Inactive [MECH] MagnetBlock v0.4.7 - Movable Structures controlled by Redstone [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by narrowtux, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Folks I think we have a winner. 0.4.6 working after multiple server restarts.

    I occasionally get a movement lockup where the structure will move one direction but not return. /reload fixes the issue.

    All blocks remain correct after restart. Have a moving platform with redstone that runs power correctly. This is going to be amazing for triggering events while the structure moves especially if I can hide the redstone properly.

    Thank you so much for disabling that option narrowtux. If I find any other issues I'll be sure to update you. Can't wait to really build with this now that I know my structures aren't going to vanish.
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    Good to know that it finally works :)
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    Yes it is. It also saves lever state on move!

    I just added another interesting plugin and thought it would be an amazing addition to yours if you could read files from Housedeeds and somehow set them as MagnetBlock structures.

    I am posting the same suggestion on his thread.

    This would allow users to quickly create structures that are pre-defined by the serverhost such as ferries, trains, etc which could help with larger travel networks that work within a preset theme.

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    Haha, copy paste :D
    I will mail the author that he just has to send out the BlockPlaceEvent to get this working.
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    Hey... i edited the link... :p

    That would be amazing thanks for looking into it.

    Also I am having a slight issue with the 1 block move error and it seems to be specific to one structure... I've moved the magnets further out and aligned them differently with no effect.
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    don't working for me, with 0.4.5 or 0.4.6 all structures files are filled by air :(
    i think that i should wait a bukkit fix ;) thanks for your plugin.
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    ok done testing on a clean server and still didnt work then i read the server log and noticed i was still suing the 0.4.4 version im now i downloaded the latest one but i either didnt save correctly or didnt over rigth tested now with the correct version and working fine

    currently working without the config file but i might add it

    interesting ly since im used to checking the block file still changes to air but sicne teh structure is already rendered on the map it get the block types from their im guessing cause tis now working fine

    thx nice plugin now i can spend even more time playing with redstone :D
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    I love this, it's a bit laggy but still can make some cool stuff.

    One huge conflict: PistonPlugin.
    I made a plane, it worked, made a magnet to it. I had both pistonplugin and this installed on my server, so when i sent a charge through the iron block it brought the plane back to the block, but PistonPlugin moves adjacent blocks when an iron block is powered. This basically pushed one row of my plane and not the rest, resulting in a very lopsided plane.

    I'd doubt that anyone else would be stupid enough to recreate this mistake, but it'd be good to notify others of the conflict, and maybe let us easily edit a config file to choose what material the magnets can be.

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    There is a config, but you have to create that yourself (maybe I'll add a config file by default later). Look in the first post under "Show Configuration"
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    I deleted that structure but i remade it to show how it broke.
    [stone]=iron block (magnet and piston)
    [glass]=pressure plate (redstone charge)
    [wood]=wood block (in structure)



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    I can't do anything about it. How about you set the magnet-type to something else? Then the two plugins won't conflict.
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    I've found there is only a problem if you keep sending the redstone current even after the structure moves to the magnet.

    If i step off of the pressure plate before the structure arrives then i have no problem.
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    Looks like /mbch and /mbfm broken.
    I tried /mbch it worked once but I got inside of structure and suffocated, now structure goes to spawn point when these commands issued.
    Need fix to safe /mbch end working after player death.

    Server reload fixed spawn point problem, but some safeguard to moving is still needed.
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    Wow, this plugin looks incredible. I can't wait to try it out. Couple quick questions though: How does this react to unloaded chunks? If badly can you configure a sensor to keep chunks loaded around it (a.k.a. Minecart Mania feature)? Can a sensor be installed to detect whether a person is on board or not? If so can you configure seperate speeds for passenger on/off? If So, how fast would you be able to make a person/vehicle go?
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    This is really nice plugin, but how do they work?
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    i created the magnetblock.cfg file and opened it with notepad, changed FEATHER to BOAT and STICK to COOKIE. then i put it in the MagnetBlock.jar file in the plugins folder and when i run the server it still says "File C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\Bukkit_Server\plugins\MagnetBlock\magnetblock.cfg not found" what do i do?

    also my finished structure when using the stick, will only move up one block and after one or two times it is stuck like that, help?

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    It doesn't go in the jar it goes in the path in quotes. In other words it goes in your MagnetBlock folder under plugins.
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    well i added it to the folder and it still didnt change, i got the it to move normaly though, but if it gets too big it wont go up and down? any way to fix this?
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    Hello there first i just wanted to say that i think this is a very useful plugin that allows quite a bit of creativity.

    i can successfully create a sliding platform with multiple stops and i can make an elevator with multiple stops when using the traditional way as depicted in the youtube video *with some addition redstone and pressure plates*

    now i'm trying to go a slight different route by placing the pressureplate on the platform or lift. but for somereason the game glitches and the button gets stuck and sends the lift going up and down non stop between the floors or the platform moving back and forth between all the stops until the pressure plates decide to unglitch or i restart the server. the reason i want to attempt to put the plate on the lift/platform is to save on using alot of redstone and plates. is there anyway to force the pressure plate to turn off.
    FYI i tried using buttons but they multiply for every cubic movment the lift/platform makes and i end up ith a huge trail of buttons. also i tried putting rails, detector rails and powered rails and they also leave a trail of rails for every cubic move they make. i had an idea of making a transport for the minecart by including rails in the structurebtu the way they just glitch makes it impossible to do what i wanna do. is there a way to fix this problem or as i asked above is there a way to force the button to not multply and pressureplates to release quicker.

    (pardon any grammar errors you may run into there as i have been up for the last 24 hours tinkering on multiple plugins)
    if your willing to come to our server i'd like to show you a sample of what i am trying to do with the plugin so you can see what is happening if your interested our ip is you can ask for war2k :D
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    If something was already there and I'm trying to make it movable, is there any way to make the entire thing a structure without rebuilding it?
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    When a chunk is unloaded and I call a block change method in this chunk, it will get automatically loaded, so this shouldn't be an issue.
    The other thing is quite complicated and currently the speed setting doesn't work so good.
    /reload helps then ;)
    At the moment, this is not possible. I may add WorldEdit support that can read a cuboid selection.
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    sorry narrowtux i missed you by 10 minutes it's 6:15pm est time i will be on in 10minutes and prolly the test of the night
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    Here, it's 00:28 :D

    Release v0.4.7
    • Added Button, Powered Rail (aka booster), detector rail to the list of non solid blocks
    • buttons and pressure plates now snap back when the structure moves

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    hey narrowtux, i got an idea for a few plugins that i would love to make but i need some help for coding. Its going to be a recipe and a new block plugin but i need help with coding please post on my wall or reply asap :D
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    You can't implement new Blocktypes as of the current state of the API.
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    man that sucks, i wanted to make more food types because atm there only soup, pork and bread thats a lil lame :( do you know if the API will be ok anytime soon? i really want this plugin :p but it cant be made atm :/ plus i could use alot of help on making it too :L would you help me if the API became stable?
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    Notch wanted to make an official API for minecraft. But since he has not even started this yet, you will have to wait a long time until then...
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    Isn't it possible to create new blocks with a modified server and a modified client?
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    Yes, but that's not very easy to set up. I think ItemCraft adds support for new block types, it's a plugin for craftbukkit. But also for this, you'll need a modified client for _each_ of the new blocks.
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    ItemCraft is a plugin to add new items, or support for a new item/block API?
    EDIT: Ahh, I just looked. Includes an API, maybe I'll try that...

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