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    The Werewolf
    The Werewolf version 2.2
    New BukkitDev page: here
    please post your questions/suggestions there
    The Werewolf is the werewolf plug-in created to bring you the ultimate werewolf experience!

    It’s ideas are based of various myths/legends and and our personal ideas about how the plug-in should function.

    If you have any suggestions for the plug-in or need help, please tell us in the comments! We (Firemars and me) are a dedicated team and will try to read and answer every single one!

    RPGOverhead v1.0 is required for the latest version! This plugin will ensure compatibility with as many other RPG-style plugins as possible. It can be downloaded here.

    We recommend that you also download both the Spout.jar for your server and use the SpoutCraft client so you can enjoy the full Werewolf experience!

    The Werewolf features:

    Almost every feature is customisable in the config file! All the features named here are the default settings.

    • To become a Werewolf, you have to get bitten (attacked) by a wolf or Werewolf at night and contract the Wolven-infection (small chance). This infection turns the Human into a Werewolf when they step outside the next night. It can be stopped by staying inside the night after contracting the infection.
    • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Wolf-form at night.
    • A Werewolf can sprint in Wolf-form by using the shift-key.
    • A Werewolf cannot wield weapons (low damage) while in Wolf-form, but does high unarmed damage!
    • A Werewolf cannot wield Armor while in Wolf-form, but has a high natural defense! When turning in a Werewolf, the player drops his armor.
    • When in wolf-form, all wolves are friendly (unless another Werewolf controls them).
    • Prevents your wolves from being damaged while you are offline.
    • Werewolves are very vulnerable to “Silver” (Iron) weapons.
    • A recipe creates an item that cures Werewolves and turns them back into humans, when using the item, there is a 1/4th chance the user is cured. There is no way of telling wether the user is actually cured until the next night.

    Visuals & Audio [FONT=Arial](Requires Spout and Spoutcraft!)[/FONT]:
    • Achievements (Notifications):
      • [FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial]The Infection - Contract the infection[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT]
      • The Werewolf - Turn into a Werewolf
      • The Packleader - Have some wolf-companions
      • The Spreader - Infect a human
      • New Sherrif in Town - Kill a fellow Werewolf
      • The Cure - Make a Werewolfism-cure
    • When in wolf-form, character skin changes to a Werewolf skin.
    • Howling sound when a character transforms

    • thewerewolf.togglewerewolf..............allow toggling of werewolf status
    • thewerewolf.toggleself.......................allow players to toggle their own wolf status
    • thewerewolf.infectwerewolf...............allow infecting players by command
    • thewerewolf.infectself........................allow players to infect themselves
    • thewerewolf.cure...............................allow players to use the cure
    • thewerewolf.infectother.....................allow players to infect other players by hitting
    • thewerewolf.becomeinfected............allow players to become infected by hitting
    • thewerewolf.thewerewolf...................allow players to enable/disable the plugin

    Toggle Werewolfism.................................../togglewerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Toggle Werewolfism on yourself................/togglewolfself
    Infect player with Werewolfism.................../infectwerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Infect yourself with Werewolfism................/infectwolfself
    Toggle plugins on/off state........................../thewerewolf


    Look in the %server%/plugins/TheWerewolf/config.yml file for these options. I only describe the more important/harder to understand options here.
    • Modifiers.Night.Resolution changes the update cycle speed. Slower servers should insert higher numbers
    • Modifiers.Hardcore, hardcore mode makes werewolfs drop their items and disables them to talk properly
    • Files.Skin for a custom skin file
    • Files.Howl for a custom howl noise (when turning into a werewolf)
    • Disallowed.Items Insert any number of comma separated (spaces are ignored) item materials or id's here. Werewolfs can't use these items in any way.
    • Multiplied.Weapons are the weapons which do extra damage to a werewolf
    • Recipe.Materials for a custom recipe, again item name or item id, or null if spot should be skipped (going from topleft corner to the right, then the next line etc.)
    • Recipe.Result for a custom cure item
    Possible Future Features:

    • Customizeable per-player/per-group skins
    • When transforming to and from Wolf-form, the characters emits particles (similar to those of a Nether-portal).
    • Instead of damage prevention, despawn wolves while you are offline.
    • Whole new achievement screen with custom achievements.
    • Abitilies:
      • Growl - Stuns nearby hostile creatures
    • Anything else you submit!
    Known Bugs:
    • Please help with this plugin by submitting any bugs you found while playing!

    A BIG thanks to everyone who made this plugin possible! Especially the lead-designer of this plugin, Firemars. New features will be added through him!

    The test team (Minecraft Names) A-Z:
    • Daanie
    • DutchyDev
    • Firemars
    • Pimmi
    • Supershoarma
    (They also came with cool ideas for the plugin)

    The default skin:
    Beelzabeth, check him out, he makes some awesome skins!

    • v2.2 - Unnecessary update!
      • fixed tiny bug which shouldn't occur?
      • changed name of speed modifier for ppl having trouble running
      • split Speed in Speed_Multiplier and Jump_Multiplier
    • v2.1 -
      • Improved running, you won't need to use shift anymore
      • Higher jumping
      • Fixed a bug where RPGOverhead couldn't be found
    • v2.0 - bug fixes:
      • TheWerewolf would initialize faster than spout
    • v2.0 - features:
      • Extending RPGOverhead to enjoy maximum compatibility
      • added 2 commands + permission nodes to change yourself into a werewolf
    more... (open)

    • v1.5 - bug fixes:
      • armor wouldn't drop while in hardcore mode
      • angry wolves captured from other players would attack their new owner
    • v1.5 - features
      • splitted hardcore mode in chat-scramble and item-drop in config file
      • chat-scramble only occurs between wolfs and players (players get the text scrambled)
      • chat-scramble messages are now editable
      • insta-friendly of wolves can now be disabled
      • werewolfs armor will act for every damage source (also fall damage!)
        • sources can be disabled (armor won't act)
        • minimum damage of 1 even if armor would lower it to 0
      • werewolfs growl when other entities target them
    • v1.3 - Corrected tiny console bug
    • v1.2 - Implemented some user ideas:
      • Customizeable items which a werewolf receives extra damage from
      • Customizeable recipe/cure item
      • a command, /thewerewolf, to turn the plugin on or off
      • optional 'hardcore mode'
        • Werewolfs drop their items and can't pick them up
        • Werewolfs can't talk, all they do is make beastily noises
    • v1.1 - Fixed bug where players would never turn after being infected
    • v1.0 - Initial release!
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    when they use the chat they will say something like "*Sad Crying*" or so...

    and Dutch_Devil... my friend says i have the same skin on the server... how can i make that when it's night , i get wolf skin?

    And man... when it's night , it says "It's night, you just turned into a werewolf"
    and when it's day , it says "It's night, you just returned to human form"
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    So, am I right in believing that only other players on the server see something like "*Sad Crying*"?
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    You need to run the spout launcher.
  5. C'mon. We have a vampire plugin, a supernaturals plugin and now a werewolf plugin. Wouldn't it be more useful if they become one plugin? Vampires has some mechanics, werewolf too and supernaturals gives them(and others) some rpg-like features.

    However, i'm just thinking aloud. It would just be cool if you get the best of them all in one plugin. However, really nice work.
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    well... it's a cracked server and i don't have a Premium Account :oops:
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    could you make it so you can choose the world this plugin is running at ?
    becouse we have a creative world and an RP world on our server and it would interfer with building in the creative world.
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    Supernatural is a big plugin and personally I don't want to have a lot of classes, I prefer a few good ones.

    What a shame ! ^^
  9. how do i put in skins
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  11. i just have a request, can you autodisable you're plugin when you use Mobarena ? for the moment is there a node for the /thewerewolf command ?
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    I am planning to do a plugin where you have an RPG like battle, but it's not going to look even a bit like Supernaturals. The problem with that plugin is that you can't really choose which characters you get and which you don't. Download the plugin for one and you get stuffed by the other characters.
    I like to keep the flexibility of individual plugins

    hmm it's a bit weird, but I think I see what's going on..... Fixed :p

    added it as thewerewolf.thewerewolf

    auto disable is not going to happen, I would either have to continually listen what mobarena does (quite heavy on the server) or I would need to ask the author to create an extensive API with events and so, just for my plugin, don't think he is going to do that :O
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    fatmarley sweet...gargled text!! There is an underwater plugin that does similar.

    Ever thought of branching out, making mermen like from Monster Squad!!
  14. ok, thanks for the new node :)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Dutch_evil in regards to turning into a wolf, are you aware of MobDisguise? I've always wanted to see it integrated into another plugin :D
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    Yup + someone else already posted about this, but I can't seem to get it integrated properly. Already contacted the author about it and still waiting for a reply;)
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    Is it possible to add the model from this mod with spout ?
    It's better than a simple wolf ^^

    Otherwise, I thought about an other behavior which could be add to the "hardcore werewolf". What do you think of the werewolf becoming uncontrollable when it is too close from a player ? For example when a werewolf player is 10-15 blocks from a human player, he will attack him without being able to resist.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright cool, sorry I didn't see it before I posted. That's a shame, love your plugin btw, though I haven't had a chance to test it out, I think it's probably obvious that wolves are a major focus for me with minecraft. xD was gunna ask SNP for a spout-transformation feature but.. hey I would rather not have sparkle fairies :p... Is the natural durabilty of were-wolves enough to render fall-damage neglible? (My most common cause of death :'()

    Heh, if I can get someone to host a server dedicated to MyWolf (A plugin I'm involved in, mostly just info giving/wiki construction plans at the moment.. but there are plan) I might ask to have this added :3
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    Mo's creatures is a client sided mod ;)
    maybe in spout 1.2 it will be possible, but they planned the release in over a month :S

    The feature does sound kinda appealing, but I'm worried that if I control the player movement server sided, it will get very jitterish client-sided. Will see what I can do about it

    XD werewolf on a leash
    but you can tweak almost any setting, including the resistance. Default resistance is 80 % but you can set it to something like 10% and be able to fall a whopping 200 blocks or so.
    The only downside is that it will be something like a god-mode :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Well, maybe if you can make NPC werewolves then werewolf on a leash. We've thought of a bunch of features that don't exactly fit into MyWolf so the idea is a plugin-suite/pack. But none of us have any time to work on it any time soon.. :c, I'm trying to gather together people who might be willing to assist actually.. ;)

    And what would allow for a 10-block fall would only do 1 or 2 hearts of damage? :eek:
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    Oh wait, now I remember I ruled out any damage except for damage from mobs or players. Otherwise you couldn't drown :p
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    i got one idea for Werewolf command when you are Werewolf you can say to all your wolf pack to attack some one be right clicking be a bone to his direction or using an command on players like /wolfpack atack [player]
    and more wolf pack commands.
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    hey when i want to place a infect plant it says YUK! you dont want to eat it or something and i infect myself and when its night i dont transform PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I WANT IT TO WORK!
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    I made two various skins for the plugin :
    Black Werewolf

    Brown Werewolf

    I take this opportunity to ask again if we could have a werewolf skin per player ? Like PlayerEditor does.
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    im running the vampire plugin on my server, will vampires still be in danger of contracting the infection? and if there anyway you can prevent that if so.
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    Ho I didn't think about that. @Dutch_Devil, we need a command which immune players, for example : /immune <player>
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    ya anything would work, cause i dont want superpowered hybrids roaming my land lol
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    i think you need to build MobArena support because in one time playing there i got infected and there peoples that play there all the time.
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    Hop on #mobarena @ EsperNet on IRC, and let's discuss the things you would require from an API :) MobArena's current API is being rewritten for v0.94, which should be released this weekend. The API features a handler and a listener, and it is working quite well as it is, but I'm always up for adding more methods and features :3
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    i tried using this plugin but its saying im a werewolf but im not acuttly a werewolf all the powers do not work also the transforming into a werewolf doesnt work whats happening
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    will you please make a seprate plugin that turns your player into a wolf (like notches) insted of just a skin
    and so that you spawn as a wolf
    (basicly a wolf RPG server plugin)
    i love wolves that why i posted this :)
    p.s. hopefuly with out spout

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