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    TriggerCmds- 'Automation, automation, automation'
    Version: v1.2
    Download :(V1.0) (V1.1) V1.2

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    This was a popular request that made me excited :p

    With tcmds you can link any type of craftbukkit or plugin commands to buttons/levers/plates
    It's simple too use and it has persistence so you can reboot your server without loosing anything =)

    Make a trigger:
    1. /tcmds edit TriggerName - Opens/creates the trigger edit
    2. /tcmds cmd $me:/tp $ply $me - Makes you teleport the player that presses the button to you
    3. Left Click on the switch - Regs the switch and closes the edit
    Delete a trigger:
    1. /tcmds edit TriggerName - Opens/creates the trigger edit
    2. /tcmds del - Deletes the trigger from the db
    Delete a Link:
    1. /tcmds edit TriggerName - Opens/creates the trigger edit
    2. Right Click on the switch - Deletes the switch and closes the edit
    • $me: - The cmd will be executed by the trigger maker (only if is online)
    • $ply: - The cmd will be executed by the player that pressed the trigger
    • $me & $ply - Used inside the command you want to declare
    • Simple way to link cmds to triggers
    • Works (in theory) with almost any command
    • Uses persistence to save all the triggers
    • Has permissions
        aliases: [triggercmds]
        description: TriggerCmds management
        usage: |
            /<command> list - List of your triggers.
            /<command> edit [name] - Starts trigger edit.
            /<command> cmd [cmd] - Command registration/modification.
            /<command> del - Deletes the trigger.
            /<command> help - TriggerCmds Help Page.
    To do:
    • Scripts (multi-commands)
    • onBreak deletes link
    • User groups (I might put it... still not sure) (tks @QuackzMcDuck )
    • Add a fakePlayer to overwrite permissions (tks @QuackzMcDuck )
    • Link the triggers with redstone (I have to find a cool way)
    • Timed commands (maybe!! I guess ^^)
    • Button Cooldown
    • One Time per player buttons (maybe on 1.4/1.5)

    Version 1.2
    • Added the variables $me and $ply
    • Recoded some parts of the reg
    • Removed redundant cmds
      • /tcmds stop is now automatic when Left Click or Right Click
    • Added pressure plates
    • Reg Trigger Link - Left Click
    • Del Trigger Link - Right Click
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed yml error (sorry about that)
    • Added delete function (never rush a release)
    Version 1.0

    • First release
    !!! Lets give tks to @Cybird and @Jonathan Thorpe for the idea !!!​
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    Does this work with pressure plates?
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    Version 1.2

    • Added the variables $me and $ply
    • Recoded some parts of the reg
    • Removed redundant cmds
      • /tcmds stop is now automatic when Left Click or Right Click
    • Added pressure plates
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    Ah, I must of missed that.

    I'll give it a try. :)
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    Button 1 - End of the world (Sets of TNT).
    Button 2 - Spreads Diamonds (Blows up Chests).
    Button 3 - Nothing....

    So Mr. TuRmoiL, which would you take for world domination?
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    Hello, first, awsome plugin, cose it makes posible group buy sistem, each group have diferent skills , permisions BUT 1 problem now, i need keep my Admin player online all the time, cose all commands are "$me:/manpromote $ply group" whitout me online, it dont work :( so, if you will make
    "Add a fakePlayer to overwrite permissions (tks @QuackzMcDuck )" work, it will be realy greate :)
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    That's what I really want to implement, the code is already on the plugin but I had some problems with it so I didn't activated it for this version...
    The only problem is that I'm on final exams so I don't have the time to code...
    Sorry guys !
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    Daniel Few

    Heya! Great plug-in! Will help so much on my server.
    One request, would it be possible for you to add an option to ask for confirmation to the command.
    Eg, when you link a buttom to a command you had a 'confirm' option that can either be true or false. And when press, it says something like "Are you sure you want to do this?" Or something like that.
    Maybe customizable messages per button but a simple confirmation would be good :)
    Looking forward to testing this!
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    Well, I have final exams until at least July... so I won't be updating soon sorry :confused:
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    Daniel Few

    Thats ok. Do you think this is a feature you could add later. I'm happy to wait as its not urgent :)
    Good Luck with your exams though,
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    Nice plugin !
    Could you add the possibility to use pressions block as button also ?
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    What are pression blocks ? :confused:
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    Pressure plate sorry
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    Read the topic, it already does since v1.2 was released
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    What I mean is that there is a player variable but if I want the console to do something because if the player is a variable the command would be issued as if the player had issued it correct? so I want a console variable so that I can have a sort of trial system for promoting players so they are first guests then they hit a button to be promoted and teleported.
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    Oh now I get it, that's on the TODO list, its the first think I'll do for the v1.3... but don't expect it soon, I'm on final exams until July
    cheers mate
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    lol thanks! good luck!
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    is it possible to link multiple commands to one single switch?

    very, very useful though :) keep up the good work
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Not yet... it would be great to have a switch with two different commands assigned, such as on/off toggle states for commands from other plugins such as PVPToggle, for example. Sammy is busy at the moment but I think he wants to look at implementing this in the next version when he gets back to coding :)
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    'cos I'd like to use it as kinda 'pay-per-use' for almost every command based thing on our server!

    thx, have fun & ejoy ur day :)
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    you are a god[diamond]
    i have needed this for soooooo longggggggg [diamond]
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    I will download as soon as it supports sscripts
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    Thank you my friend !
    Well, you'll have to wait a bit then, I'm on final exams until July =/
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    good luck with the exams Sammy,

    Great plugin, we use this to set the station on minecart mania :)
    removes the need for the buttons to move points and shit like that...
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    I dont know if this is possible but this would be a really neat idea, since this works with permissions and if the player doesnt have the required command then it wont let them activate it.
    So what i was thinking is make it compatible with someone using the command but the command works for the player clicking the button.
    For Example
    Say i make a button but instead i do this $me:/god $ply
    doing $me: should only be for an admin the $me makes him do the command but make it as if the player clicking the button do hope you understand not sure if u can do this it would be epic though :p
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    If you read the thread you can see that it's already on the todo list, but as I said before I'll only be back in July :)
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    Absolutely fantastic mod. Great work by the developer.
    I've just finished building an admin control tower specifically for this.
    Please please please add the multi command function, along with delay between the commands (like "server shutting down in 10 seconds" then 10 seconds later issue the /stop cmd) I would love this
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    Sure, Give me just a couple more weeks and I'll start on a big update, I'm half way done with the exams =)
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    Take as much time as you need =] You can't rush perfection =D
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    OMGZ OMGZ OMGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think its already redstone triggable, isn't it ? it depends on what you want.

    So good news, I'm going to start coding v1.3 on friday friday friday ^^

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