[MECH]LoftJump v1.3 - Cushion your fall with feathers (or anything else)! [670-766]

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    LoftJump: reduce your fall damage by consuming feathers (or anything else!)
    Version 1.3 [RB 766]

    Source code at Github​

    The premise of this plugin is simple: nobody likes taking accidentally taking a plunge and dying. Worse yet, nobody likes succumbing to the cumulative blows that small falls inflict upon their person. The solution? Reduce this damage by sacrificing feathers instead of life! Landing from a fall with feather(s) in your hand while LJ is active will consume feathers instead of hearts upon landing.​

    If you don't like just sticking with the defaults, you can customize any of these with the plugin's included config.yml:
    Example config file: (open)

    # Example LoftJump configuration:
    # world:
    # holdMaterial_use: false #when false, don't use the held-item requirement specified next
    # holdMaterial: 288 #required item to be held to use LoftJump upon taking damage
    # consumeMaterial: 288 #this is the item ID for the feather (hope to change this so item names work soon)
    # cost: 1 #item consume amount per half-heart of damage
    # use_onByDefault: true #when true, turn on LoftJump for players with Permission when they log into the server
    # free_onByDefault: false #similar to use_onByDefault, except toggles item consumption to be off for players with permission upon login
    # anotherworld:
    # #### Similar to above.
    # Item IDs can be found here:
    # http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values

    holdMaterial_use: false
    holdMaterial: 288
    consumeMaterial: 288
    cost: 1
    use_onByDefault: true
    free_onByDefault: false

    /loftjump (alias /lj)
    /loftjump toggle [player] (alias /lj t) - toggle a player's use
    /loftjump free [player] (alias /lj f) - toggle item consumption on a player
    /loftjump check [world] (alias /lj c) - checks the LoftJump configuration of the world the user specifies
    /loftjump reload - reloads LoftJump's file configuration

    Permissions nodes: (open)

    loftjump.use - rather obvious, innit?
    loftjump.free - allows complete resistance to fall damage (provided you have your feather out!)
    loftjump.free.others - allows toggling of "free" on other players
    loftjump.toggle - allows personal toggling of LJ
    loftjump.toggle.others - allows toggling of others' use of LJ
    loftjump.check - allows the use of the "check" command
    loftjump.check.others - allows the player to check worlds they are not currently in
    loftjump.reload - allows the player to reload the file configuration while the server is running
    (If Permissions plugin is not found, these default to isOp())

    • Item whitelisting for hold-materials?
    • Add differing formulae for calculating cost? (i.e., a flat rate, exponential increase, etc.)
    Changelog: (open)

    (4/26/2011) Version 1.3 [733-766] (current)
    • Added some world configuration handling that will hopefully works when plugins like MultiVerse are outdated (remember to keep 'em updated!)
    (4/17/2011) Version 1.2 [670-733]

    • Added file configuration (with multiworld!) and "reload" command. :D Now you really can use LoftJump with anything!
    • Added "check" command, which lets you view settings ingame and with the console
    • updated Permissions nodes
    (4/15/2011) Version 1.1.1[670-677]

    • Added console-friendliness for toggling LJ cost/usage on specific players
    (4/12/2011) Version 1.1 [670-677]

    • Added toggling for item consumption ingame to make this plugin more friendly for servers that do not use Permissions - see command reference
    (4/11/2011) Version 1.0 [670-677]

    • Released

    Loftjump archive can be found here.

    PLEASE NOTE: I do not support old releases on this thread. If you want support for an older build of Bukkit or Loftjump, PM me.
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    Changed! Thanks for the tip.

    :D Dev status. <3

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    looks very cool I'll try it out
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    This gives feathers another use, I will probably download when I have the time:)

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    hmm so far It has blocked fall damage for me but did not take my feathers >.>
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    @dak393 Sounds like you have the loftjump.free permission on for yourself. Did you give yourself that permission, or do you use another type of permissions system on your server?

    EDIT: Just added ingame cost toggling, with item consumption on by default. Go ahead and try turning it off with /lj f, tell me if it works.
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    ahh that explains it XD damn '*' permissions well I'll try it out again
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    Any chance we could get an option to simply turn off fall damage altogether? Seems like a short step from what your plugin does, and it does exactly what I need.
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    you could add all items as items to be used in the config (when its out) then give users "loftjump.free"
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    @dirkson dak393's suggestion's a reasonable one. Could you be more specific? Do you want to have them hold a specific item, as I've done here? Since you don't seem to want anything consumed, you could simply toggle "free" to be on by default for your players, and all they'd need is to have their feather out.

    Whitelisting materials for consumption/using LJ sounds interesting, though...I'll have to look into it.
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    I think that he wants it so that he doesn't have to have a feather of anything. Just no fall damage at all.
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    :p I thought about that. Actually, I could still use the whitelisting idea: just use "free" permissions with an "all" keyword in your whitelist.
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    Aye, I meant to indicate a simple way to turn fall damage off. Adding all items might work, if it's not a performance problem, and if "all" includes bare hands.

    Another thing that might be neat is if it could search your inventory for feathers, and use them whatever happened to be in your hands at the time.
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    Again, I plan to be able to have different customizations for the held item, and the item actually consumed, so you could use whatever combination you like when I actually have time to implement the YAML file reader.
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    Gotcha! I like where you're taking this plugin.
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    Bumping for update to 1.1.1, which will likely be much nicer for admins to use. See changelog for details.
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    @dirkson Added file config! All you need to do for your request is set "holdMaterial_use" to false, "free_onByDefault" to true, and give everyone "free" permissions. Hope you like it!

    In other news...bump for version 1.2! :D Any bug reports should be posted here as soon as possible.
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    Nice :)
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    As far as I can tell, things work for RB 733. :D Anyway, as always I am open to your feature suggestions and any bug reports you may have!
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    can you set it up so when wearing item, (eg diamond boots) you dont take damage?
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    Oh, like an equipment HoldMaterial? t should be easy to integrate that into settings, make that another config option. I think I'll try it! :D I'll release that shortly.
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    O BTW you can use worldgaurd to prevent fall damage
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    The worldguard/worldedit stack is what we're currently using to do that. It's a little heavy for what it does, though.
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    Any news on this one? :) Seems like your still busy working on it.
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    LOL, @dak393 I've actually been terribly terribly busy with a new job and coding for another plugin which I think you guys will like - I'll post the link as soon as I'm done with the writeup I'm completing right now.

    It's called ModDamage. **insert suspense here**
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    Awesome looking forward to it, glad to see we didn't loose you :p
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    Any tests with 818?

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