[MECH/MISC] Seasons - Snow Snow Snow Edition. I can see it ! [1.5.2]

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    Seasons - The Great Weather Plugin
    Version: v2.0.3 (Snow Snow Snow Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev
    Still want more ?
    Take a look at the SeasonsPlusPlus plugin on BukkitDev
    Metrics Stats (Thanks to you) :​
    Old Thread
    Old Thread

    Add differents seasons to your server.
    Change the duration of Seasons using the in-game time in days
    Each season has its own weather probability and its own duration
    Just put the Jar in yout plugin Folder and let's go !
    Using Spout (optional), you can put only snow on snowSeasons (configurable)

    • Add as many seasons you want with properties
    • Insert special Days that will be anounced
    • Change the duration of each season and of each weather
    • Save your current season when you stop the server or disable the plugin
    • Change season and weather in live with commands
    • Able to stop Snow and Ice Regen
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    • You can set Textures packs for each seasons with Spout (optional)
    Download Links :
    Seasons v1.6.2

    An Explaining Video by Specops343 (Version 1.1) (Outdated):

    Thanks to him for this great Video

    Commands & Permissions :
    Commands & Permissions (open)

    Commands :
    For Players :
    • /season - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    For Console :
    • /season [world] - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [world] [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [world] [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    Permissions :
    • /sweather : seasons.weather
    • /setseason : seasons.change
    • Prevent texture changes : seasons.textures.exempt

    TODO :
    • World Edit Region Optional Limit for a season
    Known Issues :
    • Have NullPointerException on nonSpout clients on snow season
    Version 1.6.2 (04-09-2011)
    • Add a snow config on Seasons to put only snow when raining (Spout)
    • Big code cleaning to avoid NullPointerException errors
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.6.1 (02-09-2011)
    • Add a permission node seasons.textures.exempt to prevent texture changes
    Version 1.6 - Spout Edition(02-09-2011)
    • Add in-build Permissions system support
    • Fix the NullPointerException when no SpecialDays
    • Add Spout support with a texture pack for each seasons (optional)
    Version 1.5.2(22-08-2011)
    • Add Ice Regen config
    • Fix the problem with restarting from begenning
    • Updated to 1060 (new methods)
    • A bit of code cleaning
    Version 1.5.1(21-07-2011)
    • OutOfBounds Error has been banished to another universe for good
    Version 1.5 - Mighty Yaml(20-07-2011)
    • Properties and Seasons Properties now in ONE .yml config
    • Save of seasons are now in ONE .do-noy-touch file
    • Properties are not loading for Nether worlds (set active to false, color to Aqua and Log to true)
    • Should really fix the load of special Worlds
    • Add of shortnames for each season
    • Change /setseason [number] to /setseason [shortname]
    • Beginning of Version's Name because Edition named are a lot funnier ^^
    Version 1.4.2(03-07-2011)
    • Correcting the OutOfBounds errors with special worlds
    Version 1.4.1(27-06-2011)
    • Fix a scheduler issues when disabling Seasons
    Version 1.4(16-06-2011)
    • Add Snow Regen control
    Version 1.3.5(13-06-2011)
    • Fix the OutOfBounds error (because of blank lines)
    • You can now add blank lines to your .seasons files
    Version 1.3.4(03-06-2011)
    • Fixing the console use command by adding an beautiful message
    • Should Fix the GetDayListener Error on Weather_Change
    Version 1.3.3(02-06-2011)
    • Fix a bug with double numbers
    Version 1.3.2(01-06-2011)
    • Compiled for build 818
    • Fix another bug in /season on special Day (shouldn't be another bug on it ^^)
    Version 1.3.1(27-05-2011)
    • Fix a bug in /season on a special Day
    Version 1.3(26-05-2011)
    • Agin Try to fix the Double displays
    • Add a different SeasonLenght and MeteoLength for each Season
    • Suppression of the SeasonTime and MeteoTime
    • Add a configurable Resolution
    Version 1.2.4(22-05-2011)
    • Fixing the LoadSave Error
    Version 1.2.3(18-05-2011 too)
    • Correct /setseason because it's wasn't doing what it should do ^^
    • Modify /weather -> /sweather because of conflict between plugins
    Version 1.2.2(18-05-2011)
    • /season return one number after the comma
    • No more /rain /thunder /storm --> Now /weather [sun|rain|thunder]
    • Log options in the configs to active a log on Seasons Change and players' commands
    Version 1.2.1(12-05-2011)
    • Fix the Nag Author Error of the build 766
    Version 1.2(07-05-2011)
    • MultiWorld Support with possibility to not active seasons
    • Time Resolution to 0.1
    • Command to change Season (Permissions)
    • Configurable texts to display
    Version 1.1(02-05-2011)
    • Time Support now in-game with days
    • Names for seasons
    • /seasons to see the current seasons and the number of remaining days
    • Permissions support for the two next commands
    • /rain or /storm to force weather to rain
    • /thunder to force rain and lightning
    • Display the Seasons Changes
    Version 1.0(20-04-2011)
    • Release of this awesome plugin with a lot of enjoyable features !

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    Nor is it the developers responsibility to attend to every "it doesn't work" comment with limited information when others are clearly running it with no problems :) Don't need to do rigorous testing - just posting the plugin's used and any errors helps immensely. Anyway - to keep on topic:

    Been running the plugin for 24 hours now and loving it :) Have customised with 5 seasons and noticed that comments between the seasons seems to cause an error - can the config ignore blank lines and commented lines?

    Also, is it possible to have the "meteoTime" (I assume this is the length of each weather effect - ie. set at 1 day this means any rain will last for a day then it rolls the dice for the next day's weather?) to less than 1 day? I'd like random weather a few times day and shorter/more often rain times.
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    I love this plugin.
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    For the custom and less than 1 meteoTime, I will consider this, not seem to be difficult
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    Unless you post the plugin list and errors, your posts are really starting to look like trolling.
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    If someone can make video to explain I hav'nt time right now
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    I was trying to make a point. I admit, I was frustrated with weather plugins as this was the 3rd that I tried, but apparently it's futile to try and explain myself.

    Craftbukkit build 740 (the recommended one that everyone should be using)

    Plugins - Jail, Multiverse, NoFarm, LWC, FalseBookCore, Essentials, FenceDoor By Ashour, WorldEdit, GroupManager, zombieattack, BigBrother, Permissions, FalseBookBlock, propertime, HigherExplosives, xWarp, AntiBuild, MultiInv, TelePlusPlus, EssentialsSpawn, MyHome, Backup, FalseBookExtra, WorldGuard, mcMMO, AngryWolves, BlocksOnGlass, MoveCraft, FoundDiamonds, and iChat.
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    Ok I will first see all the plugin to find if there is an evident conflicts
    I will take a while ^^

    EDIT :
    OK I'm quite sure that is properTime because it manage the time's speed and you said it was too speed
    I am going to see that with the Author
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    did you change the naming around by the way? From "your in summer forstill 30 days" to your still in summer for another 30 days

    Becuase mine isn't doing that.

    Also, for when it is just 1 day, is it possible for you to code it so it just says "your still in summer for another day"

    Or better yet, allow it to be configurable???
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    You could use this instead:
    Current season: <name>
    Days left: <nu>

    And could you please change the announcement
    Seasons changes to <name>.
    to (without the s after Season)
    Season changes to <name>.
    Thanks :D
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    Yes I will modify the announcement and manage it to be configurable
    with <nu> and <name>
    If I find how to modify something, just be sure everythign would be configurable ^^
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  12. For me this never gets out of the first season so i'm a bit confused.
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    If you can do this it would be awesome!
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    Some ideas :
    - An option to drop/hide leaves on defined season and to reappear/show leaves on others
    - An option to delete/hide flowers on defined season and to reappear/show them on others
    - An option to create shrubs on defined seasons
    - An option to boost the grow of wheats on defined seasons
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    Cool :) Eagerly awaiting the next version :)
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    Propertime mate, simple and easy to figure that out, got me about 15 mins after it tested this plugin to find the problem ...
    Not hard to tell why, cause this plugin uses the time of the day for its cycle, proper time adjusts that time to change the cycle, so is it hard to find out? NO it is not.

    With propertime running the cycle of your plugin is massive short, a 30 day season is over in less then a with propertime configured day, what is causing 1-2 secs of rain and so on.

    The conflict is simple for me, you use the gametime to check and propertime changes it so your plugin can not tell if it is a new day or simple a changed time from propertime.

    And to the question, about admins have to find it, yes they have.
    Simple, YOU like to use something, YOU only know what else you use, YOU are the only one that can find the conflict and fix it or decide to not use a plugin/programm ...

    But back to the conflict, the only solution i see here is a new time check that can buffer this, i have other plugins that can handel this, like Falsebook and the "is it day" IC that triggers fine, but that is some other sort of checking like it is done here.
    So far making a timechanging plugin and this one work together could be a bit of a problem.
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    I can't be bothered to read a single sentence of that, lmfao.
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    I signed up just to tell you how much I love this mod so please don't feel bad if I whine a little about an annoying bug: every time I restart the server, Seasons forgets current season/day and restarts from day 1 of first season. No time altering mods.
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    Someone ranted at me and I didn't want to read it. I've been given an infraction for that?
    I already had thought that propertime could possibly be the culprit originally, but I only slowed the time slightly, so I'm not sure how the days went super insanely fast with this plugin, but nonetheless I hope you'll be able to make it compatible if you're sure that's what it is. Multiworld support would also be fantastic as I'm running a 4 world server.
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    Hey~ ^^
    What have you found out about "Rain or Snow without regarding biomes"?
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    As far as I know that is impossible.
    Rain and snow are the same thing, but our clients make rain look like snow in snow-biomes.
    There is no way (yet?) to change biomes, since they are defined in the world's seed.
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    ah, ok.
    i suggested it in the first place because the famous biome terrain mod works for bukkit servers and it changes the probability of what biomes and terrain will spawn, so i kinda figured you could change the designated biome as well since the map data is stored on the host's computer. Also i figured it was just a small file you would change to change the biome since you are just changing the biome and not any of the blocks, just how the blocks look/act which is based on what the biome is.
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    --> RobertCroome
    How many time do you set for the seasonTime ?
    What just happened in detail
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    I love the mod, I just got a problem with the /season command. Every time I use it I get this error "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command", is there an easy way to figure out the problem?
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    Suggestion for a new type of weather: foggy. Two variations: haze forces render distance as "short" if higher, fog sets it as "tiny"; pressing F or changing render distance in the options won't have any effect if the selected distance is above that, but will change as intended as soon as the fog ends.
    Should be pretty easy to do (I have no idea, just a wild guess).
    About this? If you need more info, I have 12 seasons 30 days each ;) and it all goes fine until I restart the server after installing a new mod, editing some configuration file etc. Looks like current month/day are not stored anywhere and can't survive a reboot.
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    Restarting works fine here, but about the forcing the render distance, that is client side and not possible.
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    For the rendering, yes it's by the side of the client
    But for the save it saves in the tempFile.do-not-touch
    Just take the 1.1, it saves too the number of days of the season
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    I'm getting this error at startup (1.5_02 & 740):
    [Seasons] Plugin Seasons, by Rominos2, version 1.1, is enabled.
    2011-05-06 06:08:00 [INFO] [Seasons] Loaded 2 seasons.
    2011-05-06 06:08:00 [INFO] [ThunderTower] Permissions found and loaded.
    2011-05-06 06:08:00 [SEVERE] -1 loading Seasons v1.1 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
        at java.util.ArrayList.get(ArrayList.java:324)
        at org.rominos2.Seasons.SeasonsDayListener.change(SeasonsDayListener.java:50)
        at org.rominos2.Seasons.Seasons.onEnable(Seasons.java:58)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:127)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:632)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:218)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:116)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:94)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:217)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:204)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:144)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:259)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:394)
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    Perhaps something in your seasons config? Can you post your config?
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    Perhaps you should delete the TempFile.do-not-touch (I give you authorisation ^^)
    And the probleme is still here send your config
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    Wuhuu it fixed it, and I just found a typo: "You're in the Dry Seasonfor still 21 days.".

    I think this line got a better ring to it:
    "You're in the Dry Season for another 21 days" .

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