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    Radiation - Region based Hazards
    Version: v 1.3

    This plugin allows users to set area's which will cause damage over time, includes a fully customizable region and configuration.

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    • Gives player "Rads" for staying within region
    • Damages player for accumulating too many "Rads"
    • Get rid of "Rads" by consuming an item (Default sugar)
    • Global Fallout mode - Enable radiation everywhere apart from radiation zones!
    • Supports Permissions (Radiation.modify)
    • Customize Damage taken and Damage intervals via config file
    • Radiation Armor - Protect yourself from the radiation
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        Version: 1.2
    #Time in seconds before accumulating Rads while in a zone
        RadiationInterval: 10
    #Damage in half hearts while under radiation sickness
        RadiationDamage: 1
    #How much time should pass before radiation sickness kicks in
        RadiationChecker: 60
    #How many rads to give per Radiation Interval
        RadiationCounter: 20
    #Amount of Rads a player must accumulate before getting sick
        RadiationThreshold: 100
    #Item ID for the radaway item
        RadAwayItemID: 353
    #Amount of rads consuming the item should remove
        RadAwayAmount: 100
    #Enable Global Fallout mode - Everywhere apart from safe zones emit radiation!
        GlobalFallout: false
    #Restrict GlobalFallout when enabled to one world (all being all worlds)
        RadiationWorld: all
    #Allow players to be exempt from radiationplayers with Radiation.Exempt
        ExemptPlayers: False
    #Here you can list all your protection items that when worn protect you from radiation
        #Item Name (can be anything)
            ItemID: 316
            #Amount of radiation points to soak up
            Amount: 10

    Adding new Radiation Armor

    At the end of your config.yml is a list of ProtectionItems, follow the format and specify the name (can be anything) the ItemID and the amount of rads it should soak up. Note that Armor will degrade while in radiation zones.

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    /rad - /radiation

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    /rad alias command for radiation
    /radiation check
    Check current radiation level

    /radiation [add|delete] regionName

    Create a new region, or delete an existing one​
    e.g. /radiation add mybunker​

    Version 1.3
    • Added new definable Radiation Armor, follow the configuration guide
    Version 1.2
    • Added new permission node to prevent the build up of rads (Radiation.Exempt)
    • Added multi-world restriction for GlobalFallout
    • Fixed bug "Radiation causing player to die over and over"
    Version 1.1
    • Added Radiation Accumulation (Rads)
    • Added RadAway (remove Rads)
    • Added new alias "/rad"
    • Added /radiation check (check your Rads level)
    • Added Global Fallout mode (everywhere has radiation apart from safe zones)
    • Fixed Bug "Players health cannot be set below 0"
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Stable release
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    Good catch, i've fixed it in version 1.2 and implemented the features you requested - Note you will need to toggle GlobalFallout to true to enable multiworld and ExemptPlayers to enable Radiation.Exempt.

    I've given the plugin a quick check - will test more tomorrow, thanks for the reports.
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    Is there any way you can make a configuration so radiation spots randomly pop up and disintegrate? That way radiation spots wouldn't have to be manually set.

    Really quite brilliant plugin you have going here- just trying to offer some ideas. :p
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    It would be cool to able to set different radiation levels for the different zones, so use interval and limit as global.
    /radiation add ZoneA 10
    /radiation add ZoneF 3
    ZoneA gives 10 rads per interval while ZoneF only gives 3.

    Would this be possible? (then the question of nest zones...)
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    @Quezax yes I could make that possible It would take quite a bit of changing around so will take some time. The epicenter idea is good as well so that will hopefully be included in the next release.

    Also can I ask why you want to nest zones?
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    Well if the zones provide different levels, then nesting could be used to simulate like going into a broken ship with leaking reactors. the outer zone may have light radiation, the the reactor room would be really high. Then maybe you put in the original maintenance access room to the reactor that is still totally shielded. So to keep the players on their toes. Mostly a feature to make crafting stuff like this easier.

    Just something I was think about as I was writing my response.

    There was one more Idea I came up with, is make it so gold or chain armor(configurable?) acts as a radiation suit and reduces the rads one picks up.

    Thanks for this great plugin.
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    I will definitely be adding this, thank you so much.
  8. Hey can you make an option so that rads wouldn't affect you inside a building ? Thanks.
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    @Quezax I've added a configurable radiation suit that is defined by default to be golden armor. It's fully configurable so just add any item you want to the end of the config.yml.
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    hey this doesn't work for me when i get over 100 rads i dont lose health but it says i feel slightly better when take sugar at 300 rads.

    nvm i fixed it

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    What's wrong? When I use radaway item it doesn't disappears!
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    A really cool feature would be to set a certain item to be Rads increasing. FOr exsample the area up until 3 blocks from lava.
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    I am extremely fond of this plugin but I seem to be having a slight problem with the config file

    It seems some items are not properly spaced for instance the line "ExemptPlayers: false[]ProtectItems:[]"
    has no spaces (asides one that rests before the 'false' in that line.) plus "ProtectItems:[]" had neither true or false in it. Im not too worried about this... However I cant seem to turn on "ProtectItems" so that the radiation does not destroy your rad suit - I had also changed the rad suit to leather to compensate for the radiation not destroying your armor, so mobs are more likely to tear through it.
    (Works wonders with always night on).

    I have replace, re-downloaded, redone the config and all, with nothing happening but the plugin not working.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou.
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    Great Plugin.
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    Good plugin, but i have an idea:
    that's not good, when i cant set rad's power in area, for example:
    /radiation set 15, and in selected area player will get 15 rads
    /radiation set 200, player will get 200 rads
    just 1 setting for all areas - isnt good
    sorry for my english
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    Sadly, I've experienced several problems.
    First off, as previously stated, when the Radaway is in a stack of more than 1, it doesn't disappear upon use. Additionally, when I tried to change it to apples, they wouldn't remove rads. Radiation.exempt isn't functioning correctly, and when I put on global fallout mode, safezones only work about half the time.
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    Thanks for all the reports. I am currently adding them to the issues list and will be able to investigate the problems over the weekend (20th-22nd August). 1.4 release is planned to be released by the latest of the end of next week.

    Are you adding the "Radiation.Exempt" permission node after enabling it via the config? What version of permissions are you running?
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    It won't let me delete the damn plugin.
    I stopped the server, took the radiation folder and jar out, and started again. But it's still there. What do?
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    Please add the ability to only make the surface radiated please, me and my friend wanna do a nuclear apocalypse challenge and the underground is supposed to be safe. sorry if this is a feature and i am just an idiot not reading it right.
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    You should be able to just delete radiation.jar and reload the server. Check /plugins or "plugins" on the craftbukkit console to make sure it is unloaded properly.

    I'll add it to the feature list for the next revision
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    I think this would be a great plugin, however, I think you should add something that cleans air, so if it is on global fallout you can extend your civilization. Maybe it would work like world edit, something like click one block, and then right click another, and everything in between is clean. I also have a question, is the radiation only above ground, or everywhere? Last, I had an idea of air locks, so some buildings are immune to radiation! Of course, If this is too much or too hard or even impossible, then its totally fine.
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    You've probably considered this, but I would love that! Like when they talk, it would say: "You tried to speak, but failed.".
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    Ooo spout support would be really cool. Like a radiation bar would be awesome. :D
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    Hey I think I might be missing something here but, I enabled global fallout on my world and then selected a big region where I basically would like us to play, so in essence I'm using this plugin as a rather inventive border plugin :p But when I've selected my region, rads still build up. Is there a setting I have to toggle to make it a safe zone, or should it do it automatically?
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    I think it would be also interesting if TNT caused small pockets of radiation when you use it.
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    so if I define dirt/stone etc.. as safe items, players will be fine in underground? thanks
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    There's lots of interesting idea's here that I will get around to adding. Sorry for taking so long about this I will get around to it. Just have been very busy.
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    The item that is used to lower the radiation does not dissapear, please fix
    Thanks for great plugin :D
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    i set RadAwayItemID = 335 (milk) and when im drinikg - rad level doesnt clear. fix it please!

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    plugin is dead forget about it.
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    Any chance of this being updated?

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