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  1. MobSensor - RedstoneChips Circuit:
    Version: v1.2

    Extends eisental's RedstoneChips plugin by adding new specific mob detecting circuits. It is a more advanced version of pirsensor.
    Required: RedstoneChips

    • animals - detects non-hostile animals (chicken, cow, pig, sheep, squid)
    • hostiles - detects hostile creatures (creeper, giant, skeleton, spider, zombie, zombie pig man, ghast, slime)
    • humans - detects any humans (should work on both players and NPCs)
    • nonhumans - detects anything that isn't human
    • notplayers - detects players whose names are not on the sign
    • players - detects specific player names
    Download (source in jar) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22618541/Bukkit/MobSensor.jar

    As for the circuit, all require one clock input pin and one alarm output pin, just like pirsensor.

    For all circuits in this pack, the first line of the sign should contain the name of the circuit.
    The second line can optionally contain a range (radius of a sphere around the interface black; default is 10).
    The playersensor circuit also takes a list of usernames separated by spaces. The playersensor requires a range to be listed first. The full name must fit on a line, you cannot continue on the next line with part of a name.

    For example, to make a playersensor that detects my friend and I only, I would make a sign that says
    Version 1.2
    • Cut all the names shorter because of 15 character limit on signs
    Version 1.1
    • Added notplayersensor
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release

    Known issues:
    • None. :3
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    Hello, I love the concept of this plugin, I just wish I knew how to use it >.<

    I've been fooling around with RedstoneChips and MobSensor for a while now and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong/right. Basically, this is how I have it set up: C=chip, I=input,O=output,F=interface,L=lever,S=sign,|||=blankspace


    Any other way I try to set it up tells me I'm doing it incorrectly. So, I get it set up using humansensor on the sign, but it seems like it isn't doing what it should be doing. My proximity to the 'sensor' has no affect on anything as far as I can tell. If I attach a lever to the Input block and it is in the up position and the output lever is also in the up position I can flip the input lever and the output lever will flip with it, however, it wont flip back up with it. I don't know if that information matters at all, but it's the most I observed out of this mechanism.

    It could likely be my inexperience with circuitry and other redstone whatsits. Any help is appreciated, though. Perhaps an illustrated guide ;P
  3. You need a clock circuit connected to the input of the sensor. The way it works is every time the input receives a charge it checks for the designated type on the sign. If it's found, it turns the output on. But it only checks once every time the input is turned on.

    Do you know how to make a clock circuit?
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    I could try foolin' around a bit, as things do tend to happen on occasion. But if you don't mine giving instructions that would be swell.
  5. Ok you'll need something to this effect.

    [C] chip block
    [I] input
    [O] output
    [F] interface
    [L] lever
    [S] sign
    [R] redstone
    This sign will say "clock", "2Hz"
    [S][C][I][L] < turn on this lever to start the clock
       ... < just make sure these are connected, use as much redstone as you need
    [S][C][O][L][R]... < connect this to what you want to power when the alarm is signaled
    This sign will say "humansensor", "10"
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    Wow, thanks! worked like a charm.
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    This is SWEET! two suggestions that might be easy to do. could there be a "lightsensor" and also a
    10 NOT

    so that it triggers for everyone who is NOT the player(s) listed. could this possibly work for groups as well (g:<groupname>). This mod and Controllerblock make a great, great combination. time to build traps!

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    There's already a light sensor in my SensorLibrary - photocell. You can get it in the main RedstoneChips thread.
  9. I'll add a not-player mechanism. That's a good suggestion.

    Done and uploaded. Just redownload from the first post.
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    awesome..I just found, however, that whenever the server shuts down, all of my Humansensor chips reset, is there a way to avoid this? the signs are still there, with text- but the chips are not initiated. if I go around and right click each of them they work until another server reboot.

    another mech tweak: allowing multiple interfaces on a single humansensor circuit.


    EDIT: if I use the manual /rc-save it appears to keep the circuits.
  11. What you are experiencing is actually an issue with RedstoneChips and not with MobSensor. If you have any errors that occur when your server is shutting down, that could cause the chips not to be saved.

    As for the multiple interfaces, I modeled this after the pirsensor eisential made. It's designed to only work on a single interface block. Is there a reason you cannot simply make multiple circuits with their own interface blocks?
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    ok. as for making multiples, no there is no reason really- it simply would be easier if i were making gates or an arena where a line of sensors would be necessary. merely an idea, this mod still is great. thanks for all the work :)
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    IDEA : if possible, the alarm could send a chat message to Admin or any Player when triggered as well. ( maybe to inform a Shopkeeper of someone entering a shop.)
  14. That would actually be a new circuit type. I kinda like the idea and I'll see if I can whip something up.
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    I also like the idea and was thinking to add something like that to next SensorLibrary release. Would be good to know if you're working on it so there's no double effort...
  16. I'm almost finished with it. I'm attempting to test it but now RedstoneChips is failing to load because somehow craftbukkit doesn't know what PLAYER_INTERACT is. Even though it's in the code that I compiled.
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    PLAYER_INTERACT is the new event added a few builds ago. I think you're trying to run the latest github build which only supports craftbukkit 561+
  18. Yeah I'm building Bukkit, Craftbukkit, and RedstoneChips from github. The problem was that I pulled RedstoneChips without pulling and rebuilding Bukkit and Craftbukkit.

    I'm actually finished now.
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    Glad you like the idea & cant wait to test the results.
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    Can you make a "notmobsensor" that detects if a mob isn't in the area? I really need it to respawn a mob every time it dies; alternatively add a timer to do so as well, although I can live with using clocks.
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    just place a not after the output, and boom you have a not mob XP
  22. Yes, PyroProgrammer has the simplest solution.
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    It would be nice to set groups for the notplayersensor ..
    like using "group1 group2" on the Sign and set the groups via command line ..
    also an "including" part would be nice in order of long Names .. or is there another way ??
    We have max 20 players so the Sign cant provide a lot ... 3-4 names is a little low.
  24. I'm not adding permissions or group manager support to a plugin this small. Sorry.

    You can create multiple circuits with different names on each sign or use this plugin which appears to have "unlimited" sign text. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/10418/
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.
  26. Bump with thread update to recommended build. No code changes.
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    ?? why is this flagged inactive?
  28. I hadn't been updating the thread title for the recommended build because like 5 came out last week.
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    For anyone that wants a group sensor, I added one in.
    The modified plugin is here. The only thing changed is the addition of the groupsensor.
    To use it, use it like playersensor, except group names go on lines 3&4.
    I used Permissions 2.7 so Idk if it'll work with GM.

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