Inactive [MECH] Item Scanner v1.1 - chests that collect items and power redstone [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    ItemScanner - chests that collect items and power redstone
    version: 1.1

    This plugin allows you to create scanner chests that collect items next to them in a 2 block radius. The chests only collect items that are the same as those already in the chest. If the chest collects a item, it will toggle any lever next to it.

    • Scanning chests collect items near them.
    • Only except items that are already in the item scanner.
    • Toggle levers next to them when they collect a item.
    • /scanner create to make a chest a item scanner.
    • /scanner remove to make a item scanner a normal chest again.
    • /scanner amount to set the amount needed IN ONE DROP to trigger the scanner.
    • /scanner delay to set the delay between scans.
    • /scanner signalLength to set the length of the lever pulse.

    /scanner: brings up scanner commands help.
    /scanner create: allows you to make a chest a scanner.
    /scanner remove: makes a chest you select no longer a scanner.
    /scanner amount [amount]: allows you to change the amount of a item needed to trigger the scanner(zero equals none amount effected).
    /scanner delay [delay]: allows you to set the delay between scans of a scanner.
    /scanner signalLength [length]: allows you to set the length of the lever pulse of a scanner. (note that the signal length will always be shorter than the delay)


    version 1.1:
    • re-coded entire plugin.
    • fixed:
    • tons of bugs known and unknown.
    • added:
    • scanner's amount need IN ONE DROP now configurable.
    • scanner's delay between scans now configurable.
    • scanner's lever pulse time now configurable.
    • removed:
    • levers on side of scanners (caused to many glitches).
    • redstone on top of scanners (caused to many glitches).
    • Other:
    • untested, but assumed that it is faster than 1.0.
    • scanners no longer absorb items when they are almost full.
    version 1.0:
    • plugin released!
    To Do List:
    • Ability to customize lever pulse time.
    • Can set scanning delay time.
    • Add absorption effect.
    • Double Chests.
    • Server can set scanning time to prevent lag.
    • Do not absorb when full.
    • Multi world support.
    • Permissions.
    If you find any errors/bugs please tell me, and post your error that showed up in server console.

    My other plugins:
    Self Planting:

    video for this plugin:

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    nice idea ill work on it.:)
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    I really like this; nice job!
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    I like this ! :D
    Could you just upload the .jar file instead of .zip file?
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    you now can download the jar file.
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    a rule that the mods added a long time ago, bukkit can not be used as a namespace, you do not own bukkit, therefor you can not use com.bukkit.CaiusTSM.ItemScanner, instead you are supposide to use something like:


    until that's change I don't think they'll accept this plugin.
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    changed to org.CaiusTSM.ItemScanner
    also, scanners can not be destroyed now until you have used the /scanner remove command
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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    Unfortunately, he's away at the moment.
    Nice plugin ^^
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    Well, I do not want to make a chest that can do everything, and I want to keep it simple too. I plan on making a couple of plugins, and each one does a specific task, then when you combine all the plugins you can make something really cool like a factory or other things (automatic stuff, for example, if you were to make a automatic factory this plugin would used at the end to collect the items, and power redstone to signal that a item is ready to be picked up).
  13. I have no idea if it's possible.... at all... but I know you can set item velocities... Any chance you can add an effect where the items "slide" into the chest?

    Just a random idea that I thought would look cool.
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    I like the idea, now on the to-do list
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    any permission nodes?; or do I just add the commands to the groupmanager file?(permissions)
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    no permission nodes. (yet; I might add them)
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    Simply and easy to be used !!
    Nice plugin bro,
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    Are You Able To Make It So That The Time That The Lever Outputs Power Is Customizable?
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    Pet Peeve...
    Nice plugin though. Will install on my server when I stop being lazy.
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    I do not know if it will conflict with that plugin, you can test it. (right now I do not see why it would conflict, but I have not looked at the code of that plugin):)
  21. Tested, seems fine! Here is the result: any item gets sucked up, but only similiar items from that in the first slot trigger the lever so this is even more awesome: Noob comes to trader, throughs in dirt(hoping to fool the [chest]) -> I steal dirt!!!!:D
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    That was the idea for one of the uses of this plugin. There will be more uses for this when I make my other plugins.:)
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    Very great pugin.. but some bugs i found:

    1. If i build redstonewire on chest and destroy ist, the chest collect the redstone-dust. But in the chest now is 4x redstone-dust!
    2. When nobody is online, and comes then on server, the chest collect items, but not stocking it in chest. :(
    Only a serverplugin-reload fix this problem.
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    I like this very much! Installing it now.
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    fixing... thank for telling me about this. :)
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    Please tell us, when you ready. :) I love this plugin.

    I test the "notstacking"-bug harder.
    So the bug seems too, wenn nobody is in chunk-sight, and then come back to scannerchest.. :(
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    This is totally Epic :D Love you Caius [diamond] thanks.
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    It might take a little bit because I am adding double chest support, and making so they do not absorb when full, but I have about 4-5 days to work on it. Also I am changing a lot of the code to make it better, and more understandable.
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    great plugin!

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