[MECH/GEN] Alcohol v0.1 Adds Beer and Vodka To Minecraft [1337]

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    Version: v0.1

    Ever wanted to have alcohol for an rpg feel to the game, or just wanted to mess about with it. This plugin adds beer and vodka to the game for you and your friends to enjoy.


    * Mushroom Stew IS Beer
    * Milk Is Vodka
    * Alcohol makes you drunk so you spurt out random sentences vodka lasting for longer
    * Beer has a chance of being sick and you sicking up rotten flesh
    * Beer will either set your hunger to full or set it to empty
    * Vodka has a drunk effect by changing day and night quickly while drinking
    * Vodka has a 1/10 chance of setting you on fire for 1 second
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    Version 0.1

    * Releasing my awesome plugin
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  2. Why on earth does vodka set you on fire??
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    It is a firey spirit it hits u in the throat hard
  4. let me guess you have never drank it? if you drink topshelf vodka, it makes you warm on the inside. bottom shelf vodka known as "Rot gut" will make it feel as if your on fire.
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  5. Ahh, I never thought of that. I wouldn't think of implementing the burn as physical fire, I would think to add it more as damage.
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  6. that* is a better idea. make a damage only feature.

    *edit fixed word.
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    Cool plugin
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