[MECH/FIX] MineCart Collider v2.0 - Better minecarts collision [2034]

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    Mine-Cart Collider
    Version: v2.0

    This plugin changes the way mine-carts collide. With it mine-carts again can drag each other by side, returning ability to build vertical deposits and mine-cart launchers.
    When two mine-carts collide they both get same speed equal to middle point between their original speeds.

    • Enables mine-cart side-by-side collision
    • Adds algorithm for mine-carts to pop out of walls they manage to get into
    • Optional picking up of items lying on rails
    Download The MineCartCollider

    Version 2.0
    • Updated to MC 1.2.3
    Version 1.3
    • Walls interaction algorithm remade
    Version 1.2
    • First public release
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    Looks nice, add support for build 953 (last recommanded).
    Source code would be nice as well :)
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    Added source link and I think it supports 953, because i started project a long time ago and just checked last time on 978
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    Still, if you want the plugin to be moved to the plugin releases forum you need to add support of latest recommanded...
    BTW, checked your plugin and it is great :)
    Good job :)
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    title is missing description
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    A .jar-file would be nice! :)
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    Is not it in jar already?
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    When i download with Opera, I only get a .rar-File
    So I tried it with IE and it works :D
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    Could you add support to run people over with carts? And mobs?
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    Give damage to living creatures in the way of minecart? I can make that if needed, I think.
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    Is there a way to set it so that minecarts don't collide at all? like if you built a never ending train, because if one person got out wrong, they could stop the whole thing.
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    It needs a try, it may work or may not.

    Tried to make damage and no-collision, failed. It seems minecart bounces from player in some native code, only thing was achieved by cancelling all minecart-player collisions was inability to push minecart so it would ride on power rails, but it stopped when hit player. And damage was dealing only in some cases while I was getting out of minecart but not when it hit me.

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    Yup, that looks pretty fun :) Need to try to send some one flying with it ^^
    I think this happens because i implemented some velocity caching techique: each collision is calculated but saved in memory first and applied on vehicle update only, that makes less frequent changes to velocity, but may deny gravity. :) I did that because bunch of minecarts in one place (which were infinite booster some time ago) do spam network with velocity change packets, making lag/ping go to 30 seconds pretty fast.
    So if you think that is bug and needs to be removed, i can try and fix with different math.
  15. I built this against the newer Bukkit (though I wasn't expecting anything to break anyway) and it's working fine with CraftBukkit b1060. Honestly, it's the rest of the collisions I want more (so minecart trains, with storage and powered carts work again).
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    Hello there,

    As you may be aware, there is a bug in minecraft with minecarts. They cant be pushed on one of axis. Is this plugin in any chance repairing this behavior? ;) I would really like to be able to transport goods with minecart again :(
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    That makes minecart push each other and drag side-by-side if needed. So try it. :)
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    Surely will, when bukkit has RB tho, that's why i asked.
    Is this flying bug repaired repaired?
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    You can use DirectSpeedSet variant of this plugin, that must not have flying bug, but lots of interactions may do a bit of lag on network of nearby players (still have not came up with any math to fix both correctly, maybe applying some downforce on collision would do the trick like it must be... need to try that sometime), if you try that DSS variant - post any feedbacks too.
    (If installing - DO REMOVE another variant of plugin from plugins directory or behaviour of them stacking may be unpredictable)
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    does this fix the "pez dispenser" minecart stacking? meaning theyll start stacking again?
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    they do stack for me if placed on each other, but only if there are no rails below.
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    Okay, this just went right to the top of my to-test list.
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    It seems you have to update it for 1.2.3
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    going to upload update soon
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    Aced God

    Does this fix minecarts so when stacked, they don't mix together?
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    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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