[MECH] MondoChest v0.7.1 - Sort your items into the appropriate chests [1.6.4-R1.0]

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    Do you like having your materials all neatly organized into different chests, but hate the work required to organize them? Do you find yourself dumping everything into one chest, to deal with it later? MondoChest is for you.

    Download Project / Get Documentation On BukkitDev

    How it Works
    MondoChest lets you designate a master chest (by using a special sign) where you can dump your stuff. You then designate "slave" chests where your stuff will go to. They can be downstairs, upstairs, in another room, however you like (within a configurable radius.)

    MondoChest will then see what's in each chest, and then decides where things get 'shelved' based on what's already in there. For example, one slave box has rails and powered rails in it, and another has wood planks and logs in it. If you dump wood into the master chest, it will be moved into the appropriate slave.

    How To Use

    Note the usage of MondoChest has changed slightly in MondoChest 0.5, see How To Use wiki section for more info.


    For download, additional docs, and information on installation, configuration, etc, go to the BukkitDev page.

    Known Bugs/Caveats
    - None

    Version 0.7.2-pre1: 2014-05-26
    * Support adding slaves without a sign via a new config option and permission.

    Version 0.7.1: 2013-11-14
    * Fix NullPointer issue when group limits are removed
    * Support trapped chests.
    * Dropped support for older MC, minimum version is now 1.5.2-R1

    Version 0.7: 2013-03-20
    * Fix bug in chest break protection
    * Implement a more stringent and specific ACL
    * Conversation-based ACL controls
    * Permissions can control chest limits
    * Deal smartly with adding duplicate chests
    * Option for case-insensitive signs
    * Fix bug in sometimes having duplicate chests
    * Option to allow signs in front of the chests.
    * Add a /mondo check command to check for missing chests and signs

    Version 0.6.2: 2013-02-04
    * Play nice with SignThatChest by allowing signs right in front of a chest.

    Version 0.6.1: 2012-09-21
    * Support a limit for number of master chests per user

    Version 0.6: 2012-08-22
    * Add ability to define the users who can access a MondoChest
    * Allow access to 'mondo' command from console (limited use)
    * Add in optional protection on opening a chest
    * Add optional ability to find slaves 2 away horizontally.
    * Fix minor bug with not removing chest if slaves_vertical_two was set
    * Add in MCStats metrics.
    * Official support for Bukkit 1.3.1

    Version 0.5.5: 2012-08-05
    * Fix bug where you right click a new master and it doesn't register for adding slaves till you right click it again.

    Version 0.5.4: 2012-07-05
    * Add optional ability to find slaves 2 away from a sign

    Version 0.5.3: 2012-05-12
    * Add new /mondo find command
    * Remove deprecated search radius
    * Make various performance settings more configurable
    * Remove a lot of old code and general code cleanup
    * Bukkit 1.1.x is no longer supported

    Version 0.5.2: 2012-04-03
    * Fix bug where master signs pick up chests 2 away from the sign, not just adjacent.
    * Performance improvements: Use O(1) datastructure for slave operations.
    * Strategies for more compact config
    * Any parsing errors causes an automatic backup of banks.yml

    Version 0.5.1: 2012-04-01
    * Fix bug where a master can contain the same chest again as a slave

    Version 0.5: 2012-03-29
    * Support Vault permissions
    * Radius is deprecated
    * MondoChests have "owners"
    * Slave signs add to the last clicked chest
    * Multiple chests per item type
    * Optional sign protection
    -> * Only owners can break signs
    -> * Break signs to remove slaves / entire mondochests.
    * pretty message coloring

    Version 0.4.2: 2012-02-29
    * Remove spurious debug output

    Version 0.4.1: 2012-02-26
    * fix bug that occurred at positive-Z coordinates which caused chests to never be found

    Version 0.4: 2012-02-25
    * Permissions support
    * Multiworld support

    Version 0.3: 2012-02-24
    * Items are now disambiguated by data value: colors of wool, dyes, etc
    can go into different chests

    Version 0.2: 2012-02-24
    * Do not try to make a config file if config.yml exists.
    * Item restacking is off by default in configuration
    * Chest search uses world.getMaxHeight() to prepare for 1.2

    Version 0.1: 2012-02-23
    * Initial Release
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    Can you please post a changelog here
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    Done, and copied over planned features and bugs sections too.
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    it keeps stating theres no chest near the sign... and yet there is one...
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    There was a bug that caused the plugin to only work if you were at a negative Z coordinate.. simple monday detail ;)

    It has been fixed in version 0.4.1
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    could you hurry the multi chest support plz, its really getting annoying...
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    It'll be in the next version, along with chest persistence.

    Generally, what I do is when a certain chest fills up with a material, I move that material out (like say iron ore takes up many spots in my ore chest, I make an iron ore chest by moving the iron ore to that chest... though that only works if you have less than 54 stacks of any given item. There are some things like cobblestone and maybe things you farm like wood, wheat which can feasibly use up more than 54 stacks, true. For those things, the multiple chest per item support is needed, and it'll be there soon.

    I do have a day job though, and a lot of stuff going on during the week (evening classes, etc) so expect most updates to be around weekends.
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    thats cool, BTW id rate this pluging 4/5 for its particular uses :) if you need any help ask, i do know java so i could be some help (i also know C if it helps :p)
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    So how big of a radius could you set up before you start experiencing performance issues?
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    The radius is only used the first time you click on a [MondoChest] sign, not any subsequent signs once it's created, so it depends on the server speed, but I think 80x80 would be where performance starts getting really awful. It should be noted that if you set your radius more than 140 or so, you run the risk of loading unloaded chunks whenever you make a new mondochest, which will take substantially longer as it'll incur a disk load.

    If your slave chests are far from the MondoChest, there are other ways to make them usable without increasing the radius:

    1) Create the mondochest master and then go walk over to each slave and right-click it, which will cause it to be added to the nearest (by cartesian distance) mondochest bank. In a future version, I'll have it so right-clicking a slave will add the chest to the last mondochest you visited.

    2) Alternately, say your slave chests are all clustered near each other, but far from the master sign, you can make a sign like this:
    up 20 east 75
    Which means that the search will be centered from up 20 blocks, and east 75 bocks from the sign. Valid entries include up/down/north/east/south/west and must be separated by spaces like above, and fit on the second line. (In the future I'll allow using short designators like N/E/S/W/U/D)

    I use the up / east trick because we have our slave set in one of the rooms of our building, then a MondoChest in the front entranceway (for when we run in and want to dump stuff) and then way down in the basement where the items arrive from our various collector machines, have another MondoChest which beams up to the same set of slaves upstairs.
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    phew... still a little confusing, haha. Nonetheless, I'm still excited to start using it on my server.
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    In short, a future version of MondoChest may not have a radius. Instead, you'll choose which slaves belong to a MondoChest by right-clicking the slave signs. The only reason it doesn't do that now is that you lose all your settings on a server reload, which means you'd have to go around doing it again. Hence the search radius which tries to find the slaves. The next version will save the chest configuration and remember which slaves belong to which mondochest.

    For now, there's some workarounds (as detailed above)
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    for minecraft 1.2.3 when you right click the main chest it duplicates your items
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    Thanks, I will look into it. Right now it's only tested and guaranteed for 1.1-R3 to 1.1-R6 but version 0.5 is coming soon.
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    MondoChest 0.5-pre2 is out for Bukkit Beta 1.2.3-R0.2, and fixes the bug with item duplication.

    Bukkit 1.1 users, you may want to backup before trying 0.5-pre2 of MondoChest. (It goes without saying that 1.2.3-R0.2 users should be backing up regularly)
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    MondoChest 0.5 is out, and works with both 1.1-R6 and 1.2.4-R1. It is encouraged that you delete and backup your config.yml and allow it to be re-created when updating.

    This version saves the list of all the known chests and will keep them between server restarts, etc. In addition, chests now have an "owner." Those upgrading from older versions should know that if you have existing MondoChests, the first person with enough permissions that uses an existing MondoChest will end up being its owner. This can be resolved by either editing banks.yml or by breaking the master sign (with sign protection on).

    The search radius now defaults to a very small amount, and its use is discouraged in favor of running around and right-clicking slaves. This reduces confusion about what slaves get added to a MondoChest bank.

    In addition, there's some cool new features like Vault support and sign protection.
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    HELP! when i got the plugin it didnt work so i realized i needed to get the latest cb 1.2.4 R1 recomended build but when i got it it still said couldnt access it :( plz help

    can someone help this is killing me i want to make sure i ave the right CB for MondoChest bcause it says it cant load it.
    :( someone plz help!

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    Need more information than this. Please post what the specific error is in your log, and more information about what operating system you're running the server on, what version of the Java JDK you have, and if you've changed any configuration, explain what you've changed.

    For what it's worth, MondoChest also works with RB 1.1-R6, so you didn't have to upgrade if you were already running a recommended build.
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    sry but i have no clue about the java but i am running on a recomended build 1.2.4-R1 and it says it can not load plugins/MondoChest.jar. i dont know hot to get the error code copied but i will if u tell me how. Also i have edited the config to radius and all that to 20
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    great plugin, thanks :)
    but there are some bug exists (1.2.4-R1.0):
    if you have a chest from the left of your sign, it will be used as master chest, not where your sign is located.
    For example: 1.png 2.png
    Master chest will be in chest with redstone on the wall.
    But if your sign on right side of the chest, it will be used as needed. Example: 3.png
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    Yes, this appears to be a bug which I already fixed in a development version, it'll be in 0.5.2.
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    Hello, I'm trying to get this mod working in a small server for just a few of my friends. Reading that it should work fine with default configuration, I didn't really do anything. However trying to add slaves, all I'm getting is

    MondoChest: No permissions added to create banks.

    I'm very new to permissions, mostly because I don't have too many mods that require messing with them. Except for this one. I've read several tutorials on how to write them up, but nothing seems to work, or I'm just not getting it. I don't know if I'm supposed to be editing the config.yml in the PermissionBukkit plugin, or MondoChest. I'm trying to use

    mondochest.admin*: true

    in several places, under user groups, admin groups, to no avail.
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    You need both mondochest.* and mondochest.admin.* (make sure you get that extra dot, it means something)

    Alternately you can just make yourself an op on your server which gives you everything, but it won't help your users who need to create chests.
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    Its a brilliant plugin, however can we possibly have a Random chest feature, which sorts the items from the master chest into equal amounts in random chests? E.G Moving items to an Empty chest.
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    This plugin is not working for me. After setting up my master chest, when attempting to add slave chests, it continuously prompts me to click on a master chest sign before attempting to add slave chests. I do this repeatedly, and even try setting up the master chest over again to try to add slave chests. I never get further than this prompting. I was running the most recent craftbukkit (1.2.5 R4), but I even downgraded to R1 to see if it would solve the problem, and it did not. Any assistance in fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated!

    It turns out there was an error in my config file, in which one of the item names under the restack materials was an incorrect item name. However, fixing this error gave rise to a new error in which placing items in the master chest and right clicking the sign returned a message telling me there is nothing to sort, when I in fact had placed a full inventory's worth of items to sort, and had 48 empty slave chests. Cool plugin idea, just isn't working for me though. Guess I'll try AutoSort.

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    MondoChest puts items into chests with the same item already in it. It doesn't make any assumptions about where things go. Who's it to know that you want iron ore in the same box as iron ingots? For some people maybe that makes sense, but not for everyone. Once you have the initial distribution, then it will put things alongside them.

    * There is an exception to what I said, in that it puts e.g. red wool in a box containing another color of wool, but only if there's no separate box for red wool. This also applies to any other data values of items, such as different types of wood.


    MondoChest was written with the idea that people were already manually sorting their items into multiple chests well before the existence of this plugin, and this plugin just helps by automatically moving items into the appropriate chest, it does this by looking at what's already in each and adding to it.

    If you're starting fresh with 48 empty slave chests, go run around and e.g. dump some wood in one, iron in another, snowballs in another, whatever. Then in the future when it comes time to dump your collections, put them in the master, click the sign, and the new items will get whisked away to sit with the other items of that kind. Anything which it doesn't know how to shelve, you can grab out again, and find a place for. In the future, that kind of item will now automatically be shelved too. Within a day or two of using MondoChest, 95% of your items will end up going to the right place.
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    Thanks for the response! It all makes sense now :)
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    I did some testing late last night, and as far as I can tell, MondoChest 0.5.5 works fine with CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1. However, I am going to hold off on giving it my seal of approval until I can test it more. Like any other update, make backups before trying it.

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