[MECH] Lift 45 - Command/Config free elevators [1.7.2-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by croxis, Nov 30, 2011.

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    The lift will attempt to use any connected iron block. Make sure your lift iron is not connected to any other iron.

    Also updated to version 6. This adds and improves a number of error checking things, including making sure the lift isn't activated twice at the same time.
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    We dont have spout in the server. Maybe because of it we have the kick for flying?
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    You need to have spout, or set allow-flight=true in server.properties.
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    Is lift not 1.1 compatible?
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    It is.
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    Not sure if this is just an error with my world, but whenever I use the lift, (It has 3 floors) Glass blocks appear around the outside of the lift, I can provide a screenshot if needed. On a legit server, it's kind of irritating to have to repair... So is there any way to fix this? Or is it just an error with my server?
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    Works nicely. Any chance you could make it possible to change what block can be used to trigger the lift? I'd prefer gold blocks to iron.
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    Double check the iron base blocks. Lift looks for any connected iron to determine the lift shape (up to 16 blocks set in config.yml)

    I'll add it to the config for version 7. Version 7 will also use the new event system in 1.1 to help make it future proof.
  9. Bugs, ppl die trying to go to another floor, also i set the speed 0.3 and ppl cant go up, its like they are trying to go up but its not enought strong...
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    I've never been able to replicate this bug and I need a lot more description to do so. Is it multi passenger, single passenger, are there other entities like mobs?

    Also, unless you are using spout, anything less than 0.4ish wont be enough.
  11. maybe u can make force the plugin to disapear all the crystals in the next floor, at that way ppl dont crash against the roof. And ya, i set the speed at 0.5, have no choice.
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    Can you show me a screenshot of a floor people die at? A video of it happening in progress would be even better.
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    OHHH I see what I did now... Thanks much :) Very appreciated.
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    Hi Croxis,

    I wanted to ask you:

    What ist whit the Bugs that i have Posted here: Link ??? :)
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    1 has been fixed, 2 I can't reproduce so I can't fix it, 3 has been fixed.
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    could you let admins use different block-types for the floors?
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    Version 7 up. Requires a dev build of bukkit as it uses the new event system. Also added base block type to config file.
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    Still showing v6 on DevBukkit.
  20. plz add the feature of bLift, if u push the button, ur forced to stand in the middle of the iron block till stop in the target floor, that will fix the killing problem...
  21. Sorry, but tested version 7 and issue 3 is still there. A player standing on the glass at top floor will fall to his/her death if you try to ride the elevator up at the same time.

    Also, high latency clients has trouble when riding up and sometimes stalls only to fall to their death after a while.

    Edit: People are reporting taking fall damage after long rides aswell.

    I am using CB 1817 and Lift v7

    Please let me know if you need further information.
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    - Make the floor block (glass at the moment) configurable, because my glass drops items and I think not everyone wants his elevator to be out of glass. Maybe also add them to be undestructible so you can not "cheat" endless blocks? Or you could also make them only work when all the floor blocks are placed and if it's not all filled it won't go until you fixed it.
    - Another way could be to make every block possible with a config-value like "use-all-blocks: true/false" plus the above.

    Thanks for developing this awesome plugin and keeping it up to date! It runs smooth and you can config the speed of the elevator what (as far as I know) is not possible with another plugin. I'll try working with some others until you added these features and then switch to this one :)
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    You really don't want me do to this. Elevators are created dynamically with use and the code vanishes when done. This takes about 5-15 ms to generate an elevator. To make a block unbreakable I will have to create an elevator to test it for every block break. This adds a lot of overhead and lag very quickly.

    I've looked through my code and I don't see anything wrong. The best solution I can offer is don't stand in an elevator!

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  24. I have a gigabit link to my server, i dont have any issues. Its the americans that try to play via their mobiles that have the problems, increasing the speed to 1.0 gets it alot better but sometimes results in 0.5 heart fall damage.

    Edit: So what im saying, the plugin has some flaw in its handling of high latency clients.
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    New version!
    Added bLift passenger-auto placement. Default is off in the config file.
    Updated to version 1.1-R3
    Added new code that tries to prevent non-passengers from falling when the lift starts. It does not prevent falling if they walk into the lift after it started.
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    I installed this mod and the elevator works fine going up, but if you try to go down you just fall to your death.
    I have not touched the config file.
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    Version 9 fixes fall to death bug
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    Is lift 9 not downloadable yet? I am not seeing it. Great plugin, just the fall to death thing is killing it for me as I want to use it on large distances to go down to mines.
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    It is just sitting in the approval queue. Keep checking back every couple of hours
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    Will there ever be a feature that makes it so you can make elevator doors?

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