to that multiple
    /setspeed # -world -all - Sets all players speed in all worlds to that multiple
    /speedon -Activates speed mode (Dont need to crouch)
    /speedoff -Deactivates speed mode

    Permissions: (open)

    "- setspeed.admin" -Allows use of the configurable speed setting tied to this (or OPS)
    "- setspeed.mod" -Allows use of the configurable speed setting tied to this (or All players)
    "- setspeed.#.#" - Allows player to use /setspeed #.#
    "- setspeed.perm.#" -Will set players crouch speed permanently to that number
    "- setspeed.setothers" -Will allow player to set others speed.
    "- setspeed.setworlds" - Will allow player to set all players in certain/all worlds speed.

    • Look for input.
    Version 1.8.1 (Oct 26/11)
    • Updated to Spout. Which removes all buggyness of the previous version.
    • Updated to 1.8
    • Removed onPlayerMove.
    Older Changelog (open)

    Version 1.7.1 (July 10/11)
    • Added a self-updating config file
    Version 1.5.5
    • Fixed /speedon/off making all players stop/start.
    • Moar permission nodes.
    • Added ability to setother's speed and set all in world/s speed.
    • Added 2 configurable speed max values (for others and worlds).
    Version 1.5.4_1
    • Fixed all players getting Speed.
    Version 1.5.4
    • Added another custom Permissions node.
    • Fixed speed items.
    • Added Enabling/Disabling sneak speed.
    Version 1.5.3
    • Added custom Permissions node.
    • Added speed items.
    • Added default speed value.
    • Maybe more..... I think I forgot something...
    Version 1.5.2
    • Added 2 commands
    • Added configurable speedon/off item.
    • Cleaned code a bit
    Version 1.5.1
    • Released.
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    Wearable is a do for sure, default speed as well, 3 configurable permission nodes are coming as well. (Cant get at the giving speed to other players yet).
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    Got an idea. Feature so you can run up a single block in height when speed is above a certain number (i.e. 150% lets you run up mountains so long as you don't run into two block heigh ledge)
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    Taranis01: Not sure.. Should be though

    DreakKyller: take a look at the source the way it is setup I would have to completely rewrite the whole plugin to allow setting it to other players.

    NopeDK: This will be hard, Not impossible but hard :p. I will try.

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    Custom Nodes are now done: 'setspeed.0.4' will allow you to /setspeed 0.4 in game (40% speed...In theory it gets a little weird with slower speeds). Now working on wearing items will activate your /setspeed #.

    After that I will attempt on NopeDK's Idea.

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    Also, +1 for <player> argument although it requires an enormous rewrite. That would also allow for a timed speed, so you could do something like "/setspeed 2 NopeDK 10" which would give me a speed boost of double speed for 10 seconds. This would be useful alongside CommandSigns (therefore the player argument since players shouldn't have permission to just use the command) and War, for an ultimate PvP experience with funny surprises.
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    I have tried to do the coding for player arguments and have failed any plugin I look to for guidance (looking at source) has proved futile. If any plugin Dev could take a look at the source and could help me with this PM me.

    EDIT: 1.5.3 Almost done just need to fix config file. (NopeDK I will try your feature in 1.5.4 as well as the arguments.)
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    i will try out and tell after

    @NopeDK: as i remember, with CommandSign you can use Commands, even if u dont have the permissions for it, right? you could use BuyAbilities: create a abilitiy (in the BuyAbilities/costs.yml) with a categorie no one have access to, a value for 'rent' and with costs of 0 money. As permission u write setspeed.X.Y.
    And on the sign u write the command '/bab rent <abilityname>' and that the player says '/setspeed X.Y'
    okey, guess that wont work, cuz if you loose the permission (after renting time is out) u dont will get set back to the normal speed :(
    --> @MiracleM4n: i guess its not possible to let the player only have his speed as he have the needed permission (cuz the Permissionplugin would need to check the permission every single step the player is making?).
    for a Donater/VIP-System it would be great if the player would loose his speed after loosing the permission (even more there is no way with setting the speed of other players). Maybe if the permission for the Speed only will be checked at Permissions (-plugin) reload?

    lol, hope what i wrote make sense...
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    Taranis01: You mean that if a player has setspeed.2.0 he will always move 2x speed?
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    @Taranis01 as a workaround it might be possible to use multiple plugins but if stuff gets integrated even though it may take time, it is worth waiting for, as you can be assured it will work perfectly (almost always). And yes, you can activate commands using CommandSigns even though you do not have the permission but it needs a player argument as CommandSigns uses a fictional user for permissions and command launch and therefore any command commanded by CommandSigns (lol) is activated for the CommandSigns user and not another user.
    So "/*setspeed 2" activated by a sign sets the user "&CommandSigns" speed to double and not the player who pressed, asked the author about it but it is to difficult to program permission evaluation based on one users permissions but activated for another user.
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    Exactly this, can you make it happen? We're wanting to avoid commands where possible, so permissions-based speed control would be exceptionally welcome!
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    perhaps create nodes like this: "setspeed.perm.<speed>" and still allow for everything else
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    Ill work on this for 1.5.4
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    thats needed for multiworlds too

    thank you MiracleM4n :)
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    @MiracleM4n your changelog is buggy, two times 1.5.2? :p
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    okey, u just tried using setspeed the first time and it dont works :(
    i just dont run faster, there is no error.
    and also i found a bug when wearing a gold armor. When i stop pressing W, i'm still moving (slow) - that stops after /speedoff, but continue after /speedon
    i recorded it:
    Show Spoiler

    edit: my member gets the "Speed on/off" message, even if they dont have the permission for setspeed (and SetSpeed still dont work ^^)
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    Changelog fixed.... Copy/Paste fail

    Taranis01: Thats what I get for not testing before releasing 1.5.4 will be out today and will include a fix for this.

    EDIT: Do all the other features work?

    Taranis01: Try /setspeed # , then put on gold item, then tap crouch key. (Dont need to use torch you only need it to stop).

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    forgot to say, they get it with using torches ^^

    even if i sneak or using the /speedon command it doesnt work.
    Didnt understand that crouch ability -> u can run faster by set the Speed on or by sneaking too? Can u add a value in the config for disableing the fast sneaking (cuz thats unfair at PvP Servers)
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    Yes I can. And the above things are already fixed in the version I am about to release.

    EDIT: This is basically how it works if DefSpeed is not enabled in the config (false), you have to /setspeed #, Then after it is set you can either, crouch (turns it on only for crouching), use configured item to turn it on (non-crouch), wear configured item/s (you can wear only one or any) then tap crouch to activate then left click with torch to deactivate.

    NEW In v1.5.4: Also if Sneak_Enabled is turned off (false), all sneaking related speed functions do not work, and new permission node setspeed.perm.# <-- Dont need to /setspeed anyone with this permission node goes that speed when crouching (if Sneak_Enabled is true of course).

    Hope that makes any stitch of sense.

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    yeah, that makes sense, sound good!
    i just would prefer another key for speedup, so there is no fusion with sneaking

    okey, 2 bugs:
    - after activating Speed (by /speedon or wearing gold Armor) ALL players move faster
    - the problem, that u dont stop moving after stop pressing W is now everytime, not only with the gold Armor

    edit: just tried it together with NoCheat and that works! :)

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    I will check on the All players getting activated now. As for the latter of the 2 you have to (/speedoff, Use torch, stop crouching) to stop it this is a glitch with changing velocities.

    Wow that is a big glitch I will fix that ASAP (Everyone getting speed)

    That little tiny error of all players getting speed is now fixed :p

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    (only for, if u not did read this)

    the new version is spamming with this error message:
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    I will look at the null pointer. When does this happen?

    EDIT: I cant seem to reproduce this error can you expand on how you got this error? Could you try redownloading the plugin as you may have grabbed it when I was in the process of updating the files.
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    i get the error when im placing or destroying blocks! after using /setspeed X i dont get it anymore.

    and also, after using /speedon (and standing still) nothing happens. but when im looking around (just moving my mouse) i began running (without pressing W) :(
    do u think you can fix that?
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    The speed can only be changed when you start moving, there is no other way to change this as of now. Sorry for any inconvenience. I will also accept feature requests if anyone would like to offer one. (I am still trying make it so that you can setspeed to other players.)
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    For the custom nodes, do you have to activate it or is it automatic?
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    Automatic onCrouch and on enable (/speedon)

    There will be the ability to set others speed in 1.5.5. What should it be /setspeed # PLAYER or /setspeed PLAYER #

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    /setspeed [player] [amount]
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    /setspeed [player] [amount]
    /setspeed [amount]
    Should be able to check if it is an integer or a playername and then autodetect which form it should use. Otherwise it should be:
    /setspeed [amount] [player]
    So you can set the speed amount for yourself without having to type you name each time.

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