[MECH/FUN] Drink 0.50 - Heal with water/milk-bucket's [1337]

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    Drink - The Plugin heals the player,who drinks milk/water.
    Version: v0.50

    With this Plugin you can use buckets to drink milk or water.
    The Plugin heal the player,who drink milk/water.
    With left click can you use the milk/water bucket's.
    And this is a request from the user @bevso ^^

    2011-05-30_19.41.41.png 2011-05-30_19.41.55.png

    Thanks to @FrozenBrain for the code support :)

    • You can drink a water or a milk bucket
    • And you can restore food from the foodbar
    • You can set the amount of health you gain and the message
    Download The Drink Plugin

    • Add permission support
    • Restore food for hunger

    I'm on BukkitDev and please report bugs or somthing like that ;)
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    Can change the text?
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    Not now, but later.

    I want add Permissions support and build a configuration file in version 2.0.
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    haha, my idea but oh well :p just add my name in the top part :p

    ill make a video on it later :p

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    Water kills me :/ also i am not sure about milk :/
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    I fixed this problem.
    Download the plugin again and try this again ^^
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    I want milk but not water.

    Any way to do this?
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    Yes,you can use this Plugin.
    It's without the water.

    I want add a configuration file with xaml in the next version.
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    Hmmmm It says "you drink water/milk." but I'm not healing at all. I wonder if it conflicts with slowhealth or something... Great plugin idea, I just wish it would work for me (I'm on 820)
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    It works only,when you have 1-4 heath's.
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    haha yea I just figured that out. My bad.
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    could you add a feature to remove the bucket on use? this would be really useful
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    Yes,I add this Feature in the next Version.
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    I agree!
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    Could you post your source code i would like to see if i can make some changes in it for my server thx
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    Anyway to make milk spoil after a certain amount of in-game time? and have it deal damage to you instead?
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    I've updated my plugin and I hope you enjoy this ^^

    I make in the next Version a option for this :)
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    Awesome plugin ..trying it out on my server now ...will let you know how it goes
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    Can maximum health be added to the config also as I would prefer not to have this limitation. Thanks :)
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    You can set the maximum health in the config ^^
    You must update the drink plugin and then you see the config :D
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    I mean, it does not work if you have over 4 health, unless I'm doing something wrong.
    The config shows heal=7 which I interpret as it heals for 7 health, but I don't see the maximum health allowed before it heals?

    Here is the config;
    message: false
    messagetext: 'You''ve drunk '
    heal: 7

    I see now, I changed "heal: 20" and now it heals when I have 9 hearts, but it seems to completely heal no matter how many health I have so it is the equivalent of a golden apple. From the config file I miss interpreted the heal to mean the amount that you are healed, not the threshold of health where you can be healed. Could you add a config entry for the amount of health you are healed for. eg: I only want it to heal 1 heart (2 health).

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    Ok,I will add this Feature.
    Thanks for the post :)
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    i like this idea. i want to drink milk and water but what about when i want to place water??? please reply. :D[cake]
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    Lol this is such a small cute plugin. I click on this every time I see it. Ik I'm a creeper. o.o
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    Thanks :D

    You use the leftclick to drink from the water/milk bucket.
    You can place water with rightclick.
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    i can drink milk but does nothing. and cant drink water. and is ther permissions for this? i cant find any on this page.
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    Have you use the leftclick on the air ?
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    ya i can drink it thanks. but it only healed me once. and are there permissions for this
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    Permissions will be added later and check the config for your settings :)

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