[MECH] Helios v0.6 - A simple daytime/nighttime plugin [1000]

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    Helios v0.6
    Download Helios.jar

    Tested on
    CraftBukkit #1000
    MC 1.7.3

    Helios is a simple daytime (nighttime) plugin that always looks on the bright (dark) side. It is activated per default and will make coffee for you in the morning (evening).

    Why should I praise Helios (the sun god from the greek mythology)?
    • Drop & Play, no configuration needed
    • Multiworld support
    • Nether plugin compatible
    • Praise Selene to get a nighttime plugin
    • CraftBukkitUpToDate support
    • Uses setTime() to advance to the next day, keeping day cycles intact and growings steady (time glitching with setFullTime() is dangerous!)
    /praise [helios/selene/none] - activates a timegod

    /helios [on/off/status] - [de-]/activates plugin, shows status

    Omitting parameters will show a usage description.

    Multiworld support
    Helios now fully supports Multiworld! For that reason the commands are slightly tweaked.

    The /helios command allows you to globally deactivate the plugin, so it won't set the time on any of your worlds. If you use the /praise command it will show that the gods are pleased and save the setting, but it won't set the time unless you activate the plugin again.

    The /praise command let's you select the timegod as before, but will do so only in the current world. You can praise none and effectively disable the plugin for certain worlds.

    The default settings will start the plugin and activate Helios on all worlds at the beginning.

    To create the new configuration file, start and quit the server. You can manually edit the YAML file in "/plugins/Helios" as long as you obey the formatting. Or simply log into the worlds which you'd like to disable and type "/praise none".

    Planned features
    - Global commands to set the status of any world directly
    - Timegod world overview on /helios status command

    • Fixed a bug where the status was overwritten on server shutdown
    • Changed the behavior on reactivation of the plugin to not reset the sun/moon
    • Full Multiworld support & configuration
    • Remember plugin state
    • Simplified commands
    • Color formatting
    • Added support to praise Selene!
    • Compatibility fix for Nether plugins
    • Changed command interaction
    • Update to #740
    • Changed morning/evening times
    • Changed command to ingame players only
    • Update to #670
    • Fixed command bug
    • Update to current Bukkit
    • First release
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    Good to hear, I'll wait for the 1.5 recommended build to push v0.4 though, got a lot going on right now.
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    733 (1.5_02) is recommended now.
    0.4 plox? ;D
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    helios stopped working for me today.
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    Still works great for me, Helios isn't just going to randomly stop working Friday Night.
    I mean, I know Friday by Rebecca Black is terrible... but does Helios really care?

    Anyway, define stopped working.
    Give us more details.
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    Can't wait for Helios 0.4 - this is a great plugin.

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    This isn't being updated anymore? -_-
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    It's getting some love later today *spoiler alert*

    v0.4 is up and now comes with his little sister Selene.

    I left my settime/gettime function in, so you could test if the time-slots are working right or should be tweaked.

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    You took so long :(
    Anyway, what does /praise on do? Confused...
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    You do know that I do this for free in my spare time and I don't even play Minecraft right now?

    Just try it out, every combination is covered. At the beginning, Helios is active. If you type /praise on, it will tell you that Helios is awake. Then you can switch to Selene by /praise selene and it will get dark. If you only type /praise it will show you the status. Basically you switch between the to gods or between on/off.

    If you are currently in off-mode and then praise a god, it will activate automatically.
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    You fixed the NetherPortal conflict too! I love you!
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    lol, I know. Why so serious?

    That makes sense, thanks for clearing it up :)
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    Ah yes! Did that a while ago and bluntly forgot to mention it, updated the description/changelog.
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    does this use permissions?
    whenever I use one of the /praise commands I get a
    "you are not worthy to the gods" message
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    You need to be OP. I don't believe it utilizes permissions at all.
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    I would love to have commands like you used before (got used to them too much)
    e.g. /helios day|night|on|off
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    Love the plugin but would like to have it active in selected worlds only. We have 4 worlds via multiverse and I would like to have it enabled in only 2 instead of all 4. Would this be possible?
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    How would /helios day night make any sense?
    Helios is the SUN God, so having it force day would be the only sensible option.

    Other than the current method, /forcetime or /ft day|night would be the only other option I could possibly think of.
    Which, would break the 'Greek Mythology' theme of this plugin.
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    Yep, exactly right. And /praise helios is way more fun, even if it's only for Ops.
    I thought about a way that multiple players must praise the gods for them to stay active or something like that. Might be fun for some RPG-servers.
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    Like a vote system sort-of?
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    Now that we have weather, we could also praise Zeus for some nice thunderstorms. This could be done if say 4 people will praise and do some sort of sacrifice. Just thinking aloud here...​
    Maybe Helios needs other sacrifices than Selene and will eventually be angry and won't keep the sun alive anymore.​
    A voting system would also work, but I think would be more meta. So if a certain number of players on the server are not praising in say 10 minutes time, the gods will switch or the plugin will be disabled or something like that. It would be more fun if they must do something in game, though.​
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    Hm, not sure really. I'm not a huge role player myself, nor am I experienced in Greek Mythology.
    But what you have so far is good.

    Maybe have a separate version for non-RP servers for just /ft day and /ft night (ft=forcetime)?
    And maybe also have an /ft custom for a custom time set in a config file?

    Would be nice, so people aren't FORCED to have the voting/sacrifice system.
    I was thinking of making something like that for personal use.

    Just an idea, I don't mind the mythical aspect of the plugin at all myself. It's quite interesting :p
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    Is this feature possible? We have a SMP world (which i would like helios not active in) and our peaceful starting world (which i would like helios active in) so having helios enabled across the whole server kind of kills SMP in that world.
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    Sure, how would be the best way? I'm thinking /praise off shuts it off for the current world the OP is in and upon exit saves all world status to a config.yml. Maybe add off-global to disable it on all worlds.
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    Sounds good to me, if it could track which world the command was issued in and only effect that world, that would be great.
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    To keep things simple, Helios will be active on all worlds upon the very first start of the plugin. It will then save out world-name and status (including which god was selected) for every world. The only thing I'm not sure about is if you can spawn new worlds midgame? I might need a notification for that.
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    Yes, in Multiverse you can add and remove worlds using in game commands.
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    Considered inactive.
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    On which grounds? Helios still works for the latest version.
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    you are reporting as updated, but the title still says 818
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    how does this work for multiworld? whenever i praise selene in the world i want always dark, it turns dark everywhere. when i go back and praise helios in the other worlds, it goes light in the always dark world. how do i change that around. and how do i turn it off totally for specific worlds. theres no config folder for it. ITS SO DAMN CONFUSING.

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