[MECH] NetherBlocks 1.1.2 - get blocks from the Nether by using gold tools! [432-1337]

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    NetherBlocks - get blocks from the Nether by using gold tools!
    Version 1.1.2

    This plugin is basically a clone of goldenNether. I created this plugin because goldenNether didn't work for me. Currently, NetherBlocks allows you to mine Netherrack, Soul Sand and Glowstone by using gold tools, and you can configure the blocks you need to break and the amount of Glowstone Dust you get. This plugin was made for people who don't want the players to wander around in the Nether.

    Download the latest version of NetherBlocks (1.1.2)
    Source Code (Repository)

    • Use gold pickaxe (configurable!) to get Netherrack when mining stone (configurable!)
    • Use gold shovel (configurable!) to get Soul Sand when mining sand (configurable!) and Glowstone Dust when mining dirt or grass (configurable!)
    • Configure the amount of Glowstone Dust you get when mining dirt or grass
    You don't have to create a configuration file. You can just download NetherBlocks and it will create the default configuration.
    If you want to configure the blocks a player needs to mine you'll have to adjust the configuration file. Don't forget to reload CraftBukkit! This is the default configuration file (the settings might be in a different order):
    glowstoneMin: 2
    glowstoneMax: 4
    - 12
    - 2
    - 3
    - 1
    - 284
    - 284
    - 285
    Version 1.1.2 (Download (.jar); Source code (.tar.gz))
    • Made the tools needed to mine the specified blocks configurable.
    • Minor code cleanups
    • Changed event type; this fixes a bug that made tools invincible (don't ask me why.)
    Version 1.1.1 (Download (.jar); Source code (.tar.gz))
    • Made NetherBlocks create a default configuration file.
    • Fix "A plugin cancelled the block stop break event" that came up with CraftBukkit build 440
    Version 1.1.0 (Download (.jar); Source code (.tar.gz))
    • Made the blocks a player needs to mine to get Netherrack, Soul Sand or Glowstone configurable.
    Version 1.0.0 (Download (.jar); Source code (.tar.gz))
    • Initial release.
    To do:
    • Add settings to define which tool you need to use to mine Netherrack, Soul Sand or Glowstone done!
    • Use Permissions to define who can get Netherrack, Soul Sand or Glowstone. dropped.
    Have fun!
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    Cool. Was using goldenNether, but it stopped being updated :(

    At first I thought it was broke as I couldn't get glowstone from the block I set it to (coal)....but then I realized you have it set to only be released with the use of a golden shovel making my choices effectively sand or dirt. I tried, and sure enough, if I whack away at coal with a shovel, glowstone will drop!

    Any chance you could add the ability to configure any block and the corresponding tool would be required to get the drop? If nothing else, add the golden pickaxe to the tools that can release glowstone so it can be configured to any block.

    Also, your generated configuration file does not match the description you have here. Instead of:
    itemDroppedFrom: [1]
    it is:
    - 1
    Both methods work just fine, but it was a little confusing for about 1 second :p

    Anyway, thanks for this! Glad to see my golden tools are once again more useful :)
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    Oh, yes, I'm going to implement that. I think I'm going to make it so you can specify a list of tools that can be used.

    Yeah, this are the two possibilities to make a list in YAML. I thought it would be more compact if I used inline format, but as Bukkit uses block format for lists I'm going to change the description to prevent confusion :)
    Glad to see you like my plugin! :)
    I think I'm going to publish 1.1.2 either today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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    REALLY wish this forum had a better way of organizing these plugins, my DropBonus plugin already had all of this and then some. Could've saved you some time. Still can I guess if you are going to pursue it further, my source is out there if you need references.

    P.S. - This may come across as trite or snippy, that isn't my intent. I am just thinking if we can find some way to better organize the plugins then folks can work on new stuff rather than re-hash stuff that someone had already done. I am not trying to take away from @Jerry's efforts, sorry if it comes across that way!
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    To be honest I would not use DropBonus because of it's huge amount of features. I like simple and small plugins, nothing where I have to read a wall of text before I can finally set it up.

    So I'm very thankful for NetherBlocks (which works with #493, just to let other people know).
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    But that's the funny thing, because of the format we are told to present the plugins in, I am supposed to tell you EVERYTHING that it can do and show you how. Now, I have broken DropBonus out and created a wiki to try and clean that "wall of text" up a bit.

    DropBonus is actually under 500 lines of code, it is just 500 powerful lines of code. Where as some of the other "huge amount of features" entries are truly huge. For example, DropBonus is 15K in size where WorldEdit is 300k.

    As for what NetherBlocks does, it would be one simple entry in the config file for DropBonus. Sure, if you wanted it to do more you can make it do so, but it doesn't HAVE to. All it would take is:

            probability: 100
                glowstone: 100 2 5
    and viola, 100% chance that netherrack drops additional items, and 100 percent chance that within those additional items there is between 2 and 5 glowstone. Done deal. If you want it only on gold pickaxe:

            probability: 100
                        glowstone: 100 2 5
    So yes, while DropBonus CAN do everything related to drops, focusing on one behavior is truly simple. So saying that it is too big to use is a bit of a misstatement.

    Again, I understand, as developers we like creating our own things, I've been coding professionally for over 20 years so I truly get it... My point in all this being that there is no way of saying "Hey, I want a plugin that does XXXX" and easily finding it in this listing and then with so many similar plugins you may find ones that do XXX or XXY but not XXXX until you dig and dig... And now, we have NetherBlocks that does X, it is what someone finds first and then they say "you know this is great, but I would LOVE it if it could do XXX" and so it will get coded to XXX even though we have n other plugins that do XXX. Heck I am guilty of it too, last night someone wanted a plugin that simply suppressed /give. I know of at least three that can allow you to configure who and what uses give, but he didn't want to set up permissions he just didn't want anyone to be able to use /give. So Iwrote a 5 liner to suppress it quietly and gave it to him. Now, if he comes back and wants it so ops can /give but not others, well I will point him in the direction of the other plugins, but hopefully you guys see my point.
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    By the same token I could argue that your plugin has about 80% overlap with my plugin OtherBlocks, which came out two weeks before yours. I say competition is good.
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    Very true, but at the time when I searched for similar plugins yours didn't even cone up on the search. I am not arguing about right or wrong in developing the plugin, just saying that there needs to be a better way of listing plugins and what tehy are/do so that it isn't just a crap shoot.
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    1.1.2 is out. Sorry it took so long to get this released.
    You can now use the following settings:
    - 284
    - 284
    - 285
    As you can see, all these settings take lists, effectively allowing to configure more than one tool for a specific block if you want that :)

    Oh, by the way, I tested it on CraftBukkit 432 and 493.

    Hey, I heard of cyklo's OtherBlocks before I started developing NetherBlocks and I was actually pretty sure that it could do what I wanted my plugin to do. I decided to make NetherBlocks anyways because OtherBlocks (and DropBonus too, I guess) is too powerful for a simple task like this.
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    Like I said, I understand your intent Jerry. Wasn't trying to attack you in any way. But to your point of our plugins being powerful, you'll see lol. DropBonus started as a minor "if I break a block, give me these bonuses", but with all the requests that came in... while it still does my original intent it can do a whole lot more now. But again the nice thing about it is it doesn't HAVE to :) It is as simple or as complex as folks want to make it. Enjoy the journey, meanwhile I will still wait for a better way for us to advertise our wares!
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    I'm pretty sure that this wors with 617...I'm not getting any errors anyway...
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    So does anyone have a functional download link for this?
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    I want this Plugin :(
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    Download links are back up.
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    Any plans to attach Permissions nodes to getting netherrack/glowstone/soulstone for those of us that do use it? I hate to be one of those guys, but it would be super helpful.

    Either way, thanks for the great plugin :)
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    sorta weird why this plugin is specificly needed :/ cus we got the nether now :/ and we had it before just it was little differnt lol
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    When you use: (your own choice)
    on: (your own choice)
    you get: (your own choice)
    1: DiamondPickaxe
    2: sponge
    3: diamond
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    Is this plugin working with Craftbukkit 1317?

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