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    MiningAlternate - Mining in an alternate way.

    Version: v0.1
    MiningAlternate is an sign-based plugin that alternates the way you mine and chop trees.

    • Mined ores will change to cobblestone, and respawn after a while
    • Trees change to tree strumps and respawn after a while.
    • Enable/disable per world
    • Regen all trees/ores in a world or just the ones with signs underneeth.
    How to set up ores/trees?
    With sign: (In the config: Worlds: world: allores: false)​
    To set up a minable ore, you type /miningalternate (or /ma) to change to the build mode. Then you set up a sign with [ore] on the 2nd line, and place the ore you want people to mine on top of it. Type /miningalternate again to switch back to the test-mode, and test your ore.​
    Without sign: (In the config: Worlds: world: allores: true)​
    To set up a minable ore, you type /miningalternate (or /ma) to change to the build mode. Then place the ore you want people to mine. Type /miningalternate again to switch back to the test-mode, and test your ore.​
    With sign: (In the config: Worlds: world: alltrees: false)​
    To set up a chopable tree, you type /miningalternate (or /ma) to change to the build mode. Then you set up a sign with [ore] on the 2nd line, a tree will now be generated above it. Type /miningalternate again to switch back to the test-mode, and test your tree.​
    Without sign: (In the config: Worlds: world: alltrees: true)​
    You can not set up trees if alltrees is set to true. Just place a saplin while in build-mode and wait for it to grow, because all trees will regrow.​

    • /miningalternate (alias /ma), permission: miningalternate.builder. This allows you to switch between build and test/play mode.
    Just extract the zip into your plugins-directory, and add miningalternate.builder: true to your builders' permissions.

    Download Miningalternate
    Source Code (available as soon as I figured out github :-\)

    old versions (open)


    • '*'-permission node says no permissions.
    • Adding MySQL-support
    I just wanted to thank the bukkit dev irc, whitout their help (even though I was an annoying noob sometimes (A)) MiningAlternate would never have been released.

    Version 0.1
    • Added all-trees/trees with sign regen
    • Added all-ores/ores with sign regen
    • Added enable/disable per world
    Version 0.03
    • Fixed pickaxe requirements
    old versions (open)

    Version 0.02
    • Fixed stump-chopping bug
    • Improved configuration
    Version 0.01
    • Releasing Miningalternate
    P.S. (open)

    • Any row of logs on top of each other, standing on grass or dirt, with the upper log surrounded by leaves, is recognised as a tree.
    • If MiningAlternate is not disabled for a world in the config, it will be enabled.
    • By default all-trees and all-ores are off.
    • If you have generated a tree with a sign, and turn all-trees on, it will not be recognised as a tree. This is not a bug, and will not be changed.
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    3 things.
    1 You have to make the download on post, not attached files.
    2. I don't see how this is rpg.
    3. You should make it so trees auto-regen, not commands and signs. I like the idea of a stump re-growing.
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    1 Why not? I mean, this way you never get a failing download.

    2 Well, I don't know how to name it else, it is a recreation of the mining-system used in dofus/runescape, and so an element of rpg I thought.

    3 So you mean without signs, just all trees? Then it will be hard to seperate the trees from the buildings with logs... It might be possible to log every tree generated, but that would take a lot more ram. I will add it on the todo-list, with an option to switch all trees on and off in the config.
    Should this also be made for all ores?
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    1. Users that aren't registered here can't download this
    2. I'd use the MECH tag
    3. You can check if the log has a piece of dirt below it that's quite a good indicator that it's not a building.
    Also, I'd make an option that all ores are regenerated automatically.
    Nice idea ;)
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    1. So because of me more users will register? XD I'll search a good upload.
    2. done
    3. not always, this kind of houses (my favorite XD) [​IMG]
    logs on dirt, so it would be a tree as soon as a griefer joins... I'll see if it's possible to log trees that generate.
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    1 It is sure RP. If you mine in another game or maybe in the real world you find some iron and thinks maybe we have a good iron vein. In minecraft when you mined it you never will come too the mine again. But with this plugin a mine will have a use because the ores can respawn.
    3 Maybe you can do that all ores will respawn not with signs and then I will set in my server that nobody can place ores so that it will not be abused.
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    1. I'll change it to [MISC/RPG]
    3. I will try to add this as an option, even as trees.

    At the moment the configuration has been improved, I'm now trying to fix the bug that tree stumps can be chopped for wood, after that I'll release 0.02
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    Cool. I hope I can play soon with it :D.
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    Version 0.0.2 is out!
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    God I sound stupid saying this but: I'm an admin with * as my permission (Permissions, not the bukkit one). It still says I don't have permission.
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    Noted, I'll fix it as soon as possible
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    Your *bug* about pickaxe requirements, just check for player.itemInHand();
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    I know, but still it is a bug that players can mine ores with their hands. Fixing it right now.
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    Is it with the new conforguration possible to let the ores respawn themself, without the sign? And is the respawntime in 5 secs?
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    the no-signs is still on the todo, and I'll start working on it tomorrow. Now I'm finishing the requirement of certain pickaxes.
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    Ok thank you for the quik respond and also for the good plugin with good support.
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    Ty, I'm watching this threat over e-mail, direct popup and buzzing phone XD
    Version 0.03 is out, this time with pickaxe-requirements.
    Version 0.04 will have no signs required.
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    Oh I have another idea. Maybe that you can turn it on or off in some worlds. Let's say I have a mine world were I turn it off and in the main world on. Then owners of a mine who are allowed will have respawning mine and can then charge a little fee for using a mine in the real world without an always expensing mine :D
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    Okay, but only the on/off-part. Otherwise it will be too focused to a certain usage.
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    Yes ofcourse. Thank you for listening too my suggestion's and keep having fun with developing (it is fun, right?). Then I can let with regions and entering regions do that people need to pay money for entering the mine.
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    • Your missing your plugins version number in the thread title (threadoptions --> edit)
    • You should add a wget compatible download link - i.e you don't have to browse away from this page to download it. I recommend http://www.dropbox.com
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    Yep, it 's fun. If it wasn't I would have stopped already.


    Version 0.1 is out!
    • Added all-trees/trees with sign regen
    • Added all-ores/ores with sign regen
    • Added enable/disable per world

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    Yeah! Thank you. Keep up making this good plugins.
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    1 problem, I'm almost out of ideas. But I've got the idea of making a serie of rpg-plugin
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    Hmmm... But their are so much rpg plugins what is your own idea for it then? Maybe a idea I always wanted a stockmarket but the stock is based on a Iconomy account. Like a account for a buisniss.
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    XD tjat was one idea, but also levels quests etc. spelling fails because I'm at my mobile.
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    Probably the last thing I will add to this plugin is the mysql-support and the *-node fix, but after that I'll just keep it up2date. My server needs other plugins that don't exist yet too XD
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    Yeay mysql. Im loving your plugin. I really want to know what your others plugins are gonna be!
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    Been away for a while, played a lot vanille and COD MW2, but I've started again, and the mysql will come soon!
    Further, I have decided not to fix the '*'-permission bug, until there is one stable permission-system again.

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