[MECH/RPG] DragonTravel Phoenix v0.0.0.17 - Be a Dragon-Rider! [1.7.10-R0.1]

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    Visit DragonTravel on BukkitDev!

    DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons in Minecraft.
    It offers server-admins the possibility to add a new outstanding way of travel to their RPG-servers.


    • Allows admins to set destinations for the dragons.
    • Allows players with the specific permission to summon and mount a dragon and...
      ...fly flights which consists out of waypoints(as many as you like)
      ...fly to destinations which have been set by an admin before.
      ...fly to coordinates chosen via command.
      ...fly to players choosen via command(different permission-nodes for other types of travel).
      ...fly to a home-position which has been set by this player earlier.
    • Spout-support
      -> Nice GUI for creating stations/destination or travelling via Spout/SpoutCraft.
      -> Music which gets played when travelling.
    • Allows admins to set stations and limit the mounting of dragons to these locations (or a specified radius around it).
    • Possibility to require a special item for players to use the plugin (e.g. a dragon-egg)
    • Making signs which automatically mount a player and bringthem to the written destination on the sign.
    • Permissions-Support (SuperPerms only!)
    • Support of all Economy-Plugins supported by Vault (Vault is required for that)!
      Admins can set different prices for all ways of travel!
    • Admins can choose in the config whether dragons of this plugin should destroy blocks or if any dragons should break blocks when touching.
    • All messages are fully customizable! Default messages.yml is English, but we provide other language-files in our wiki.
    Everything which isn't answered here will be answered on the BukkitDev-page, we simply can't manage to keep several pages up-to-date. This page was out-of-date for about six months until I remembered to put this note here.

    Commands, Permissions, Videos, Screenshots, etc. can be found on the BukkitDev-page or in our wiki (link is on the BukkitDev-page as well).
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    A tutorial video about DragonTravel made by me.
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    could you add one of the following to the .yml config file

    allow players= true/false

    allow every one=true/false

    only allow OP=true/false

    because i dont like permissions (so i dont use it)
    but i have seen that if you dont have permissions people can only mount them if you are a OP

    like with lockette you can fully customize the OP adds
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  5. While using /dt travel could you please add a song on the background?
    for example:
    this from skyrim.
    I Would LOVE to have it when ppl are traveling with the dragons they would have some kind of inspiring music while they travel to the new adventures
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    That would require Spout I believe. At any rate, that would get quite annoying after a while. If you have played enough Skyrim (and don't tell me you beat it, because you can't), you would be sick of it too.
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    so theres no way to freely travel with the dragon...like walking? just commands for destinations?
  8. actually, my horrible video card wont allow me to play skyrim :( i have pretty decent computer other way but my video card is just pure shit :/ i used to have ati radeon x1300 series :D now bought new comp which was so much more powerful than my old 10 year old comp ^^ and this has ati radeon hd 5450.

    im gonna make suggestion for spout plugin developers :3 id like it :/

    if updating to 1.3 beta, do i need to remove my old config?
    if i do, do i lose my old stations? coz ive made all ready XD

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    Just delete your configuration, not the database folder! :)
  10. did just like this and old stuff saved ^_^
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    Made intro for plugin.


    You can see when video starts when I enter /dt ... command, output is duplicated.
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    alright, so me and 2 other guys are riding the dragon and suddenly the dragon drops us all and we have to do /dt dismount to get access to the denied commands.

    Whats up with that ? btw we get no errors in console.

    e/ oh and sometiems when we mount the dragon, it starts spazzing out. dragon starts flapping theyr wings at a really really annoying high-speed.
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    You have set the speed of the dragon to high, adjust it in the configuration.
    Also there are some commands which are not allowed doing flights because you could get dismounted
    from the dragon but the plugin will still think you are mounted on it, look in the configuraiton for a list
    of the commands which you can't execute while being on a dragon.

    Thank you, im also working on the plugin......but thanks for the intro vid.
    however, that with the "duplicated" stuff is not a bug, it is just the "DragonTravel:" which comes
    everytime, because those things occour in diffrent steps.

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    Sorry mate, didn't see you in DEV list. Do you prefer "Smex" or "XemsDoom" ?
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    XemsDoom. But you do not really have to make a new video.
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    I'll add your name to title.
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    Mercury: Thanks man, great video! ;)

    Update to Beta 1.4
    Changelog can be found on BukkitDev.

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    DragonTravel Beta 1.4:
    - DragonTravel dragons also get despawned when a player dies with whatever
    reason while mounted on a dragon.
    - adjusted where the players sits on the dragon, more nearer now
    ! only other players see you sit correctly!
    - fixed message "You are not at a station" appearing more than it should
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    Hi, would it be possible if you made a tool that let you travel to locations upon left click?
    Also, is there a way to merge permissions 3.x and SuperPerms?
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    Signs as stations:
    From version Beta 1.2 on, admins can place signs to give players the opportunity to mount and travel by clicking a sign.

    As an admin, simply follow these steps:
    1. Enable "UseStations" in the config and set a config using the command /dt setstat <name>
    2. Place a sign inside the station which contains the following lines:
      1. line [DragonTravel]
      2. line
      3. line <DestinationName>
      4. line <Costs>
      4th line must only be used if "Economy" is enabled in the config, otherwise leave it empty!
    3. Players can now travel by clicking the sign without an item in their hands and they will automatically be mounted and brought to the given destination.
    You can also make those stations when "UseStation" is not activated in the configuration. ;)
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    Thanks, but when I said travel to locations upon left click I mean't to say travel to where you clicked.
    (Also, I found this very useful, thanks!)
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    I see it says to use vault if you have some iconomy plugin. Any chance i can get a link to vault?? Cant seem to find it in the forums search at all.
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    Click "Get Plugins" at the top of the page and then use the button in the top corner to search on BukkitDev, Vault does not have a forum-thread... ;)

    Here it is.
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    Will the dragon destroy blocks?
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    I like this plugin, very much! But, when I flying over the dragon... so, can you fix it in the newest versions? ;) Thanks for advance.
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    It is already fixed in 1.4, but only other players see it.
    We cannot change it for the rider...
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    Hello, very nice plugin !

    One little idea ! Use panel for player's destination
    only one right click on it and player mount and go to writen destination

    Easy and usefull no ?
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    You can already travel by using signs, read the Manual in the first post for more information.

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