[MECH/GEN] AutoSeeding - Makes it easier to plant seeds! [1337]

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    When this plugin is activated every Seed-Item will be planted on farmland automatically. It doesn't matter where it comes from. You can drop it by pressing Q or you can use a dispenser to throw some seeds on your farmland. When you reap wheat, spawning seeds will replanted on near farmlandblocks.



    - Seed-Items will be planted on farmland automatically
    - Checks in a 3x3 square around the seed-item for farmland

    Download: AutoSeeding.jar


    25.10.2011: v1.0 Release
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    Moved to releases
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    it's not very efficient.. :(
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    Great plugin!
    but sometimes the seed doesnt plant themselves >.< bug maybe?
    any way good job! here is a diamond
    -A diamond-
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    Simon Welker

    That's pretty cool, I'm wanting to use it for a fully automated wheat farm! Thing is... When I put a short water "pulse" down on my crops (with pistons) so everything falls off but doesn't get washed away, the seeds are logically not able to be planted immediately. But the plugin doesn't place them, even after the water is gone.
    Could you put up the sourcecode somewhere? I'd like to have a look, and every plugin should be open source ;D
    I recommend github.com.


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