[MECH] Quantum Connectors v1.0.2 - Remote Control Redstone Made Easy [MOVED]

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    Quantum Connectors

    Has found a new home:

    For those of you wishing to get "pistons" compatible with this plugin, I will add compatibility for pistons when 1.7 is patched. I "might" also wait for bukkit to update, I haven't decided.

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    @Jordo1234 Oh i see it's backwards. That's why I was confused.

    Lets take a look
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    Haha yeah sorry, its just the way i have to grab it from the webCP
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    @Jordo1234 : Do the same thing I told pand3micc a few posts above, and change XcraftGate to Regios

    Updated thread for "multiworld support."

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    Thanks for the quick help, server users cant live without the plugin, drives them mad
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    @Jordo1234 : No problem Jordo, I knew multiworld support worked. =P

    I WILL be changing that code though. It should simply ignore worlds that aren't loaded.
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    Well i can always provide a remote testbed :p
    I work for moltenhosting australia, so i can create test servers whenever i need to test if a plugin is compatible with a particular bukkit build or a plugin.
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    Heh. Between my own testing, and players reporting their errors... I'm good. ^^
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    haha, well good luck with it, long as you keep supporting the plugin ill be back
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    I'm glad. ^^ Looking forward to the new update?
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    Love the plugin. I like the sign-less linking. Not giving to to default players though :p
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    Hmm... Protecting breaking circuits... Not a bad idea... (just thought of that)
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    Sure am.
    Cant wait, neither can anyone who plays on my server
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    @feildmaster worked, thank you :D

    Ill put sign shops back on and maybe they will be fixed too! :)

    ALSO do you think in the next update you will find a solution for the plugin not working if the world isn't loaded?
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    @Pand3micc : It's tricky. I could do the following...
    1- Add a fake softdepend (it will force it to start closer to the end)​
    2.1- If world (still) isn't loaded, don't add the circuit.​
    2.2- If world (still) isn't loaded, add the circuit but don't check it​

    For 2.1, if you load the world while in the game for some reason, the circuit won't be there.
    For 2.2, if you never load the world, why bother having the circuit in memory?

    EDIT: Actually, I think I might have found a way... But I'm not sure how the config would treat it, so I'll work on that later.
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    a problem with toggle-type cirquits... server starts lagging and spawns errors into the log. according to an admin, it reads
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event REDSTONE_CHANGE to Quantum Connectors
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    @kimitsu_desu : I'm going to need the FULL error log.
    AND since you say it's with "toggle-type" circuits, I'm going to need to know what the layout of your circuits.
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    the cirquit layout:
    [wall   ][    ][wire  ][repeater>][block]
    [switch*][    ][wire  ][         ][torch]
    [wire   ][    ][wire* ][wire     ][wire ]
    [wire   ][    ][      ][         ][     ]
    /qc toggle
    sender: wire*
    receiver: switch*
    Can't post the stack at the moment, sorry. It had to do something with CraftBlock.getData as far as I recall. Will ask the admin to look into it when he gets on...
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    @kimitsu_desu : I will see if I can replicate it while I wait for the log.
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    Hello. I really like this plugin but I found a problem: if a player doesn't have permissions to open door (worldguard use flag:deny or LWC) he can still connect his lever to other player's door and use it.

    Is it possible to set a config file so that I can exclude doors and trapdoors from being used by QC?
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    @filszyp : Ah yes, that does indeed happen. Unfortunately I don't have the time to look into that issue at the moment.

    Maybe after the next 1 or 2 updates.

    EDIT: I must have been very tired when you asked this. I will consider custom quantum configures in a future update.

    I need to do a "little" (big) poll.

    Here it is: (post in the topic)

    Do you actually use the full-blown multi-world support? *
    -I plan to

    * Don't know what I mean? (open)
    What I mean is, this plugin currently allows you to have the sender and receiver in different worlds. WHY this is so, I don't really know. So I'm asking you, the major users to tell me if you use it to this extent.

    Depending on the answer I might remove that functionality (making it easier on me) or I will keep the functionality and code the check differently. You (the user) get to decide how this plugin develops.

    Please comment! If I don't get enough votes I will leave it to my own discretion.

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    Nope, don't use it...
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    Found a few ugly bugs in the next version release, so I'll be working on mashing those out so I can get a nice big release out for everyone!
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    Nick Hooper

    Can u make redstone torch a receiver?
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    I'd say no with the multiworld thing. However cool it would be, I don't like the idea of switches doing w/e in other worlds. I feel people will be able to find new ways of griefing lol
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    yeah that would be awesome =)
    so you could control world one from another world :D
    like in truman show =)

    thanks for this awesome plugin =)
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    It currently has that function, but doesn't work completely.. (Chunks aren't loaded unless people are near the receiver and sender)

    I'm thinking about undoing that, and making it by-world only.
    I'm looking into it.
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    i have a small error where the levers both toggle, but the power attached to the receiver remains as it was, in the on or off state. I don't know whether this is just me, or incorrect use, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


    ok, a little playing and i figured it out. unlike a normal lever switch, which can be behind the block a lever is placed on, the power must come from the side of the lever, to be more specific, the block of space on the side of the block the lever resides in
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    or a sign as reciever would be awesome eventually you could combine that with sign commands =)

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