Inactive [MECH] oreRespawn 0.7 - Automatic Ore Respawn [1.1-R3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SvenBrnn, Apr 7, 2011.

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    No update to 1.1.?? This mod would be awesome though!
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    Sry had many things to do the last days,
    ill look over it this weekend. Dont know if it was broken by 1.1.

    Greetings SvenBrnn
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    My Plugin got aproved on Devpage again. Please use the Dev page for Questions/Bug Reports (in form of tickets) from now on.
    I will not watch this thread anymore!
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    What if I want it to spawn in the exact same spot? not a few blocks away?
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    This plugin is out-of-date, and doesn't work and confirmed not working. Do not waste your time downloading this, there are numerous errors in the config as well. Version should be 0.7, however, config verifies Version 0.6.
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    i'm having the same problem with reseting the ores, when i define the regions and mine some of the ores selected it say Respawning All Ores! but they dont respawn please can you help
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    Can you please update to 1.2.5? This Is the best Idea for a plugin. Good thinking
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