[MECH/INFO] SimpleClans v1.7.3 - Deceptively simple full-featured clan system [1317]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by phaed, Aug 26, 2011.

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    hm Every one seems to be able to make clans even with out the leader permission node.
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    @phaed Bravo, this looks like a very refined and intuitive clan plugin! I currently use Factions but IMO it doesn't promote actual killing enough. People just hide in their protected areas. This plugin seems like something that will be awesome for everyone!

    One question - does it have full multiworld support? We have 6 main worlds, I only want it on the PVP world.
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    This is the first lines of the create command. As you can see, there is no way to get through without "simpleclans.leader.create". Double-check your permission setup.

     if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("create"))
                if (plugin.getPermissionsManager().has(player, "simpleclans.leader.create"))
    Do not have this yet. Will add a world blacklist config list where you can add the worlds you don't want this plugin to work on. Coming next version.

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    Oh snap! Looks like Factions has to work harder now :O
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    Does this allow you to have clan name above the players heads with Spout?
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    Yes RTM. It says it right there on the first paragraph of the post.
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    Will you implement clan-land protection or will you keep it lightweight as is?
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    That is not in the scope of this plugin. Any protection system out there can use the API to integrate with SimpleClans and provide clan based protection. PreciousStones is integrated out of the box with SimpleClans.

    Please stop posting here and take the discussion to BukkitDev, this thread is dead:

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    Another nice plugin nice work.

    I do have a small issue with the plugin we use mcmmo also and as you may know /accept is used for party invites in mcmmo. Ive seen in your config we can change the commands to accet/deny however if you invite someone to a clan they still get a msg saying type /accept or /deny no matter what you change the commands to.

    Any chance you can update that msg to say the command within the config?

    more: clanmore
    accept: clanaccept
    deny: clandeny

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    Great plugin, but i have a few suggestions. 1. more ranks pl0x? such as private, corporal, etc? all with different levels of abilities? it'd make it alot more fun. :3 and perhaps only 1 person can be leader? (whoever made the guild) and had full control (didnt have to ask to ban/kick etc.) incase some leaders de-mote him and destroy the clan. but instead you can only promote to Co-Leader? please reply, Redd.
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    Change log
    Version 1.5

    • Added: War functionality with /clan war. (Requires PreciousStones v6.0.1)
    • Added: **bb.show-on-login** setting to optionally disable the bb from showing on login
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    Wow @phaed

    This looks great!
    You did a wonderful job on this, This plugin looks really amazing.
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    Too bad this isn't getting the recognition it deserves...
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    I bet it will :)
    Btw: Just released SimpleBan :)
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    Being lazy -.-
    Click my name>Started Threads>Success!
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    I AM that lazy.
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    Well your genius!
    Your like one of my Plugin Hero's lol
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    It's one of the very best plugins I have encountered, it made my server 100% more sexy to players. I would go so far as to request this becoming private again except to us that use it now, so that we have special servers :D (jk)

    Thanks @phaed for this, thank you!
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    Thanks :)
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    Change log
    Version 1.5.2

    • Fixed: /clan roster now shows the word "online" for members as well
    • Fixed: can now trust/untrust offline players

    Change log
    Version 1.5.1

    • Fixed: Bug where you couldnt kick a player from a clan unless he was online
    • Added: Legend to vitals screen

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    Your a liar.
    "Simple"Clans xD

    This stuff is great, far from simple. :>
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    Please tell me your gonna upgrade it to 1.8
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    it looks great, the server im on has been discusing a plugin like this for a while. but i want to know if it works with lockette. so i could put the group name and they could go through that door. and i could also do the leaders for one so only they can, then same with trusted but includes leaders?
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    Its on their Github, maybe its already released, but you should be able to do [clan].
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    Great Plugin... !

    Is it possible to enable "war mode" without PreciousStones?
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    Yes but nothing would really happen since war mode depends on a protection plugin to provide the functionality.
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    I like this, but a land claiming feature like "Factions" would be nice.
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