Inactive [MECH/FUN/ADMN] MinecartRevolution - The new meaning of minecarts! [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    MinecartRevolution - The new meaning of minecarts.
    MinecartRevolution is a advanced minecart plugins which allows you to do serveral things with minecarts. First of all, this whole idea is from MinecartMania, we just made a complete recode with more features from it. If you ever wish for a new feature, just ask on bukkitDev in the tickets.
    • Hoppelmann
    • Nolig
    • TutorialMakerHD
    • prog266
    • UHecker_96
    • Features:
    • Manny control blocks which allows you to speed up/reverse/teleport/kill/.. the minecart.
    • Anti-Fall-Damage, when every you build a big rollercoaster and you fall down, you get damage in the minecart, MinecartRevolutions prevents that damage.
    • Destinations, MinecartRevolutions allows you to set the target location of a minecart, so that minecart drives to this location, as long there're rails.
    • Lock-System, lock carts and prevent their passenger from leaving the cart.
    • Stations- System, this allows you to hold the minecart for a few seconds or wait for a redstone signal that powers the station block.
    • Fly-Cart, you got tired of flying with the normal creative mode? Than just try the flycart /mr flyer (You have to be in a minecart.)
    • Perfomance friendly, when your server is overloaded you can decide whether MinecartRevolution should disabled by default.
    • Pretty, MinecartRevolution have a option called "prettyControlBlocks", that allows you to place the control blocks 2 blocks under the rail.
    • Effects, MinecartRevolution plays serveral effects on some events, so just try it (Set it to "true").
    • Whenever monsters or animals are on the track, a minecart will "force them" to go away (push them, you can disable that in the config.)
    • Punch feature, when you enter a minecart you can punch one side of it to move.
    • Update System, you can update MinecartRevolution from the game via. command and it's alerts you when a new version is out!
    • And manny more...

    Youtube - Videos:

    You're a youtuber? Feel free to make a video from MinecartRevolution, when you wish to, we can add it to the bukkitDev thread, just send us a mail to: [email protected]

    ChangeLog:(Current version 1.1.0, 1.2.5-R1.0 Apr 05, 2012)

    Version 1.1.0
    • Translation-Installer-System
    • Better PatchRegion-system: The patcher patches all worlds, and all chunks within 2 - 5 seconds...
    • Bugfix: The chest-sign now works with the new format
    • Bugfix: You can now use 'allitems' with the new format
    • New command: /mr compass will show you the direction (N, E, S or W) where are you looking
    • Feature added to [Eject], now you can write a coordinates on the third line, than the entity in the minecart will teleported to this location
    • Seperate MinecartRevolution-log (minecart-revolution.log in the plugin-dir)
    • New: You can disable/enable when a player who sit in a minecart quit the server, get the minecart in his inventory
    • Fixed Lock: Now a player can't destroy his cart, when his cart is locked
    • You can use 'allitems' on the collect-sign
    • PatchRegion for Chest-signs of MM
    • PatchRegion for Smelt-signs of MM
    • New control-sign: InvClear for clearing only defined items at InvClear-block
    • You can use words instant of item-ids everywhere
    Version 1.0.1
    • Bugfix: The destroyed messages generate now correctly
    • Bugfix: The plugin disables sometimes
    Version 1.0.0
    • There are sound and particle effects for serveral control blocks (config toggle)
    • Chunks with minecarts loads automatically (config toggle)
    • New control sign: Effect sign for playing an effect
    • New control sign: Crafting sign
    • New block/sign place API
    • There are control block and -sign destroying messages
    • You can define all control block and -sign destroying messages
    • You can define more than one effect on a minecart
    • N, S, E and W are now correct
    • On Item-Inventory-Sensors, you can define more thean one item id (ID1,ID2 ...)
    • New sign converter function: MinecartMania-sensor-signs to MinecartRevolution-sensor-signs
    • New control sign: [TrainStation], the station sign of TrainCarts (also with an obsidian-block)
    • You can use the elevator downstairs
    • Now you have to use '+' and '-' for the [Chest] sign. When you hit /mr patchregion the old signs should patched to the new ones
    • Now you can use "Add" and "Remove" for the [Farm] sign, than the minecart is in the farm modus and will continue farming until it reaches a "Remove" sign
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    cool story!!!!! It looks awesome. I'ma go try it out
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    Awesome! Glad that there is a continuation of mine cart mania! Downloading now
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    Dude, I must applaud!
    Our server always had an idea of a centralized mine cart system, we were almost done integrating it before Minecart Mania was discontinued. Its really sad that developers have no time to keep their plugins up to date, but i understand and sympathize with them, having less and less time to develop their bukkit plugins.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this plugin!
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    Well normaly this is a good thing, but inside my sheep farm i ride past some sheeps, they are not on the track
    and they glich out on to other penns, and all around the place. even when the track is 1 block lower then the animals

    Can you make it so with a sign or block, so that mobs are not moved off the track, or are not seen as on the track

    Side layout: ->[stick] = track
    [air] [glass][air][glass][air]
    [grass][grass][stick] [grass][grass]
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    Well how to make player-based minecarts ? I mean p-PLAYERNAME doesnt work for me ... I cannot write p-VanillaSnack AND the direction...
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    Alright, so I just took a stab at this plugin and have managed to somehow screw things up - or something. Point is: I, as administrator of my server, do not have the permissions to do anything.
    Original Configuration (under PermissionsBukkit)
      - admin
          - minecartrevolution.*: true
    Please note that CommandBook and WorldEdit all follow suite to PermissionsBukkit and this configuration with regard to their respective nodes. No exceptions in the console upon parsing this file either.
    The troubleshooting steps I have tried:
    Changed Permissions plugin: New one is PermissionsEx
    Everything works perfectly EXCEPT this plugin.
    Inside PEX, I have given the "Admins" group ALL permissions ('*') and when that failed, added all minecartrevolution permissions (minecartrevolution.*) AND, after that failed as well, specific nodes to the individual values.

    Now look, this plugin's a great idea. I REALLY want to use it. But if I don't have the permissions to do anything than the plugin's worthless to me. If I'm doing something incorrectly, please tell me. I thought I followed your wiki to the letter, but I make mistakes, and I'll admit to them. Otherwise, I'd appreciate a fix for this soon.

    Thank you.

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  10. This plugin looked very cool, but actually I don't understand anything about how signs work.
    Everything is fine with my minecart track, I checked it several times. Sometimes, it works, sometimes, it don't, mostly with announce signs. I don't even know if anything is logical with those, maybe only lucky people can see announces.
    So here it is, I'm totally lost.
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    Can you add a sign that a player can only drive in one direction? Like He came from south and he should drive to north and he can not punch the cart back to south only to north. I hope you understand what i mean sorry for my bad english...

    Edit: And maybe make that the Sensor signs act with the control blocks?
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    When i drive over a Announce Sign 1st time i can read the Announce but when I drive over any other Announce sign after this there is no announce coming up. Can you help me fix this? I hope you understand what i mean. Sorry for my bad english.

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